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  Family 11: Sedbury Royal Mare

The Sedbury Royal Mare was so named because she was a member of the broodmare band at James D'Arcy's Sedbury Stud, near Richmond in Yorkshire, which produced race horses for King Charles II as per the terms of D'Arcy's contract with the King as his "Master of the Horse." There were several "Royal" mares at Sedbury, and this one is distinguished from the others as being the dam of Miss Betty D'Arcy's Pet Mare. The pedigree of this Sedbury Royal Mare is officially unknown and the General Stud Book even suggests that she was an imported mare, noting under the entry for her daughter, The Pet Mare (sire unknown), "The sire is not given in any pedigree, and probably the cover was abroad." The Pet Mare is the only recorded produce of this mare, although she may be responsible for others if any of the various speculations noted next are true.

It's possible, but not currently proveable, that this Sedbury Royal Mare may be the same as "Darcy's oldest Royal mare", which produced a daughter by Blacklegs known as the Blacklegs Royal Mare, founder of Family 7. This may also be the same Royal Mare that founded Family 13 and was granddam of the mare by D'Arcy's White Turk, dam (Grey Royal) by D'Arcy's Yellow Turk-Royal Mare).

It has also been speculated that this Sedbury Royal Mare may be the same as the mare known as Trumpet's Dam (by Place's White Turk, dam by Dodsworth out of the Layton Barb Mare) or one of her daughters, thus linking this family to a tap root of Family 4. The GSB notes that Trumpet's Dam produced two foals by Hautboy, Trumpet and his unnamed sister, and to further cloud the issue, a note tells us that this unnamed Hautboy filly produced another filly identified as "The Pet Mare" with this Pet Mare's sire identified as Wastell's Turk. Since it is not uncommon to find generations confused in these early pedigrees, the answer might be that both Pet Mares (one with the sire unknown and one by Wastell's Turk) are one and the same. Under this scenario, the Sedbury Royal Mare in question may have actually been the unnamed daughter of Hautboy out of the mare (sometimes referred to as Trumpet's Dam) by Place's White Turk out of a mare by Dodsworth out of the Layton Barb Mare.

Miss Betty D'Arcy's Pet Mare produced three foals of record, the first, Mr. Wilkes' Clumsey, a grey colt by Old Hautboy, who sired two good sire sons in Fox and Fox Cub, both out of sisters by the Leedes' Arabian out of the famous Spanker Mare (probably by Young Spanker).

The Pet Mare's second foal was Grey Wilkes, a grey filly also by Hautboy, who was owned by Mr. Robinson of Easby, Yorkshire. Grey Wilkes produced four foals of record: Old Country Wench (by Snake), an unnamed filly (by Bustard), another filly Whimsey (by a son of Jigg), and an unnamed sister to Old Country Wench. The latter was by far the most important of the four, since she produced two vastly influential offspring. The first is Squirt (ch.c. 1732 by Bartlett's Childers), sire of Marske (sire of Eclipse). The second was the mare Grey Robinson, dam of Regulus, a vastly influential sire whose daughter Spiletta, was in turn, the dam of Eclipse. Grey Robinson also produced a sister to Regulus, and it is through this mare that the family continues into the history of the Thoroughbred.

The Pet Mare's third foal was Sir John Parson's grey filly The Old Wen, also by Hautboy, noted to have produced a colt by the Curwen Bay Barb, but no other foals of record, and no further influence in the Stud Book.

From the produce record, we can deduce that Miss Betty D'Arcy's Pet mare was probably foaled in the late 1690s, therefore this Sedbury Royal Mare was probably foaled in the 1680s or early 1690s.

Sedbury Royal Mare's Known Produce

f. Miss Betty D'Arcy's Pet Mare by unknown sire, dam of
     gr.c. Clumsey by (Old) Hautboy
     gr.f. Grey Wilkes by (Old) Hautboy, dam of
          f. 1712 Old Country Wench by Snake
          f.17--Sister to Old Country Wench by Snake
          f. 17--by Bustard
          b.f. 1722 Whimsey by a son of Jigg

     gr.f. Old Wen by (Old) Hautboy, dam of
          c. 17-- by Curwen Bay Barb


Family #11 Oaks Winners

ManuellaSun Cap
Manuella Sun Cap

1812 Manuella b.f. 1809
(Dick Andrews - Mandane)

1954 Sun Cap gr.f. 1951
(Sunny Boy - Cappellina)

1961 Sweet Solera ch.f. 1958
(Solonaway - Miss Gammon)

1980 Bireme ch.f. 1977
(Grundy - Ripeck)

2003 Casual Look b.f. 2000
(Red Ransom - Style Setter)

Family #11 Derby Winners

Little WonderKingcraft
Little Wonder Kingcraft

1805 Cardinal Beaufort b.c. 1802
(Gohanna - Colibri)

1840 Little Wonder b.c. 1837
(Muley - Lacerta)

1870 Kingcraft b.c. 1867
(King Tom - Woodcraft)

Family #11 St. Leger Winners

Memnon Faugh-A-Ballagh

1813 Altisidora ch.f. 1810
(Dick Andrews - Mandane)

1825 Memnon b.c. 1822
(Whisker - Manuella)

1844 Faugh-A-Ballagh br.c. 1841
(Sir Hercules - Guiccioli)

1949 Ridgewood br.c. 1946
(Bois Roussel - Hanging Fall)

1981 Cut Above b.c. 1978
(High Top - Cutle)

Family #11 Other Family Members

Bold Hour
Bold Hour
Eight Thirty
Eight Thirty
Epsom Lad
Epsom Lad
His Highness
His Highness
Jim Gaffney
Jim Gaffney
Miss Grillo
Miss Grillo
Royal Hampton
Royal Hampton
Seven Thirty
Seven Thirty
St.  Simon
St. Simon
Thunder Gulch
Thunder Gulch
Courtesy Coolmore

War Admiral
War Admiral

Acatenango ch.c. 1982
(Surumu - Aggravante)
German Horse of the Year at 3 and 4, he won 16 of 23 races, 7 Group 1events, including the Deutsches Derby, Grand Prix de Saint Cloud, and Grosser Preis von Baden (twice). Leading sire in Germany for 1993,1995 and 1997, also leading 2yo sire in 1992. Among his best are European Champion Filly Borgia, Champion German Filly Wurftaube and European leading money earner, Lando.

Aglae Grace br.f. 1947
(Mousson - Agathe)
High strung Prix de Diane (French Oaks) winner in 1950, she was the dam of Soltikoff, winner of the Arc de Triomphe in 1962. Her daughter Aglae was the dam of champion Val de l'Orne, while another daughter, Dame de Grace, produced French 2,000 Guineas winner Red Lord.

Atheling br.c. 1883
(Sterling - Daughter of King Tom)
Brother to 2,000 winner Enterprise. Sire of Irish Oaks winner Kosmos, Preakness winner and sire Bryn Mawr, also Armeath II (sire), and the mare Lady Atheling.

Australian ch.c. 1858
(West Australian - Emilia)
Imported to the US with his dam as a weanling.İHe led the American Sire List 1871-75 and 1877, siring champion Spendthrift, Baden-Baden, Waverly, Joe Daniels, Abd-El-Kader, Fellowcraft, Springbok, Wildidle, Attila, Zoo-Zoo, Lizzie Lucas and the great broodmare Maggie B. B. Principal progenitor of the Matchem sire line, tail-male ancestor of Man o'War.

Birdcatcher ch.c. 1833
(Sir Hercules - Guiccioli)
Often referred to as "Irish" Birdcatcher, he won 5 races at the Curragh, including the Peel Cup (won by 500 yards), which he won as a 3yo, before retiring to stud. He was the Leading Sire in Great Britain in 1852 and 1856.İSire of 3 St. Leger winners, The Baron, Knight of St. George and Warlock; Derby winner Daniel O'Rourke; Oaks winner Songstress; and 1,000 Guineas winners Haven and Manganese.İ He also sired Saunterer, Oxford and Chanticleer, and the dams of Vedette and Solon, and grandsire, through The Baron, of Stockwell. He was a dark chestnut with white at the root of his tail, and tufts of white hairs in his coat, known as "Birdcatcher ticks", which he passed on to many of his descendants. Full brother to St. Leger winner Faugh-a-Ballagh.

Bold Hour br.c. 1964
(Bold Ruler - Seven Thirty)
One of the best of his generation, he was an especially good handicapper and middle distance runner, winning the Amory L. Haskell and Grey Lag Handicaps. Winner of 11 of 31 starts and $548,190. He sired 27 stakes winners including Willow Hour, Visible, Thirty Years, Mayanesian, and Dealer's Ace. His daughters produced Winning Colors, Chief Bearhart, and Morning Frolic.

Churrinche ch.c. 1941
(Congreve - Urraca)
Won The 1944 edition of the Gran Premio Nacional. Sire of Los Curros, Azyade (dam of Horse of the Year Ahmad), Traumerei (dam of Tres Reinas).

Colombo b.c. 1931
(Manna - Lady Nairne)
Undefeated at two, he won the next year's 2,000 Guineas and Craven Stakes, and placed third in the Derby. Sired British Empire (a leading sire in Argentina), Claro (Irish 2,000 Guineas; sire in Argentina), Happy Knight (2,000 Guineas), Dancing Time (1,000 Guineas), and the broodmares Oceana (dam of Noholme II, Todman, Shifnal, Faringdon) and Jennydang.

Deux Pour Cent b.c. 1941
(Deiri - Dix Pour Cent)
"A common-looking, lop-eared individual" who won the Grand Prix de Paris, Prix de l'Esperance, and Prix Badajoz at three, he also ran third in the Arc. France's Champion Sire in 1950, he is most important as the sire of the great French champion and two time Arc winner Tantieme, and Farandole, dam of the top miler Roan Rocket. Despite this success, he was exported to Czechoslovakia where he died.

Eight Thirty ch.c. 1936
(Pilate - Dinner Time)
Brilliant, beautiful, but unsound, scored 16 wins 2-4 including top handicaps Suburban, Metropolitan and Whitney.İMain scion of the Rock Sand male line. Leading Sire and Broodmare sire, his progeny included Sailor, Bolero, Royal Coinage and top fillies Rare Perfume and Dinner Gong. Broodmare sire of champions Jaipur and Evening Out as well as leading sire Hold Your Peace.

Fisherman br.c. 1853
(Heron - Mainbrace)
Fisherman started 120 times from two to six, victorious in 70 of them including the Ascot Gold Cup (2) and the Ascot Gold Vase. Leggy, lean, angular, and unattractive, but tremendously sound and well tempered, he was sold to stud in Australia. Got only 36 foals from 4 crops before dying, but none-the-less highly influential as a sire, getting Angler (sire of Robinson Crusoe), Sylvia (dam of Martini Henry and Goldsborough), Mermaid (dam of Melody), and others.

Gummo b.c. 1962
(Fleet Nasrullah - Alabama Gal)
A top California 2yo in 1964, and won the Swaps Handicap at three. Established an enduring legacy in the Golden State with the likes of perenial leading sire, Flying Paster, the top gelding Ancient Title, Princess Karenda, Gold Trojan (in Argentina), and others.

High Top b.c. 1969
(Derring-Do - Camenae)
Strongly built, flashy, courageous colt, he won the Observer Gold Cup and Champion Trophy at two, and at three, the 2,000 Guineas. Sire of 31 stakes winners including French Derby winner and leading sire Top Ville, Oaks winner Circus Plume, Irish Derby winner My Top, Irish Oaks winner Colorspin, and the St. Leger winner, Cut Above. Primarily an influence for stamina. Brother to Camden Town and Cockade.

His Highness b.c. 1889
(The Ill-Used - Princess)
Champion at two, the year he won the Futurity Stakes, he was considered the best son of his sire. Sire of Champion 2yo and Belmont Stakes winner Jean Bereaud, Princess Nettie (second dam of Sweep All and Peter Hastings), Her Majesty (dam of His Majesty), Futurita, and High Degree. His dam, Princess, was one of the most valuable mares imported into America, dam of Derby winner Royal Hampton, His Highness, Her Highness, and Prince Royal.

Jim Gaffney b.c. 1905
(Golden Garter - Miss Maxim)
Winner of the prestigious Hopeful Stakes at two at Saratoga, and a successful sire of 18 stakes winners including Preakness winner Vigil, Jim Dandy, Dodge, and the mares Flivver (dam of Canfli) and Silver Lane.

Lottery br/bc. 1820
(Tramp - Mandane)
The best horse of his day, he was an ill-tempered colt who would try to roll his rider off if he couldn't dislodge him by bucking. Ran 4 years, highlights include winning the Fitzwilliam Stakes twice--"naturally erratic and queer-tempered...his defects were sadly aggravated by neglect and mismanagement; otherwise, he would have been one of the most brilliant performers on the British Turf." Sire of St. Leger winner Chorister, and the sires Sheet Anchor (sire of Weatherbit), Verulam, Inheritor, Tetotum and the mare Rebecca (dam of Alice Hawthorn, The Provost, Anandale, Fair Helen).

Magnat br.c. 1938
(Asterus - Mafalda)
Winner of the Deutches Derby, Grosser Preis von Baden Baden, Henckel Rennen, Union Rennen. An outstanding sire in Germany, four times second on the Leading Sires' list, twice third. His progeny include the leading runner and sire Nebelwerfer, German Oaks winner Armgard, and the influential broodmare Schwarzblaurot (dam of Scheherezade, Sulieka, Sabrina).

Mandane ch.f. 1800
(Pot-8-Os - Young Camilla)
Ran indifferently for 2 years, only winning a 50 guineas match at Brighton in 1803, but excelled in the stud, getting two classic winning sisters, Altisidora (1810, St. Leger), and Manuella (1809, Oaks, later dam of Memnon), the high-class, but ill-tempered Lottery (see above), Captain Candid (1813, winner and second St. Leger), Brutandorf (1821, Chester Cup winner and sire of Hetman Platoff, Physician and dam of Brown Bess), and winners Procurante (1816) and Muta (1819). Died in 1826.

Miss Grillo ch.f. 1942
(Rolando - Cedulilla)
Champion 3yo filly in Argentina, won the Gran Premio Nacional then came to America to win the Black Helen and Diana Handicaps against her own sex and beat the boys in the the Pimlico Cup twice (once setting a new world record for 2 1/2 mi.) She retired after winning the 1949 San Juan Capistrano as a 7yo. Dam of Honey Lake, who established a strong family, and of Meadow Music, who produced Irish champion Meadow Court.

Nasram b.c. 1960
(Nasrullah - La Mirambule)
From the last crop of his noted sire, at three he won the Prix du Lys in France, and at four won the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes. Typical of his sire, being full of quality and front running speed, but high mettled with "a deplorable tendency to cave in when tackled." He died at age 11, siring only 5 stakes winners and 107 foals, but these included the German Derby winner and champion Athenagoras, and American stakes winner Naskra, both good sires.

Orme b.c. 1889
(Ormonde - Angelica)
One of the best bred horses ever, by the great Triple Crown champion and out of a sister to St. Simon, he was of the highest class as a runner. Champion at two in England. He missed the Derby after presumably having been "got at" by a poisoner, although his illness was possibly due to a bad tooth. Returned to training at three, he won the Eclipse Stakes, Sussex Stakes, Great Foal Stakes, Champion Stakes. Limekiln Stakes, and Subscription Stakes. At four, he won the Rous Memorial, Eclipse Stakes, Gordon Stakes, and ruptured a suspensory ligament in the Limekiln Stakes, in which he finished a game second. Orme got the great Triple Crown winner Flying Fox in an early crop, and later Derby winner Orby, Guineas winner Witch Elmm, Missel Thrush, Cupbearer, Birkenhead, Vamose, Ferole, Orlando, and the mares Topiary (dam of Tracery and Trap Rock), Sweet Lassie (dam of Happy Warrior), Seashell (dam of Pearl Maiden), and Optime (dam of Sysonby).

Plack ch.f. 1921
(Hurry On - Groat)
Outstanding race filly. Stakes placed in several top events at two, and at three won the 1,000 Guineas, Newmarket Oaks, Jockey Club Cup, second in the Oaks. At four, a top cup runner, winning the Chippenham Stakes and Southfield Stakes. Dam of Coin of the Realm (dam of Midas).

Quibu b.c. 1942
(Meadow - Querendon)
Argentine-bred, winner of the Gran Premio Nacional, Premio General Belgrano, Premio Montevideo. Retired to stud in the U.S. He sired only 84 foals but 6 won stakes including Sky Gem, Teacation, Tinsley, Teacher's Art, Tibidabo, and Confuse. His daughters include Quaze (dam of Susan's Girl, Quaze Quilt, Steel Pike), Smartaire (dam of Smart Angle, Quadratic, Smarten, Smart Heiress).

Regulus b.c. 1739
(Godolphin Arabian - Grey Robinson)
Bred by Lord Chedworth, he was considered to be the best horse of his generation, winning 8 Royal Plates as a six year old.İHe was the leading sire 8 times from 1754 to 1766. A potent sire, among his get were America's leading sire Fearnought, South, Jalap, Prophet, Turk, Morwick Ball, Merry Tom, Silvereye, Vampire, and Brutus. His daughters were very important as broodmares and included Spilletta (the dam of Eclipse), Miss Ingram (dam of Clockfast), Sister to South, Miss Belsea and A-La-Grecque.

Rose de Mai b.f. 1900
(Callistrate - Maypole)
Won the French 1,000 Guineas, following in the footsteps of her dam who was victorious in 1889, and the Prix de Diane in her sophomore year. Left a legacy at stud with grandsons Gris Perle and Rose Prince.

Seven Thirty dk.b.f. 1958
(Mr. Music -Time to Dine)
Small but attractive filly won 10 of 34 starts in just two seasons of racing at three and four. Won the Comely Stakes at three, and one of the best handicap mares as a four year old, winning the Delaware, Black Helen and Bed o' Roses Handicaps. Dam of the very good runner Bold Hour.

Squirt ch.c. 1732
(Bartlett's Childers - Daughter of Snake)
Squirt ran in the late 1730s at Newmarket. Sired three good sons, Marske (1750, sire of Eclipse), good racehorse and sire Syphon (1750) and racehorse Tim (1752), and "Pratt's Old Mare," a very prolific daughter (17 foals, 12 runners) who produced the good racehorse Pumpkin, and the mares Purity and Maiden.

Stop the Music b.c. 1970
(Hail to Reason - Bebopper)
Won 11 of 30 starts, ages 2 to 5, including the Champagne Stakes and Saratoga Special Stakes at two when he also set a new track record at Belmont for 5.5 furlongs and the Dwyer Handicap at three. Successful sire of 45 stakes winners including Temperence Hill (Champion 3yo), French champion Squill, G1 winners Cure the Blues, Dontstop Themusic, Music Merci, and the good broodmares Turk O Witz, and Rensaler, among others.

Strathconan gr.c. 1863
(Newminster - Souvenir)
Won the Great Yorkshire Stakes. Sire of Midlothian, also Gem of Gems (dam of Le Sancy) and Wee Agnes (dam of Ugly), and Griselda (second dam of Colin).

St. Simon b.c. 1881
(Galopin - St. Angela)
Legendary runner and epoch-making sire, undefeated in 10 starts including the Ascot Gold Cup. Leading Sire in England 9 times, Leading Broodmare Sire in England 6 times. Sire of the great Persimmon, Triple Crown winner Diamond Jubilee, classic winners St. Frusquin, La Fleche, Mrs. Butterwick, Memoir, Semolina, Amiable, La Roche, Winifreda, also sires Rabelais, Chaucer, Florizel II, Desmond, William the Third, St. Serf, Childwick, Raeburn, Pietermaritzburg, Bill of Portland; broodmares Concertina (dam of Plucky Liege), Glacier (dam of Toboggan), Roquebrune (dam of Rock Sand), Signorina (dam of Signorinetta), Santa Brigida.

Superman ch.c. 1904
(Commando - Anomaly)
Winner of the Brooklyn Handicap. Successful sire of 13 stakes winners from 147 foals winners including Surf Rider, Superlette, Polly Ann, Gladiator.His daughters were more influential than his sons, including Ormonda (second dam of Whirlaway), Problem (dam of Friar's Carse), Belmon, Idle Tale.

Thunder Gulch ch.c. 1992
(Gulch - Line of Thunder)
A small, neatly-made colt, he won the Remsen Stakes at two, but bloomed at three under new ownership, winning the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Travers Stakes, Florida Derby, Swaps Stakes, Fountain of Youth Stakes and Kentucky Cup Classic, to be named Champion 3yo. He won 9 of 16 starts, and his first foals raced in 1999. Sire of Breeder's Cup Distaff winner Spain, top U.S. 3 year old Point Given, Invisible Ink and others .

Val de l'Orne b.c. 1972
(Val de Loir - Aglae)
He won 4 of his 5 career starts at two and three. Champion at three in France, with wins in the Prix du Jockey Club, Prix Hocquart, and Prix Noailles, before retiring to stud in North America. He sired 42 stakes winners including Canadian champions Golden Choice, La Lorgnette, and other top winners.

War Admiral br.c. 1934
(Man o'War - Brushup)
The best son of Man o'War, and a great runner in his own right; this cocky, high mettled, little brown colt was a stakes winner at two, and swept the American Triple Crown at three and was a top handicapper at four, despite losing a famous match race at Pimlico to another great, Seabiscuit. War Admiral was an outstanding sire of 40 stakes winners including the Horse of the Year Busher, besides champion Blue Peter, and other top winners Busanda, Searching, Mr. Busher, Admiral Vee, and War Jeep. His daughters proved even more valuable as broodmares, producing Buckpasser, Hoist the Flag, Affectionately, Crafty Admiral, Slew o' Gold, Coastal, Seeking the Gold, Woodman, etc.

Windfields br.c. 1943
(Bunty Lawless - Nandi)
Durable Canadian stakes winner of 19 races in 75 starts, the farm which became the greatest Thoroughbred nursery in Canada, and for a time, in the world, was named after him. Windfields sired 15 stakes winners include the aptly named Canadian Champ, and the top broodmares Windy Answer (dam of Ciboulette, Cool Reception), Victoriana (dam of Viceregal and Vice Regent), and Willow Lake.

Zeddaan gr.c. 1965
(Grey Sovereign - Vareta)
Top speed horse in France, winner of 8 of 13 starts including the Prix Robert Papin at two, and surprised many by stretching to win the Poule d'Essai des Poulains (French 2,000 Guineas) and Prix d'Ispahan at three. Stood in France until his export to Japan in 1978, where he died in 1984. Sire of the English 2,000 Guineas winner and sire Kalamoun, French 2,000 Guineas winner Nishapour, also Nadjar, Adraan, and Standaan among his best.

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