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  Foundation Sires of the Thoroughbred: O

Alphabetized List of Important 17th and 18th Century Stallions

Oxford Dun Arabian
Oxford Dun Arabian
Oglethorpe Arabian
The GSB says this "may be the horse described as Mr. Oglethorpe's son of the [D'Arcy] Yellow Turk." He sired Makeless, "...a horse of great eminence especially as a stallion," and a "high formed galloway," Bald Frampton, who won the Whip. He may also have sired the dam of another racehorse, White Stockings (by Counsellor)--"from a mare by Oglethorpe's son of the Yellow Turk." The Oglethorpe arabian, "...his blood as esteemed as excellent as any not entirely foreign," was owned by Sir Thomas Oglethorpe of Scotland. That statement, in a description of the pedigree of his great-grandson, Bay Bolton, tends to support the GSB, in that it implies the horse was not imported. The Oglethorpe family seat was at Bramham, Yorkshire -- Bramham Moor was the site of very early horse races -- and was forfeited during the Civil War by Sutton Oglethorpe, due to his support of the Royalist cause--later, he was rewarded by Charles II with the post of Master of the Royal Stud, succeeding James D'Arcy (the elder) in that position, who died in 1673. The horse is significant because his son, Makeless, got a number of important early matrons.
Old England (also Slugg)
SIRE: GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Amorett (Little Hartley Mare) by Barlett's Childers - Flying Whigg by Woodstock Arabian - Points by St. Victor Barb - Grey Whynot by Why Not - Royal Mare (Family 15).
Bay 1741. Bred by Francis, (2nd) Earl of Godolphin, traded to Sir John Dutton after weaning for a mare (Lady Cow) and her foal. Ran as Slugg, initially, then, apparently after purchase by Sir Edward O'Brien of Ireland, as Old England. He ran in the late 1740s and early '50s; at the Curragh, Kildare, Ireland, he was beaten by Othello. Sired a good racehorse, Amaranthus (1766), Brutus (in Ireland), and several producing daughters, one of whom (1766) who heads her own branch of Family 2 and was ancestress to a number of good racehorses, such as Teddington, Bribery and Imperatrix.
Old Montagu
This horse is referred to once in the GSB, as the sire of the Montagu Mare (Family 12), ancestress of Eclipse, Weatherbit, Sterling, and many more. He is identified as belonging to James D'Arcy (the younger), and from assessing the known dates of related offspring, he must have been born around 1705-1710. He may have been sent to England by Edward Wortley Montagu (husband of the authoress Lady Mary Wortley Montagu), who was the English Ambassador to Constantinople in 1717, but it seems equally likely he was obtained by James D'Arcy (the younger) from Montagu's father, Sidney Wortley Montagu (second son of the Earl of Sandwich and a wealthy m.p.), who married the illegitimate daughter and heiress of the wealthy horse breeder Sir Francis Wortley of Wortley Hall, Leeds, Yorkshire. It is unlikely this horse had any relationship to the mare called Old Montague (Family 68), also in the D'Arcy stud, who was from the "breed" of mares bred by Francis Browne, (2nd) Viscount Montague of Cowdray, Sussex, distantly related to the other Montagus.
Old Royal
DAM: [Probable] (Kit) D'Arcy Royal mare by Blunderbuss - mare by D'Arcy White Turk - mare by D'Arcy Yellow Turk - Sedbury Royal mare (Family 13).
C. 1710. Rooted in D'Arcy bloodlines, he probably stood in Yorkshire, possibly at Hornby Castle or at Sedbury. His best-known offspring was Bald Charlotte (1721, first Lady Legs), who was bred in Yorkshire from a Bethell Castaway mare, and was a famous racemare of the 1720s who had "...a very great share both of speed and goodness." As a broodmare in the Duke of Somerset's stud her line continued through Family 28. He also got her sister, Miss Brampton (1722), dam of a racehorse, Fribble. There do not appear to be any other horses sired by Old Royal in the GSB, at least under that name.
SIRE: Snap - Snip - Flying Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Miss Cade by Cade - Miss Makeless by Young Greyhound - mare by (Croft's) Partner - Brown Woodcock by Woodcock - Lusty Thornton by Croft's Bay Barb - Chestnut Thornton by Makeless - Old Thornton by Brimmer - mare by Dicky Pierson - Burton Barb mare (Family 2).
Bay 1758. Bred by Robert Shafto, County Durham. Sired Ovid (1771) and Omnium (1772) from a Babraham mare; Hippogriff (1772); the good racehorse Xanthippus (1771); Amaranda (1771, dam of David by Diomed), and others.
Orford Grey Turk (Walpole Grey Turk/Barb)
The offspring from this horse were born between the mid 1730s and 1750s; despite the change in name, it probably was the same horse. It is unclear whether or not he was imported. He belonged to Sir Robert Walpole whose main estate was in Norfolk, but who, as prime minister of England for over twenty years, lived primarily in London and was the first to hold that position to occupy 10 Downing Street. Walpole was given the peerage and title Earl of Orford in 1742, which probably accounts for the change in the horse's name; Sir Robert died in 1745, and presumably the 2nd Earl of Orford, also Robert (died 1751), inherited the horse, or perhaps the 3rd Earl [the "mad Earl"], George, who owned the Walpole Turk daughter that produced Spitfire. The Orford/Walpole Grey Turk sired several horses listed in the GSB: a 1753 filly from a Firetail mare; a mare who produced a number of racehorses who ran in the 1770s, including Houghton by Squirrel and Spitfire by Eclipse; Miss Romp (or Romp, Family 28), born in 1737 and grandam of the good racehorse and sire, Turf (by Matchem); the grandam of the top racehorse Little Driver.
SIRE: King Fergus - Eclipse - Marske - Squirt - Bartlett's Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line: King Fergus Branch.
DAM: Miss Cornforth by Matchem - mare by Sampson - Lass of the Mill by Regulus - mare by Traveller - Miss Makeless by Young Greyhound - mare by (Croft's) Partner - Brown Woodcock by Woodcock - Lusty Thornton by Croft's Bay Barb - Chestnut Thornton by Makeless - Old Thornton by Brimmer - mare by Dickey Pierson - Burton Barb mare (Family 2).
Chestnut 1789. Bred and raced by Peregrine Wentworth. Ran in the 1790s at Newmarket, York, and elsewhere: in 1794 won the Great Subscription purse at York. Retired to Wentworth's stud where he got the race fillies Rebecca (1800) and Miss Cheesecake (1802). He was later apparently sold to Russia.
(Portmore's) Oroonoko
DAM: Miss Slamerkin by Young True Blue - mare by Oxford Dun Arabian - mare by Pagett Arabian - D'Arcy Sorrill Royal Mare by Wastell's Turk - D'Arcy's Blacklegs Royal Mare (Family 7).
Black 1745. Brother to Othello (see below). Bred by William Crofts of Norfolk and sold to the Earl of Portmore. In 1752 he commanded the highest advertised stud fee of 20 guineas. He got Golden Locks (1758, second dam Pot-8-Os); Lincoln (1757); Marcus (1753); Young Lass of the Mill (1756, seen in Family 2), and others.
(Routh's) Oroonoko
SIRE: Hartley's Blind Horse - HOLDERNESS TURK.
DAM: Jennison's mare by Pelham White Barb - mare by Terror - mare by Flatface - mare by (Old) Spot - mare by little Mountain Barb - sister to Bainton's Diamond.
Black 1733. Bred by Cuthbert Routh, Snape Hall,Yorkshire; sold at age 3 to Ralph Hakswell of Catterick. Sired Venture, who won at Epsom in 1743, and Othello (1738, a good racehorse).
SIRE: Beningborough - King Fergus - Eclipse - Marske - Squirt - Bartlett's Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line: King Fergus Branch.
DAM: Evelina by Highflyer - Termagent by Tantrum - Cantatrice by Sampson - mare by Regulus - Ruby mare by (Hutton's) Blacklegs - mare by Bay Bolton - mare by Fox Cub - mare by Coneyskins - mare by Hutton's Grey Barb - mare by Hutton's Royal Colt - mare by Byerley Turk - mare by Bustler (Family 8).
Bay 1799. Bred by Earl Fitzwilliam. First of Beningbrough's foals to start, and the one many claimed to be the best over all distances. He was a large colt, and apparently lazy, requiring "vigorous riding." There was, The Druid said, "...a great deal of the coach horse about him, and he stood very much over with one knee." Ran from 1801 to 1807, he won the Doncaster St. Leger, and second for the Doncaster Cup, which he would have won without interference. Purchased by the Prince of Wales at age 5, he won the Somerset Stakes and the Prince's Gold Cup at Newmarket in 1805. In 1806 he won several times at Newmarket and elsewhere, beating younger classic winners, and in his final season won several purses and sweeps. Also excelled as a sire, the best of his get were Emilius, Derby winner and top sire (of Derby winners Priam and Plenipotentiary and other classic winners); the fillies Zoe (1825) and Charlotte (1811), both of whom won the 1,000 Guineas; Ebor (St. Leger winner), and Octavius, also a Derby winner. His son, Recovery, was the model for the equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington.
SIRE: Saltram - Eclipse - Marske - Squirt - Bartlett's Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line: Eclipse Branch
DAM: Mare by Highflyer - mare by Herod - Miss Middleton by Regulus - Camilla by son of Bay Bolton - mare by Bartlett's Childers - mare by Honeywood's Arabian - Dam of the Two True Blues (Family 3).
Dark brown 1795. Bred by Ex Turnor. A horse "blessed with the sweetest of tempers...both in the stable and on the course." Ran for 3 years: won two races at age 3 at Lambourn and Newmarket; at age 4 won the Oatlands Stakes at Newmarket Craven and again in October. At age 6 he won the Craven Stakes at Newmarket and was retired to stud, standing at Richard Morland's in Surrey, where he got some race horses, but was known as the sire of "splendid hunters...remembered to this day [1900] in Essex."
SIRE: (Routh's) Oroonoko - Hartley's Blind Horse - HOLDERNESS TURK.
DAM: Worlock's Galloway by Lister's Snake - Old Lady by Bald Galloway - Wharton mare by Carlisle Turk - mare by Byerley Turk (Family 17).
Black 1738. Bred by Cuthbert Routh, Snape Hall, Yorkshire. Won King's Plates at Nottingham, York and Lincoln in the 1740s.
Othello (Black and All Black)
DAM: Miss Slamerkin by Young True Blue - mare by Oxford Dun Arabian - mare by Pagett Arabian - D'Arcy Sorrill Royal Mare by Wastell's Turk - D'Arcys Blacklegs Royal Mare (Family 7).
Black 1743. Bred by William Crofts of Norfolk and sold to the Earl of Portmore. At age 5 won 50 guineas at Lewes and 50 pounds at Stockbridge; in 1749 he won the King's 100 Guineas at Sailsbury, Canterbury, Lewes and Newmarket. Sold to Sir Ralph Gore for 500 guineas, who took him to Ireland where he won the Society of Sportsmen's 100 guineas at the Curragh, 50 guineas at Maryborough and the King's 100 guineas at the Curragh. In 175l he was matched against Bajazet over the 4 mile course at the Curragh for 1,000 guineas, which he won. Sold to a Mr. Prior, for whom he won several races at the Curragh in 1752; also covered several mares in Ireland that year. Returned to England, he stood at stud in Cambridgeshire; sired the good race mare Fair Phyllis; Polly (1756, also called Creeping Polly, dam of King Fergus), and the race horse Jack Pratt (1756).
SIRE: Moses - (Chedworth's) Foxhunter - (Cole's) Foxhunter - Brisk - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Miss Vernon by (Old) Cade - sister to Widdrington mare (Spinster) by (Old) Partner - Bay Bloody Buttocks by Bloody Buttocks - mare by (Old) Greyhound - Brown Farewell by Makeless - mare by Brimmer - mare by Place's White Turk - mare by Dodsworth - Layton Violet Barb mare (Family 4).
Bay 1760. Bred by Richard Vernon and sold to the Earl of Upper Ossory in 1766. Ran for 4 years, beating the top horses of his day. His best races included a 300 guineas match in 1764, beating Turf; the Jockey Club Plate at Newmarket in 1767, beating Tartar; the 1767 Subscription purse at Newmarket, beating Ferninando and Antinous, and a 200 guineas match at Newmarket beating Prospero. Retired to the Ossory stud, he was a popular sire. Some of his get included the good racehorses Dorimant (1772), Comus (1770, ran and stood at stud in France), Coxcomb (1771) and the excellent race mare Pastorella (1774).
SIRE: King Fergus - Eclipse - Marske - Squirt - Bartlett's Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line: King Fergus Branch.
DAM: Mare by Herod - mare by Snip - mare by Godolphin Arabian - Grey Robinson by Bald Galloway - mare by Snake - Grey Wilkes by (Old) Hautboy - Pet mare (Family 11).
Bay 1788. Bred by John Hutchison of Yorkshire. One of several good King Fergus sons who ran in the 1790s, he won the Doncaster Cup at York. A fairly popular sire, he got, among others, Expectation (1798, grandsire of Otterington, the 1812 St Leger winner); Honesty (1802); the gelding Cockboat (1796); Tankersley (1799); Maid of Kent (1801); Volatile (1796); brothers Rolla (1797) and Alonzo (1800); Brunette (1801), and Cockfighter (1796, St. Leger winner).
Oxford Dun Arabian
Dun/Buckskin; imported 1715.
This horse was secured by Nathaniel Harley for his nephew Edward, Lord Harley, in Turkey, where he had settled in 1686 as a merchant. The horse was shipped from Aleppo: "I've had so much trouble, Expence and difficulty at first to procure, afterwards to keep and now to send him away, that I think him above any price that can be offered, and am so little of a Merchant that I would not have him sold even tho' a Thousand Pounds should be bid for him." He was, according to Edward Harley (later 2nd Earl of Oxford), "...thought by all that have seen him to be the finest Horse that ever came over." He stood at Harley's stud at Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire. He got the Oxford Dun Arabian mare of Family 7, dam of Miss Slamerkin (1729), who was the dam of Bustard, Othello and Oroonoko, all good sires and racehorses, and of Duchess (dam of Le Sang, Dux, Chymist and Pyrrha) all important racehorses and the first three also good stallions). The Oxford Dun Arabian mare was also ancestress of Basto (by Whitenose) and Victorious (by Whitenose).
Oysterfoot Arabian
This horse was apparently covering mares in the 1720s: he got Miss Hip (1722, from a Merlin mare), the grandam of (Ancaster) Dizzy, and the dam of Fair Helen (around 1730), who is the foundation mare of Family 10.

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