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  Thoroughbred Sires of Horses that Jump

Le Sancy
Le Sancy (Byerley Turk), head of the famous sire line of "French Greys;" his sire-line grandsons included 3 Grand Steeplechase de Paris winners and an American Grand National winner; other sire-line descendants included the American chaser Bonne Nuit, founder of a line of Olympic show jumpers, and the Anglo-Arab Ramzes, extremely influential in the Holstein warmblood breed.

Marco (Godolphin Arabian), sire of Grand National winner Sprig, sire-line grandsire of top National Hunt sire My Prince (sire of 3 Grand National winners and Cheltenham specialist Easter Hero), and broodmare sire of leading National Hunt sire Cottage (sire of 3 Grand National winners), the latter also broodmare sire of Holstein founder Cottage Son. Also grandsire of Hurry On, and through him tail-male ancestor of 2 Grand National winners and of the extremely influential sire of jumpers, Furioso, all within 4 generations.

Prince Chevalier
Prince Chevalier (Darley Arabian), French Derby winner; sire descent line includes ten top chasers and hurdlers within 3 generations, including 2 Grand National winners; in pedigree of all-time American champion Lonesome Glory, English chaser Desert Orchid, and Olympic show jumpers Gem Twist, Starman and Ryan's Son.
These three charts trace the lineage of some thoroughbred jumping lines in tail-male descent. As in the study of flat running horse pedigrees, the sire top line is just part of the equation. In fact, in many instances, it is the combination with strong female families and/or mares that trace to sires of jumping horses that produced the winners listed in these charts. In the case of Grand National winners, it should be noted that 14 winners can be traced to half-bred mare families, in other words mares whose ancestors were not all registered thoroughbreds, and the dams of another 22 can not be traced beyond a couple of generations. Likewise, horses have won the Gran Premio Merano and the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris, who are classified as Autres de Que Pur Sang (AQPS), horses, where usually one parent is not listed in the thoroughbred stud book.

In the case of grand prix jumpers and combined training horses (three-day eventing), both Olympic disciplines, there are a number of registered thoroughbred horses who have won at the top levels of international competitions, but there are many, especially within the last 30 years in show jumping, who may only trace to thoroughbreds in the second or third generation. Still, thoroughbred stallions have had a major impact on international show jumping breeding when purchased and used by warmblood stud farms in various countries--Furioso (Precipitation-Maureen), and Orange Peel (Jus d'Orange - Rirette) both of whom stood in France, were the most influential through the spread of their warmblood sons and grandsons throughout Europe.

These sire line charts include winners of the Grand National at Aintree, the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris,the American Grand National, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Gran Premio Merano, the Irish Grand National, the Maryland Hunt Cup, and some thoroughbreds since 1950 that have won a significant number of international jumping cups and grand prix competitions, and combined training events. In the latter case, not all winners have been listed; the emphasis is on the most known individuals. Thoroughbred sires with major influences on warmblood breeding, now so prevalent in international jumping competitions, have also been included, along with some of their warmblood sons and some examples of the sons' progeny.

The charts are color-coded, with keys at the top of each page.

Byerley Turk Sire Line Chart: Jump Sires

Godolphin Arabian Sire Line Chart: Jump Sires
For important stallions in this sire line see My Prince and Battleship.

Darley Arabian Sire Sire Line Chart: Jump Sires
For important stallions in this sire line see Ascetic, Hackler, and Tourist.

Due to its size, the Darley Arabian chart has been broken into two sub-parts:

   (03)SQUIRT (1732)
    (04)MARSKE (1750)
      (05) ECLIPSE (1764)
       (06) POT-8-Os (1773)
       |(07)WAXY (1790) D
       | (08) WHALEBONE (1807) D
       | | (09)CAMEL (1822)
       | | | (10)TOUCHSTONE (1831) SL DC
       | | |  (11) NEWMINSTER
       | | (09)SIR HERCULES (1826)
       | |  (10) BIRDCATCHER
       | |   (11)THE BARON (1842) SL
       | |    (12) STOCKWELL (1849) 2G SL
       | |     (13) DONCASTER (1870) D
       | |      (14)BEND OR (1877) D
       | |       (15)BONA VISTA (1889) 2G
       | |        (16)CYLLENE (1895)
       | |         (17)POLYMELUS (1902)
       | |          (18) PHALARIS (1913)
       | |           (19)PHAROS (1920)
       | |            (20) NEARCO (1935) GPP DI
       | |             (21)NEARCTIC (1954)
       | |               (22) NORTHERN DANCER (1961) KD P
       | (08)WHISKER (1812) D
       (06) KING FERGUS (1775)
       |(07)BENINGBROUGH (1791) SL DC
       |(07)HAMBLETONIAN (1792) SL DC
       |  (08)WHITELOCK (1803)
       |   (09)BLACKLOCK (1814)
       |    (10)VOLTAIRE (1826) DC
       |     (11)VOLTIGEUR (1847) D SL DC
       |      (12)VEDETTE (1854) 2G DC
       |       (13)GALOPIN (1872) D
       |        (14) ST SIMON (1881)
       (06)JOE ANDREWS (1778)
         (07) DICK ANDREWS (1797)

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