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  Foundation Sires of the Thoroughbred: T

Alphabetized List of Important 17th and 18th Century Stallions

Taffolet Barb
Imported 1690. Also known as the Morocco Barb, not to be confused with the Morocco Barb associated with Family 6. Sired a mare important in the Bonny Lass line of Family 1, ancestor of the mare by Fox who produced the famous horse Snap, the foundation mare of Family 33 (sister to Honecomb Punch), and Queen Anne's racehorse, Mustard, who ran in the first decade of the eighteenth century. Also sired Honeycomb Punch, a horse that won 300 at Newmarket in 1699.
SIRE: Syphon - Squirt - Bartlett's Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Mare by Regulus - mare by Snip - mare by Cottingham - Worlock Galloway by Snake - Old Lady by Bald Galloway - the Wharton Mare by Acaster (Carlisle) Turk - mare by Byerley Turk (Family 17).
Bay 1773. Bred by Jennison Shafto, West Wratting. Although he raced, he is best known as a good sire, his get included Wilson's Creeper (1786, from Harriet, a Matchem mare); Feenow, who ran in the Derby; the top race filly Pewett (1786), who won the St. Leger; Deceit, dam of 1796 Oaks winner Parasote; and the Yellow Filly (1783, from Perdita) who won the Oaks. Two of the latter's offspring, Gouty and Moll-in-the-Wad, both by Sir Peter Teazle, were sold to the U.S.
SIRE: Cripple - GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Mare by Hampton Court Childers - mare by Whitefoot - mare by Stanyan's Arabian - Moonah Barb Mare (Family 21).
Bay 1760. Probably bred by Lord Rockingham. Winner of the Doncaster Cup in 1769, an advertisement for him when at stud claimed he was a "strong, beautiful made horse...His gay and airy form of going surpassed most others." Sired the mare Termagant, dam of Pewett (St. Leger winner) and Evelina (dam of 1802 St. Leger winner Orville) as well as other good racehorses. A son, Sampson, was exported to the U.S.
Tarquin (Swiftsure)
SIRE: GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Wyvill's mare (Bashaw's Sister) by Scarborough Colt -mare by Hip - mare by Tifter - mare by Snake -mare by (Pooley's) Diamond - mare by Hautboy - Blunderbush Royal (Kitt D'Arcy's Royal Mare) by Blunderbush (Blunderbuss) - D'Arcy Grey Royal Mare by D'Arcy's White Turk - mare by D'Arcy's Yellow Turk -Sedbury Royal Mare (Family13).
Bay 1745. Bred by Francis, second Lord Godolphin; sold to Mr. Greville as a three year old. Ran at Newmarket in 1752. Probably sired a colt by the same name exported to the U.S. in 1763.
SIRE: (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Meliora by (Portmore's) Fox - Milkmaid by Snail - Shields Galloway (Family 48).
Chestnut 1743. Bred by Edward Leedes of Yorkshire; sold to and run by Mr. Coatesworth, and later by the Duke of Ancaster. Considered a "splendid" racehorse, he first ran under the name "Partner." At age five he won races at Beverley, Malton, Durham and York, and a King's plate at Lichffield after he was sold to Ancaster and re-named Tartar. In 1749 he won the King's plate at Guildford, beating Black and All Black, and the following year won the King's plate at Newmarket, beating Bald Partner and Tawney. He was an important sire, owned by Anthony Smith at Oulston: his most significant offspring Herod (King Herod), one of the foundation sires of the modern thoroughbred. He also sired Herod's sister, Thais, dam of Silvertail; Fanny, the grandam of another important sire and racehorse, King Fergus, through her daughter Creeping Polly; the Regulus Tartar mare, dam of Don Dun; and the famous O'Kelly Old Tartar mare, the dam of Volunteer, Queen Mab, Mercury, Jupiter, Whitenose and a number of other important racehorses and producers. He died at Oulston, near Easingwold, at age 16.
DAM: Mare by (Old) Hautboy (Family 53).
Chestnut c.1715. Bred by Mr. Brewster. Ran for the Duke of Bolton, Beat the famous racemare Molly, owned by Tommy Panton, in a 4 mile match in 1723; Molly fell in this match, and "died in great agony." Sired The Curwen Colt and Halifax, both racehorses, and the dam of Looby by the Pigot Turk, all from the same mare in the Duke of Ancaster's stud. He also sired a good racehorse, Hanniball (1713), out of a mare by Flatface, who died at age six "...by poyson & mismanagement;" a sister to Hanniball (c.1716) who got several colts by Spark, and the race mare, Long Megg by Smiling Tom; a 1721 chesnut colt who was sold to Lord Onslow and won a plate for 5 year olds at Lincoln in 1726 and a 100 match at York.
Thoulouse Barb
Imported 1698 by Henry Curwen of Cumberland.
Obtained from King Louis XIV of France with the assistance of his two natural sons--Count Byram and Count Toulouse--with whom Curwen associated while in France between 1688 and 1698. Sold to Sir John Parsons of Surrey, a prominent member of turf society and who served as Lord Mayor of London for two succcessive years. The horse was imported with the Curwen Bay Barb; both horses were gifts from the King of Morocco to the Sun King, and may have subsequently been presented to his two illegitimate sons. The Thoulouse Barb later passed into the hands of the Earl of Burlington. The Thoulouse Barb sired the famous racemare Molly (Panton's, 1713), "...of such durable last in running that she was never beat at Newmarket until in the match which cost her her life [against Terror, 1723]." He also got Tifter, a racehorse and sire; the Ryegate Mare, dam of the Duke of Somerset's racehorse, Cinnamon (c.1722).
DAM: Cream Cheeks - Family 6 or Wyvill Roan mare.
C. 17--. Bred by Sir John Parsons. Sire of a mare in Sir Marmaduke Wyvill's stud, who produced the good racehorse Bashaw (a.ka. Old Standard, by Young Belgrade), and via a daughter by Hip, was ancestress of Tarquin. He also sired Wyvill's The Scarborough Colt (1724), who ran in the 1730s, and thus, through a daughter, is in the pedigree of the Coalition Colt (1739).
SIRE: Delpini - Highflyer - Herod - Tartar - (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Cora by Matchem - mare by Turk - mare by Cub - mare by Allworthy - mare by (Old) Starling - Dairymaid by Bloody Buttocks - mare by Greyhound - Brocklesby Betty by Curwen Bay Barb - (Leedes) - Hobby mare by Lister Turk - Piping Peg (Family 23).
Bay 1794. Beat some top late eighteenth century horses, including Stamford, Tartar and Wonder at York in 1799 over four miles, and Ambrosio at Doncaster in a three-mile match. Sired dam of Kirkham Lass and Robin Red-breast; Thomasina (1704), a grandam of 1824 St. Leger winner, Jerry; Lucy Grey, the dam of the great stayer and good sire, Catton (1809).
SIRE:(Old) Snap - Snip - Flying Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Mare by (Shepherd's) Crab - sister to Amelia by Godolphin Arabian - mare by Flying Childers - mare by Young True Blue - mare by Cyprus Arabian - Bonny Black (Family 39).
Brown/Bay 1762. Bred by William Crofts of Norfolk. Ran for several owners, between the years of 1766 and 1770, mostly in the south, winning 2 races at age 4; 3 races at 5, which included a win over 4 miles, beating Antelope, and a 4 mile race in which he beat the famous Gimcrack; at age 6 he won 3 of his 6 races, including the Newmarket Subscription of 140 guineas and the Newmarket King's Plate, when he beat Morwick Ball. In 1769, at age 7 he beat Gimcrack again in the York Great Subscription Purse. His last season, at age 8, he did not win. He died relatively young, at Scarborough, in 1776.
(Old) Traveller
SIRE: (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Mare by Almanzor - dam of Spinner by Grey Hautboy - mare by Makeless - mare by Brimmer - mare by D'Arcy's Diamond - sister to Merlin by Bustler (Family 37).
Bay 1735. Bred by William Osbaldeston. Ran from 1739 through 1742, at distances of 3 and 4 miles, both in the north and south, beating some of the top horses of his day. Beat Fox and Young Brisk at Black Hambleton over 3 miles; beat Cripple at the important Kiplingcoates races; beat Childers at Lincoln and Windsor at age 6; at age 7 won won 2 of his 3 races, and was then retired. He stood at Yarm, Cleveland, covering grade mares; it wasn't until his sons Squirrel (a good racehorse and later a sire), and Dainty Davy, a small bay who won the first Gold Cup at Richmond in 1759, started running, that breeders realized he was, in fact, a sire of great quality--unforunately by then, he was too old to fulfill his potential. Still, he had an impact on the breed through those two sons, and through daughter (Old)Lass of the Mill (Family 2); a mare in Family 63; and a mare in Family 67 (bred in Cuthbert Routh's stud).
SIRE: Highflyer - Herod - Tartar - (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Sister to Prosperine by Henricus - mare by Cullen Arabian - mare by Hobgoblin - sister to Regulus by Godolphin Arabian - Grey Robinson by the Bald Galloway - mare by (Lister's) Snake - Old Wilkes by (Old) Hautboy - Miss D'Arcy's Pet Mare - Sedbury Royal Mare (Family 11).
Bay 1785. Bred by John Hutchison of Yorkshire. Sturdy winner of the late 1780s and early '90s, ran from 1788 through 1792 at distances of two to four miles, primarily in the north. His wins included, in 1789, the Stand Plate at York, where he beat Cavendish and the Great Subscription Purse at York, beating Gustavus. Sold to the Prince of Wales, he beat Grey Diomed that same year in a match of 500 guineas at Newmarket. In 1790 he won a 500 guineas match against Meteor (by Eclipse), but did not run in top form after that, although he was sent out for two more years.
SIRE: (Gower's) Sweepstakes - Gower Stallion - Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Miss South by South - mare by Young Cartouche - Ebony by Flying Childers - Old Ebony by Basto - Massey Mare (Family 5).
Bay 1766. Bred by Mr. Ogilvy, under whose colors he ran and won at Newmarket and elsewhere, between 1769 and 1771, when he was sold to a Mr. Blake. He ran through 1777 for several owners, winning the Jockey Club Plate in 1776 for Sir Charles Sedley. Known as "the terrible horse Trentham," he won 11 times in a row, beating Bellario, Metaphysian and Young Eclipse, among other top horses of his day. Stood at stud at Petworth, the seat of Lord Egremont. He sired the top racehorse, Grey Trentham (ran 1791-1794), Oaks winner Tag, the mare Camilla (grandam of the important producer, Mandane), Driver (sire of Derby winner Hannibal), and the grandam of the important American horse, Sir Archy, and numerous daughters that produced winners.
True Blue
DAM: Dam of the two True Blues by Byerley Turk (Family 3).
Grey 1710. Bred by Philip Honeywood (son of Cromwellian general Sir Thomas Honeywood) of Marks Hall, Essex, or Sir John Williams. Described as "the best plate horse in England for four or five years," if he had progeny listed in the GSB, they are not readily apparent. His brother, (Young) True Blue, was the more influential sire.
(Young) True Blue
DAM: Dam of the two True Blues by Byerley Turk (Family 3).
Grey 1718. Bred by Philip Honeywood (son of Cromwellian general Sir Thomas Honeywood) of Marks Hall, Essex, or Sir John Williams. Said to be "in a very high form." Significant for siring the Rumford Gelding, a top racehorse; Miss Slamerkin (dam of Othello, Bustard, Oroonoko, Duchess, seen in Family 7); the dam of Kiveton (dam of Amelia); and the dam, in line descent in Family 39, of Tom Jones, (Bright's) Partner and Badsworth.
SIRE: Conductor - Matchem - Cade - GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Brunette by Squirrel - Dove by Matchless - mare by the Ancaster Starling - Look-at-me-Lads by Grasshopper (Family 14).
Black 1782. Trumpator was bred by Lord Clermont out of his famous mare Brunette, who also produced Pipator (b.c. 1786 by Imperator). Trumpator stood 15.2 hands. He was a good runner, winning the Clermont Stakes in 1785, and the Claret Stakes in 1786. He was an outstanding sire of widespread influence. His son Sorcerer was also an influential stallion, getting Comus, Smolensko, and Bourbon. Trumpator's son Paynator sired Dr. Syntax and his sister. Trumpator's daughter Penelope (out of the great mare Prunella by Highflyer) was a great broodmare, dam of Whisker, Whalebone, Web, etc. Penelope's sister Pawn produced 1,000 Guineas winner Problem, and the mare Pawn Junior. Trumpator's other important offspring include Derby winner Didelot, Governor, Aimator, Paymaster, and Giles.
SIRE: Matchem - Cade - GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Mare by Ancaster Starling - Miss Romp by Walpole's Turk - mare by (Ancaster) Merlin - Young Lady Mare by Pert - Old Lady Mare by St. Martin - Oldfield Mare (Family 14).
Bay 1760. Turf was owned by Lord Bolingbroke. He ran primarily at Newmarket, and retired lame in 1767. He is best known through two daughters, both unnamed. The most important one, foaled in 1774 out of a "sister to Figurante" by Regulus produced Messenger (gr.c. 1780 by Mambrino) who was exported to America. Messenger sired both trotters and gallopers. Through his son, Mambrino, he became the foundation sire of the Standardbred breed and his line also continued to form the Tennessee Walking Horse. Messenger also sired the outstanding racemare Miller's Damsel, who produced the great racehorse and sire American Eclipse. Turf's other good unnamed daughter was foaled in 1783 out of a "sister to Petworth" by Herod, and is a link in Family 4.
SIRE: Pot-8-Os - Eclipse - Marske - Squirt - Bartlett's Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line: Pot-8-Os Branch
DAM: Sea Fowl by Woodpecker - Middlesex by Snap - Miss Cleveland by Regulus - Midge by son of Bay Bolton - mare by Bartlett's Childers - mare by Honywood's Arabian - dam of the Two True Blues (Family 3).
Bay 1799. Bred by the 3rd Duke of Grafton. Ran only four times, winning the Newmarket Craven stakes and the Epsom Derby (beating Orlando) in 1802; "one of the worst horses that ever won the Derby," according to turf writer Nimrod. Little effect as a sire.

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