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  Foundation Sires of the Thoroughbred: F

Alphabetized List of Important 17th and 18th Century Stallions

Fearnought by Bay Bolton


Old Fox
SIRE: Bay Bolton - Grey Hautboy - (Old) Hautboy - WHITE D'ARCY TURK
DAM: Mare by Lexington Grey Arabian - mare by (Curwen's Old) Spot - mare by Spanker - Grey Ramsden's dam by Byerley Turk - mare by Taffolet Barb - mare by Place's White Turk - Tregonwell's Natural Barb Mare (Family 1).
Dark Bay/Brown 1725. Bred by Sir William Ramsden. Purportedly "the best horse of his time," he ran under the Duke of Bolton's colors between 1730 and 1733, all his races 4 miles in length. Among his victories were a 500 guineas match in which he beat Hobgoblin, by Aleppo; a 500 Guineas and an 1,000 guineas match at Newmarket, in which he beat Mouse, by Flying Childers, twice; the King's Plate at Nottingham.
SIRE: Regulus - GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Silvertail by (Heneage's) Whitenose - mare by Rattle - mare by Darley Arabian - (Old) Child mare by Sir T. Gresley's Bay Arabian - Vixen by Helmsley Turk - Dodsworth's dam (Family 32).
Bay 1755. Bred by John Warren of Nottinghamshire. Ran at 4 mile distances between 1761 and 1763, winning three King's plates and two other races. He fell in a race during 1762, apparently never completely recovering, and was beaten in his two starts in 1763, after which he was retired. Purchased in the spring of 1764 for Virginia breeder John Baylor, he was an instant success as a stallion in the U.S., receiving the top mares of the colonial south during his 9 seasons at Baylor's plantation, Newmarket, and 3 more years in William Edwards' stud further south. Sired numerous famous racehorses and sires, although the sire line did not endure beyond his grandsons in any significant way. His daughters and son's daughters are the taproot mares of several American families and appear in multiplicity in almost all old American pedigrees. More information.
Fenwick Barb
Sire of (Old) Why Not, sire of Snail (c. 1711, racehorse and sire) and the filly Grey Whynot, who was the dam of the important sire Bald Galloway, the mare Points (Family 15, dam of Flying Whigg) and her sister (also seen in Family 15). Sir John Fenwick of Northumberland served as Master of the Royal Stud and surveyor of the royal race for Charles I; he either owned or had sold to the Royal Stud at Tutbury several mares, likely obtained from the same sources used by George Villiers, primarily Spanish and Italian. His horses were referred to as the Fenwick Breed, and according to the first Duke of Newcastle he had "...more Rare Running-Horses than all England besides, and the most part of all the Famous Running Horses in England, that ran one Against another, wer of his Race and Breed." The Fenwick Barb was owned, and probably imported, by Sir John Fenwick (3rd) Baron. His Northumberland property was sold in 1689 -- another early thoroughbred breeder, Sir William Blackett, purchased Fenwick Tower. Sir John was executed in 1697 for treason in conspiring against William III. A descendant, William Fenwick of Bywell, was the owner of the good racemare Duchess and of the influential stallion Matchem.
SIRE: (Shafto's) Squirrel - (Old) Traveller - (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Jett by Othello - Matron's dam by Bartlett's Childers - Old Lady by Bald Galloway - Wharton Mare by Carlisle Turk - Byerley Turk mare (Family 17).
Bay 1769. Bred by the Earl of Orford. Ran for 4 seasons, beginning in 1772, in matches, stakes, and sweeps; he won the Craven Stakes in 1773, a 500 Guineas match against Pumpkin, the Fortescue Stakes, and a 1,000 Guineas match against Johnny at age 6, among other races, all at Newmarket. Owned from 1771 through 1773 by Christopher Blake; sold in 1774 to Thomas Foley.
SIRE: Herod - Tartar - (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Cygnet mare - Cartouche mare - Ebony by Flying Childers - Old Ebony by Basto - Massey Mare by Massey's Black Barb (Family 5).
Bay 1768. Principal in the Byerley Turk line sire, he had 175 winners of a total of 75,901. Some of his sons included 1791 Derby winner Eager; Tartar and Ninety-Three, both St. Leger winners; Brilliant, and several sons imported into the U.S., including Ulysses, Moustrap, Admiral, and the highly significant Derby winner Diomed (sire of Sir Archy). Important daughters included Paulina, dam of Epsom Oaks winner Hermione (1794); Leveret, dam of Lilliput; Diomed's sister, Fancy, dam of Rattle; Lucy, dam of Skylark; the dam of Clifden.
Flying Childers
SIRE: DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Betty Leedes by Old Careless - Cream Cheeks by Leedes Arabian - Mare by Spanker (to Family 6) or Wyville Roan Mare.
Bay 1715.
(Old/Croft's) Forester
SIRE: Hartley's Blind Horse - HOLDERNESS TURK.
DAM: Bay Brocklesby by Old Partner - Brocklesby by Greyhound - Brocklesby Betty by Curwen Bay Barb -Hobby mare by Lister Turk - Piping Peg (sire unknown) - Piping Peg's dam (Family 23).
Chestnut 1736. Bred by John Croft of Barforth, Yorkshire. An important early sire, grandson of the Holderness Turk, a sire line that dissipated in the next generation. His sons included William's Forester, Ripon, Gustavus and (Pearson's) Little Partner. His daughters included Smiling Molly, a good race mare; Sally, dam of Atalanta by Regulus; Barforth, dam of Catch'em.
(Old) Fox
SIRE: Clumsey - (Old) Hautboy - WHITE D'ARCY TURK.
DAM: Bay Peg by Young Spanker* - Young Bald Peg by Spanker - Old Morocco Mare by Farifax's Morocco Barb - Old Bald Peg (Family 6 ).
Bay 1714. Bred by Sir Ralph Ashton. He was sold to a succession of owners during his long turf career, running for Matthew Lister, for the Duke of Rutland, and for Thomas Panton. He ran in plates and matches, at distances up to eight miles, between 1719 and 1723; he beat Stripling and Hip in match races, Hip several times. In 1725 he was sold to the Earl of Portmore for his stud. He sired Portmore's Slipby; Meliora, the dam of Tartar (grandam of Herod), important in Family 48; Fox mares important in Family 29, and Family 65; and the Fox mare (sister to Slipby) who was dam of the Duke of Cumberland's Crab (not to be confused with Old Crab), Childerkin, and the important sire Snap among others (at age 22 she was sold for 1,000 guineas to Lord Grosvenor). Fox died in 1738. *See notes for Family 6.
Fox Cub
SIRE: Clumsey - (Old) Hautboy - WHITE D'ARCY TURK.
DAM: Charming Jenny by Leedes Arabian - Family 6 or Wyvill Roan mare.
Bay 1714. Bred by Sir Ralph Ashton. Sired Miss Vixen, dam of Sweepstakes and Princess Amelia; Slighted by All, dam of Camilla (by Sedbury) and Dainty Davy; Vixen, dam of Molly (by Gower Stallion); an unnamed mare important in Family 8.
(Chedworth's) Foxhunter
SIRE: (Cole's) Foxhunter - Brisk - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line.
DAM: Brown Betty by Basto - Massey Mare by Mr. Massey's Black Barb (Family 5).
Brown/Bay 1727. Sired Moses, who carried on this line of the Darley Arabian for several more generations, and the dam of Molly Longlegs (Babraham), Dottrel and Prospero.

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