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  Foundation Sires of the Thoroughbred: L

Alphabetized List of Important 17th and 18th Century Stallions

Leedes Arabian
Leedes Arabian
Lister Turk
Lister Turk
Lamprie(Lamprey, Lampere)
SIRE: Grey Hautboy - (Old) Hautboy - D'ARCY WHITE TURK.
DAM: Black mare by Makeless - Brimmer mare - mare by Diamond - mare (sister to Old Merlin) by Bustler (Family 37).
Grey 1715. Bred by Sir Matthew Pierson of Yorkshire, sold to Thomas Panton of Newmarket, ultimately ending up in the stables of Sir William Morgan in 1723, and most of his races were run under Morgan's colors. A full brother to Bay Bolton, he was a successful racehorse, running from 1722 to 1728, with two years off in 1726-27, as far as is known. He won several plates and matches, usually at 4 mile distances and usually at Newmarket, beating such horses as Hazard, Rake and the "famous mare" Sophonisba. His come-back year of 1728 was not successful, and he was retired to stud, but was "killed by accident, just as he was becoming a favourite stallion." Still, he sired Merry Cupid, a racehorse, and Young Lamprie, who was sent to Ireland and was a sire there.
SIRE: GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Roxana by Bald Galloway - sister to Chaunter by Acaster Turk - Cream Cheeks by Leedes Arabian - Family 6 or Wyvill Roan Mare.
Bay 1732. Bred by Francis (2nd) Earl of Godolphin. Lath ran in the late 1730s: in 1737 he won the Newmarket Great Stakes of 1,000 Guineas for 4 year olds, and beat Little Partner in a 4 mile match for 200 guineas. In 1738 he beat Squirt over four miles for 200 guineas, and also won 50 guineas at Marlborough. He was sold to John Turner in 1739 and later purchased by the Duke of Devonshire and sent to his stud in Derbyshire. He sired a racehorse, Hector (1745); sisters Crazy (1746, dam of Lady Betty, Matchless, Quill, and other racehorses, grandam, through Virago, of 1778 St. Leger winning filly Hollandaise), an unnamed filly (1747, grandam of Hammer and Anvil) and Gipsy (1745).
Le Sang
SIRE: Changeling - Cade - GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Duchess by (Portmore's) Whitenose - Miss Slamerkin by Young True Blue - mare by Oxford Dun Arabian - mare by Blacklegs (Family 7).
Bay 1759. Bred and raced by William Fenwick of Northumberland, the owner of his sire, Changeling and Changeling's brother, the important sire Matchem. Ran in the years where some top horses were on the turf, among them Antinous, Herod, Gimcrack, (Latham's) Snap, Bay Malton and Cardinal Puff. Barely won a Ladies' Plate at York in 1764, and at Richmond that year he won the Gold Cup, the favored Silvio having thrown his rider. He got some fair racehorses, including Orpheus (1774), Favourite (1776), Bourbon (1774, St. Leger winner), Miracle (1776) and the fillies Serpent (1776) and Ballad Singer (1774).
DAM: Mare by Spanker (Family 6) or Wyvill Roan mare of unknown parentage.
Bay c. 1700. Bred by Edward Leedes of Yorkshire, later sold to Mr. Holloway of Surrey. Purchased in 1705 by Queen Anne for 1,000 guineas from Mr. Holloway, and given to her consort, Prince George of Denmark. Stood at Hampton Court. He sired the Newmarket racehorse and later sire, Ashridge Ball; the racehorse Quiet and his sister, who was the dam of the racehorse Gander (1720) the outstanding racemare, Molly (1713), and (Thurland's) Creeping Molly (1722). Bred to Queen Anne's Moonah Barb Mare, he was the male founder of Family 21, getting from her the dam of the racehorse Tarquin (1720), Lady Cow (1725, dam of Marksman), both by the Hampton Court Chestnut Arabian, and Rosinante (1729, by Commodore Matthews' Persian) and a filly by the (Godolphin) Whitefoot (1731), who carried the line forward through five daughters, one of whom produced the American matron, Selima (1745). He also sired the racehorse and sire Hazard (1726)
Leedes' Arabian
This horse was also referred to as a barb, and was given to Edward Leedes' father by King William III. He stood at the Leedes North Milford stud in Yorkshire. This horse is prominent in Family 6, having sired Charming Jenny (dam of Bay Pigot, sire, Fox Cub, a racehorse and sire, and Griselda, a racemare), the colt Leedes (racehorse and sire, see above), Highland Laddie (c.1714, racehorse and sire), and Betty Percival (1715, ancestress of Diomed, Plenipotentiary, Young Eclipse and many more). He also sired the mare Cream Cheeks, the second dam of Flying Childers and his brother, Bartlett's Childers, and ancestress of many other important horses, such as Marske,Cade (1734, sire of Matchem), Muley (1810), Phantom (1808), Priam (1827). He also sired Young Bald Peg of Family 6, second dam of Basto (c. 1702) and Fox (c.1714). He also got the good racehorse and sire, Dyer's Dimple (1708), and Bright's Roan, the foundation mare of Family 61.
Leedes' (Brown) Arabian
Brown 1755; imported c. 1760. See Northumberland (Brown) Arabian.
(Hampton Court) Litton Arabian
This horse, whose early history is at present not traced, seems to have been used exclusively by second Earl of Halifax, who died in 1739. The Litton Arabian sired the racehorse Justice (1725), and a series of racehorses from a Farmer mare -- Red Robin (1720), Miss Halifax (1724), Bumper (1718) and Bushy Molly (1717), the latter a key mare in Family 27.
Lister Turk
Grey; Imported c. 1687
Little Driver
SIRE: (Beaver's) Driver - LISTER TURK.
DAM: Mare by Flying Childers - mare by Walpole Barb - Miss Belvoir by Grey Grantham - mare by Pagett Turk - Betty Perceival by Leedes Arabian - Family 6 or Wyvill Roan mare.
Chestnut 1743.
(Bolton's) Little John
SIRE: (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Mare by Bay Bolton - mare by Basto - mare by (Old) Spot - mare by Young Spanker - mare by (Old) Hautboy - mare by Bustler (Family 44).
c. 1731. Bred and raced by the Duke of Bolton. He ran in the mid and late 1730s; placed second to Jigg in the Newmarket October Stakes of 1736. Sired a filly from Grey Favourite (1728, Family 20), grandam of racehorse and sire Mambrino (1768) and 3rd dam of the racehorse Nabob, and a chestnut filly (1747) from Hartley's Countess, and apparently not much else entered in the GSB.
SIRE: Blank - GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. Godolphin Arabian Sire Line
DAM: Spinster (Widdrington Mare) by Partner - Bay Bloody Buttocks by Bloody Buttocks - mare by Greyhound - Brown Farewell by Makeless - mare by Brimmer - mare by Place's White Turk - mare by Dodsworth - Layton Violet Barb mare (Family 4).
Bay 1753. Probably bred by Thomas Panton of Newmarket, he possibly ran under his original name, Deputy. Later sold to one of the non-noble Vanes, who changed his name to Lofty. May have stood at the Leedes stud in Yorkshire, since he was largely utilized by Leedes, who may have been attracted by his excellent pedigree, despite any failings he may have had as a racehorse. He got Honest Harry (1772), Chance (1763), Slim (later Wafer, 1762), and sisters Flora (1765, dam of St. Leger winner Ruler) and Laura (1763).
Lonsdale Arabians
There were two or more Londsdale Arabians, covering mares between around 1727 and around 1740. They were owned by Henry Lowther, (3rd) Viscount Lonsdale of Westmoreland, second son of John Lowther, (1st) Viscount Lonsdale (died 1700), owner of the White-Legged Lowther Barb of the previous century. Most of the foals listed in the GSB by these horses were bred by Lord Lonsdale. There is no information regarding the arabians' pedigrees or date of importation, if imported, in the GSB. They (or he) produced some very good racehorses who ran both at Newmarket and in the north in the 1730s and '40s, including Spider, Monkey, Kouli Khan, Chance, and some good broodmares, including the dam of Chedworth's Foxhunter (1750) and the Warder Mare (Switch), who is seen in Family 9. The Lonsdale Arabian, as listed in the GSB, and undifferentiated by any color in his name, covered mare between around 1728 and 1740. His produce included Spider (1729, a racehorse at Newmarket in the 1730s); Sultan (grey, 1732) and brown and bay colts (1733, 1738) and a bay filly (173-) from a sister to Bonny Lass; Sparkler (1740, later Maidenhead, a race filly); Jackanapes (1740, a racehorse); Veteran (1742, racehorse at Newmarket); Phoenix (1741); the grandam (173--) of Julius Ceasar (1757). He, or one of the other Lonsdale Arabians, also probably got the bay gelding, Chance (1740, not in GSB), owned by the Duke of Perth, one of the top racehorses in the north in the 1730s and early '40s (by "Lowther Arabian"). The Lonsdale Bay Arabian was covering horses during the same period, and may have been the same horse, in most cases. He got the racehorse and sire Kouli Khan (1730); Brown Russet/Merry Andrew (1738); the racehorse Monkey (1725), whose dam also got a filly (17--, dam of Miss Tippet and grandam of Greybeard) by The Lonsdale Arabian ; Juba (1731) and two other fillies from the same mare, Miss Jigg (1717), one of whom was dam of Lisette (1752); Fair Star (173-) from the same dam of Sultan (above); the Warder Mare (1739, also called Switch, Family 9), dam of a series of good racehorses; the grandam (1736, Family 1) of Zingara, Zanga, Mount Airy and several other winners of the 1750s and '60s from a Bajazet mare and 3rd dam of Goldfinder (1764, racehorse and sire) and Marquis (racehorse); the dam of Chedworth's Foxhunter (1750, a racehorse). The Lonsdale Grey Arabian also got a mare listed in the GSB, who was the dam of a Cade filly (1754, dam of King Milesus), and also may have sired some of the horses attributed to The Lonsdale Arabian. There was also a Lonsdale Black Arabian.
(Bolton or Old) Looby
SIRE: Bay Bolton - Grey Hautboy - (Old) Hautboy - WHITE D'ARCY TURK.
DAM: Golden Locks by (Bristol) Grasshopper - mare by (Bristol) Hog - mare by (Duc de Chartres'/King Charles') Hawker (Family 30).
Brown 1728. Bred by the Duke of Bolton. Ran for six years, 1733-1739 (1737 excepted), always in four mile matches, sweeps and stakes. At age 5, his first season, beat Halifax's colt Bumper in a 300 guineas match at Newmarket and ran third in a sweep there. In 1734, won all three of his races, a King's Purse at Salisbury, a King's Plate at Winchester, and a match against Odsey at Newmarket. Won his only race in 1736, at Guildford, beating Sly and Mad Tom. Sold to a Mr. Bee in 1738, he ran once at Hereford, beating Cato, Grisewood's Partner, and others. In his final season, he won at Oswesty, Chester, Manchester, and Leicester, and was beaten once, his last race, at Oxford by the younger Sedbury. Sired Spot (1740), Hydon (1742, died 1745), Routh's Looby (1744, won several King's Plates in the north for his breeder, Cuthbert Routh, died enroute to Ireland), and a mare (1744) seen in Family 2. There was another Looby running around the same period, not nearly as successfully, the (Derby) Looby by the Pigot Turk, who got the fillies Slut (1739) and Romp (1739). The Duke of Devonshire's Looby was an earlier horse, running in 1698.
DAM: A Neopolitan Mare.
Bred by James D'Arcy (the younger) at Sedbury, Yorkshire. Probably covering mares around the turn of the century. This horse is only seen in the tail-female pedigree of horses in Family 19, as follows: Mare by Davill's Old Woodcock - mare by Luggs - mare by (Lister) Snake - mare by (Wood's) Counsellor, after which it branches. Therefore, he is an ancestor to Thunderbolt (1723); Coughing Polly (1736); Miss Mayes (1737), Primrose (1777), Atalanta (by Snip, 1756), Farmer (1746), and further distant in descent, Cambuscan, Isonomy, Monarque and so forth.
SIRE: Dugannon - Eclipse - Marske - Squirt - Bartlett's Childers - DARLEY ARABIAN. Darley Arabian Sire Line: Eclipse Branch
DAM: Mare by Vertumnus or Eclipse - mare by Compton Barb (Sedley Arabian) - mare by Careless - mare by Cullen Arabian - (Grisewood's) Lady Thigh by (Old) Partner - mare by Greyhound - mare by Curwen Bay Barb - mare by D'Arcy Chestnut Arabian - mare by Whiteshirt - mare by (Old) Montagu - mare by Hautboy - mare by Brimmer - Royal Mare (Family 12).
Bay 1789. Bred by a Mr. Rutter and sold to Thomas Rider. Ran for three years, 1792-1794 against decent company, usually at Newmarket. In 1792, he won four of his five races, at Ascot, Stockbridge, Winchester and Lewes. At age 4, sold to turfite Chrisotopher Wilson he won three of his four races, all at Newmarket, the wins including a two mile sweep for 500 guineas, a sweep for 200 guineas (beating Pipator), and a match against Speculator; his loss was in a sweep which Cinnabar won. In 1794 he won the Oatlands Handicap at Newmarket Craven and the Main of the Oatlands at Newmarket First Spring. He was not well-patronized as a sire: he got Chance (1797, sent to U.S.) and Marchioness (1797, dam of Miss Craigie).

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