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  Foundation Sires of the Thoroughbred: R

Alphabetized List of Important 17th and 18th Century Stallions

DAM: A Royal Mare.
C. 17--. Bred by Sir John Harpur of Derbyshire. He sired the dam of (Warren's) Silvertail (1737), who produced a number of top racehorses in the 1740s and '50s, including Whimsey (later dam of Dragon (by Regulus); Sportsman (1753 by Cade, grandsire of Pot-8-Os), (Warren's) Careless (1751 by Regulus), and the well-known Fearnought (1755 by Regulus, exported to the U.S. to become the best sire of his day there). He also got Blue-Eyed Susan (grandam of Camillus (1725)).
SIRE: GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Grey Robinson by Bald Galloway - mare by Snake - Grey Wilkes by (Old) Hautboy - Miss Darcy's Pet Mare - Sedbury Royal Mare (Family 11).
Bay 1739. Bred by Lord Chedworth, sold to Mr. Martindale. Undefeated, his best year was 1745, when he won eight royal plates at various meets around the country. Highly popular as a sire in Martindale's stud, he got many good racehorses in the mid-eighteenth century, and a number of broodmares woven into the fabric of contemporary thoroughbreds , including South (1750, also sire); Fearnought (1755, also sire who carried the line forward a few generations in the U.S.); Royal (1749); Star and Cato, racehorses in the Duke of Cumberland's stable; Juba, a contemporary of Eclipse; Ascham; Grisewood's Lady Thigh; Miss Belsea and her sister, both prominent in Family 3; mares of significance in families 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 15, 17, 22 (Flora), 23 (A La Grecque), 29 (Vanessa), 57 (Alicroker), 58, 63. Maternal grandsire of Eclipse (through daughter Spiletta). Died at Low Garterly at the age of 26.
SIRE: Pipator - Imperator - Conductor - Matchem - Cade - GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Queen Mab by Eclipse - mare by Tartar - mare by Mogul - mare by Sweepstakes - sister to Sloven by Bay Bolton - mare by Curwen Bay Barb - mare by (Old) Spot - mare by White-legged Lowther Barb - Vintner mare (Family 9).
Bay 1800. Bred by John Bowes, (10th) Earl of Strathmore. The 1803 St. Leger winner, he also won the Newcastle Gold Cup twice, and the Gold Cup at York. Was a good broodmare sire, getting Madame Saqui (Family 13), and a great many unnamed mares who were dams of a number of early nineteenth century racehorses, including Miss Wilkes (1818), Fearnought (by Comus, 1820), Vitula (by Catton, 1822).
SIRE: Justice - Herod - Tartar - (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line.
DAM: Flyer by Sweetbriar - mare by Squirrel - mare by Blank - mare by Regulus - mare by Lonsdale Bay Arabian - Bonny Lass by Bay Bolton - mare by Darley Arabian - mare by Byerley Turk - mare by Taffolet Barb - mare by Place's White Turk - Tregonwell's Natural Barb mare (Family 1).
Brown 1787. Bred by (Lord) Richard Grosvenor from a female family that had been in his stud for several generations. A good, but not top, racehorse, he won the 1790 Derby; ran through 1793, when he was beaten by Buzzard in a match at Newmarket. Brother Daedalus was also a Derby winner.
DAM: (Milbanke's) Doll by (D'Arcy's) Woodcock - Moonah Barb Mare (Family 21).
Grey 1736. Bred by Sir Ralph Milbanke, Yorkshire. Sold to Sam Laing. Ran in the 1740s in the north of England and in Ireland; won a 50 plate at York in 1742 for Cuthbert Routh, and a number of other races. Sired some good racemares and broodmares, including Miss Thigh (1750), and the dams of Sprightly (1753), Harlot (1754) and Countess (1760); of Magog (by Matchem, 1773); of Pedlar (1764); and grandam of Speculator (1769 by Snap). Also sired Sober John, imported by John Baylor into the U.S. in 1754.
SIRE: Highflyer - Herod - Tartar - (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Purity by Matchem - Pratt's mare by Squirt - mare by Mogul - Camilla by Bay Bolton - mare by son of Brownlow Turk - (Old) Lady by Pulleine's Chestnut Arabian - mare by Rockwood - mare by Helmsley Turk (Family 24).
Bay 1781. Bred and raced by Mr. Wentworth; later sold to the Prince Of Wales. Rockingham ran in the 1780s; he was beaten in a 1786 match against Dungannon at Newmarket. He sired Brown Bess (1793), the dam of racehorse Stately (1801); Coddy Moddy, the dam of Mother Shipton; and Bellina, the 1799 Oaks winner. He died in 1799 at age 18.
Rockwood (also Pulleine's Arabian)
C. 16--. Out of the (Lonsdale) Tregonwell Barb Mare (Family 1). Owned by Thomas Pulleine (the elder), master of the stud to William III, and High Sheriff of Yorkshire in both 1696 and 1703. This horse was sometimes called Pulleine's Arabian, but is a different horse from Pulleine's Chestnut Arabian, c. 1690. He is seen as the sire of the dam of (Bolton/Old) Lady, Family 24. A son of Rockwood had a filly (17--) out of the Selaby Turk Mare for Sir Ralph Milbanke, who produced a filly by the son of Snake who became the dam of Cottingham, a racehorse, in 1735.
SIRE: Flying Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Roxana by Bald Galloway - mare by Acaster Turk - Cream Cheeks by Leedes Arabian - Family 6 or Wyvill Roan Mare.
Chestnut 1733. Bred by Edward Coke of Derbyshire. Sold to Mr. Potts in 1739, who stood him at stud. Sired the good racehorse and sire, Stadtholder; Roger of the Vale; a mare in the female line of Family 65; the dam of Portmore's Leander; a series of colts and fillies in the 1740s for Yorkshire breeder John Crofts; and the dam of Hawk (1753) and Jingle Jeff, both racehorses in the 1750s. Seen in the pedigree of King Fergus.
(Old) Royal
DAM: Royal mare (Kitt D'Arcy's) by Blunderbuss [Blunderbush] - Grey Royal (James D'Arcy's) by D'arcy's White Turk - mare by D'Arcy's Yellow Turk - Sedbury Royal Mare (Family 13).
Chestnut c. 1710. Bred by Matthew Appleyard, Burstwick, East Yorkshire. He sired the famous racemare, Bald Charlotte (1721, a.k.a. Lady Legs) for Appleyard's son, Captain Appleyard. Bald Charlotte is seen as a producer in Family 40.
SIRE: Son of Brimmer - Brimmer - D'ARCY YELLOW TURK.
DAM: Mare by Chesterfield Arabian - Dick Burton's (barb) mare (Family 31).
Chestnut c. 1699. Bred by Hugh Bethell of Yorkshire. A top racehorse in his time, he won the gold cup at Bramham Moor in 1705, the Kiplingcoates Cup of 1707, and the Saltby Cup of 1708, all important races. Sired Victorious, a winning runner, and his brother, Griswood's Partner. His sister had a more lasting impact on the breed, producing the stallion and racehorse Castaway (1704), the stallion (Merlin) Woodcock (c. 1703 or 1715), and a filly by the Darley Arabian who continued the Family 31 line.
SIRE: Young Marske - Marske - Squirt - Bartlett's Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Flora by Lofty - Riot by Regulus - mare by Blaze - mare by Fox - mare by Darley Arabian - sister to Ruffler by son of Brimmer - Dick Burton's mare (Family 31).
Bay 1777. Bred by William Bethell of Yorkshire. Won the 1780 St. Leger. He sired Weathercock (1786), who was sent to Russia after his race career in England. He died in 1807.
Rutland (Grey) Arabian
This horse, probably owned by the ninth Earl of Rutland, later first Duke of Rutland, does not appear to be listed in the GSB. He sired a mare from the Blunderbuss mare (Kitt D'Arcy's, Family 13). This Rutland Grey Arabian mare produced a 1716 grey filly by Woodcock, called Creeper, who was a broodmare in the stud of Cuthbert Routh in the late teens. She appears to have been sold, since she disappears from the Routh stud in the twenties. She is not listed in the GSB.
Rutland Black Barb
This horse was probably owned by ninth Earl of Rutland, later first Duke of Rutland. The GSB speculates he may have been the horse known as Black Hearty: if so, Black Hearty (by the Byerley Turk), who was owned by the Duke of Rutland during this time period, raises the significance of this horse, since Black Hearty was the sire the famous racemare Bonny Black. There is no date associated with the Rutland Black Barb, but his first dated grandchild was a filly of 1716, indicating he probably was born before the turn of the century. He is seen in the GSB as the sire of a filly bred by Captain Hartley (Yorkshire) from a Makeless mare owned by James D'Arcy. This Rutland Black Barb filly produced a mare by the Holderness Turk (1716), who produced a series of unnamed colts and fillies for Hartley, and a filly by Snake (1723), also in Hartley's stud, who produced the good racehorse Whitefoot (1729 by Bloody Buttocks) and the racemare Whitestockings (1732, later a producer). He also sired the dam of the Confederate Filly (Family 61), the dam of several good racehorses of the 1730s and '40s, including Blaze, by Flying Childers, an ancestor of the Norfolk Roadsters and the American Trotting Horses (Standardbreds). A Barb of unknown color owned by the Duke of Rutland is listed in the GSB as an oriental horse named Guise, but this appears to be a horse of much earlier date, probably mid-seventeenth century, which also accords with his name (the Lords of Rutland had been racing enthusiasts well back into the sixteenth century).

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