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  Family 2: The Burton Barb Mare

The founder of Family #2, Burton's Barb Mare, is listed in the General Stud Book, with the subtitle "Mr Burton's Natural Barb Mare." In old pedigrees she is referred to as "a Burton Barb Mare," which, after the style of the day, probably indicates she was a daughter of Mr. Burton's Barb stallion. All we know of Mr. Burton, at present, is that his first name may have been Dick or Richard, and he may have been connected with the Royal Stud at Hampton Court.

The Burton Barb Mare was supposedly alive during the reign of Charles II (1660-1685), although her covering sires place her at the end of that era. Dodsworth stood at Hampton Court, and was born c.1672. Dicky Pierson was a son of Dodsdworth and since his only foal of record is his daughter out of this mare, he also probably stood at Hampton Court. Mr. Pelham's Spanker was at stud in the 1680s and 1690s.

The Burton Barb Mare is listed as the dam of three foals, all bred at Hampton Court: an unnamed filly by Dodsworth, an unnamed filly by Dicky Pierson, and a colt, St. Martin (c.1695), sired by Spanker. Her daughter by Dodsworth produced Morgan's Dun (by a son of Helmsley Turk) and his full sister. This branch of the family eventually petered out. The other daughter, by Dicky Pierson (son of Dodsworth), was the dam of Crofts's Old Thornton and her sister, both by Brimmer. The bulk of Family 2 descends through Croft's Old Thornton and her daughters, bred and developed in the famous stud of John Croft, located first at Croft, and then at Barforth, on the Durham-Yorkshire border.

The third foal was St Martin, a colt by Spanker. Prior notes that " This horse was foaled about 1695, and belonged to Lord Wharton. In April, 1701, he won 'an extraordinary fine match and for a good deal of money" against the Duke of Devonshire's Dimple, who is the earliest recorded winner of The Whip." St Martin stood at the Duke of Ancaster's famous Grimsthorpe Stud, and there sired the dam of the famous Old Lady Mare (by Pert), who continued the family (#14) of her dam, the Oldfield mare, in that stud.

There is some fairly reliable evidence to support that at least part of Family 8 is linked maternally with Family 2. The key is a grey horse known as Hutton's Surley, born around 1708. In the GSB his pedigree, and that of his sister, Bowes, through whom a branch of Family 2 descends, is given as follows: Surley by Hutton's Grey Barb, out of a mare by the Byerley Turk, out of a mare by the Selaby Turk, out of Mr. Place's mare by Hautboy, out of Sister to Morgan's Dun by son of the Helmsley Turk, out of a mare by Dodsworth, out of the Burton Barb Mare (Family 2). However, in the 18th century stud book maintained by the influential breeder Cuthbert Routh, and published by C.M. Prior, in 1924, Early Records of the Thoroughbred Horse, a different pedigree for Hutton's Surley is given. This pedigree states: Surley was "gott by his [Mr. Hutton's] Grey Barb, his dam by ye Royall Colt, her dam by Byerely Turk, her dam by Bustler, her dam by a Barb, and her dam by Bay Dodsworth." This agrees with a pedigree in the GSB for the Coneyskins Mare, whose dam is shown as having the exact same pedigree line as Hutton's Surley, indicating they were brother and sister, although in the GSB the pedigree does not extend back beyond the mare by Bustler. This line has been considered part of the Family of the Bustler Mare, Family 8. Since Hutton's Surley was the sire of Routh's own horse, subsequently known as Routh's Surley, one can assume he was interested in correctly recording the pedigree of his Surley's sire, and further it was recorded around 1723, much earlier than the 1791 compilation of GSB. It appears the GSB pedigree linking Surley and his sister Bowes -- if she was his sister, and not just by the same sire -- to Family 2 is incorrect, and that they properly belong under in Family 8, along with all of Bowes' progeny, but if the Bay Dodsworth mare in Family 8 is the same as the mare by Dosworth out of the Burton Barb Mare, then all of Family 8 should be subsumed under Family 2. Another item of note is that Morgan's Dun, and his sister, in Family 2, were both recorded in the GSB as by a son of the Helmsley Turk. Bustler, sire of the Bustler mare of Family 8, was by the Helmsley Turk.

There may be some connection with this mare and the #31 family. The first reference to Family 31 is in an entry for a "Son of Brimmer Mare (sister to Ruffler), Bred by Mr. Bethell, got by a son of Brimmer and the Chesterfield Arabian, out of Dick Burton's mare. (Dick Burton's mare is sometimes described as a Barb.)" although the GSB does not hint at a link between the two "Burton" mares.

Burton Barb Mare's Known Produce
f. by Dodsworth. Dam of
  -Morgan's Dun (c.) by son of the Helmsley Turk
  -Sister to Morgan's Dun (f) by son of the Helmsley Turk. Dam of
      Hautboy mare (f) by Hautboy
f. by Dicky Pierson (son of Dodsworth). Dam of
   -(Croft's) Old Thornton (f) by Brimmer. Dam of
      Chesnut Thornton (f) by Makeless
   -Sister to (Croft's) Old Thornton (f) by Brimmer.
St. Martin, c. by Spanker. Sire at Grimsthorpe


Family #2 Oaks Winners

Queen of Trumps Industry
Queen of Trumps Industry
Crucifix Cymba
Crucifix Cymba
Lady  Evelyn Marchioness
Lady Evelyn Marchioness
Butterfly KeystoneII
Butterfly Keystone II
Rosedrop Meld
Rosedrop Meld

1786 YELLOW FILLY ch.f. 1783
(Tandem - Perdita)

1790 HIPPOLYTA ch.f. 1787
(Mercury - Hip)

1794 HERMOINE br.f. 1791
(Sir Peter Teazle - Paulina)

1897 NIKE b.f. 1794
(Alexander - Nimble)

1806 BRONZE br.f. 1803
(Buzzard - Daughter of Alexander)

1807 BRISEIS b.f. 1804
(Beningbrough - Lady Jane)

1818 CORINNE br.f. 1815
(Waxy - Briseis)

1826 LILIAS b.f. 1823
(Interpreter - Fair Ellen)

1835 QUEEN OF TRUMPS br.f. 1832
(Velocipede - Princess Royal)

1838 INDUSTRY br.f. 1835
(Priam - Arachne)

1840 CRUCIFIX b.f. 1837
(Priam - Octaviana)

1848 CYMBA br.f. 1845
(Melbourne - Skiff)

1849 LADY EVELYN b.f. 1846
(Don John - Industry)

1855 MARCHIONESS b.f. 1852
(Melbourne - Cinizelli)

1860 BUTTERFLY ch.f. 1857
(Turnus - Catherine)

1876 ENGUERRANDE b.f. 1873
(Vermouth - Deliane)

1877 PLACIDA br.f. 1874
(Lord Lyon - Pietas)

1894 AMIABLE b.f. 1891
(St. Simon - Tact)

1906 KEYSTONE b.f. 1903
(Persimmon - Lock and Key)

1910 ROSEDROP ch.f. 1907
(St. Frusquin - Rosaline)

1944 HYCILLA ch.f. 1941
(Hyperion - Priscilla Carter)

1955 MELD b.f. 1952
(Alycidon - Daily Double)

1990 SALSABIL b.f. 1987
(Sadler's Wells - Flame of Tara)

1991 JET SKI LADY ch.f. 1988
(Vaguely Noble - Bemissed)

1998 SHAHTOUSH b.f. 1995
(Alzao - Formulate)

1999 RAMRUMA ch.f. 1996
(Diesis - Princess of Man)

Family #2 Derby Winners

Amato Surplice
Amato Surplice
Voltigeur Teddington
Voltigeur Teddington
Cremorne Sainfoin
Cremorne Sainfoin
Call Boy Sea Bird
Call Boy Sea-Bird II

1795 SPREAD EAGLE b.c. 1792
(Volunteer - Daughter of Highflyer)

1796 DIDELOT b.c. 1793
(Trumpator - Daughter of Highflyer)

1816 PRINCE LEOPOLD b.c. 1813
(Hedley - Gramarie)

1838 AMATO br.c. 1835
(Velocipede - Jane Shore)

1848 SURPLICE b.c. 1845
(Touchstone - Crucifix)

1850 VOLTIGEUR br.c. 1847
(Voltaire - Martha Lynn)

1851 TEDDINGTON ch.c. 1848
(Orlando - Miss Twickenham)

1872 CREMORNE b.c. 1869
(Parmesan - Rigolboche)

1890 SAINFOIN ch.c. 1887
(Springfield - Sanda)

1918 GAINSBOROUGH b.c. 1915
(Bayardo - Rosedrop)

1927 CALL BOY ch.c. 1924
(Hurry On - Comedienne)

1959 PARTHIA br.c. 1956
(Persian Gulf - Lightning)

1965 SEA-BIRD ch.c. 1962
(Dan Cupid - Sicalade)

1966 CHARLOTTOWN b.c. 1963
(Charlottesville - Meld)

1976 EMPERY b.c. 1973
(Vaguely Noble - Pamplona)

1989 NASHWAN ch.c. 1986
(Blushing Groom - Height of Fashion)

Family #2 St. Leger Winners

Cockfighter Theodore
Cockfighter Theodore
Margrave Don John
Margrave Don John
Imperieuse Lord Clifden
Imperieuse Lord Clifden
The Marquis Hurry On
The Marquis Hurry On
Gainsborough Keysoe
Gainsborough Keysoe
Ballymoss Alcide
Ballymoss Alcide

1782 IMPERATRIX ch.f. 1779
(Alfred - Mare by Old England)

1783 PHOENOMENON ch.c. 1780
(Herod - Frenzy)

1784 OMPHALE b.f. 1781
(Highflyer - Calliope)

1786 PARAGON b.c. 1783
(Paymaster - Calash)

1790 AMBIDEXTER b.c. 1787
(Phoenomenon - Manilla)

1792 TARTAR ch.c. 1789
(Florizel - Ruth)

1797 LOUNGER b.c. 1794
(Drone - Miss Judy)

1799 COCKFIGHTER br.c. 1796
(Overton - Palmflower)

1822 THEODORE b.c. 1819
(Woful - mare by Coriander)

1832 MARGRAVE ch.c. 1829
(Muley - mare by Election)

1835 QUEEN OF TRUMPS br.f. 1832
(Velocipede - Princess Royal)

1838 DON JOHN b.c. 1835
(Waverley - Mare by Comus)

1848 SURPLICE b.c. 1848
(Touchstone - Crucifix)

1850 VOLTIGEUR br.c. 1847
(Voltaire - Martha Lynn)

1857 IMPERIEUSE b.f. 1854
(Orlando - Eulogy)

1860 ST. ALBANS ch.c. 1857
(Stockwell - Bribery)

1862 THE MARQUIS b.c. 1859
(Stockwell - Cinizelli)

1863 LORD CLIFDEN b.c. 1860
(Newminster - The Slave)

1882 DUTCH OVEN br.f. 1879
(Dutch Skater - Cantiniere)

1916 HURRY ON ch.c. 1913
(Marcovil - Toute Suite)

1918 GAINSBOROUGH b.c. 1915
(Bayardo - Rosedrop)

1919 KEYSOE br.f. 1916
(Swynford - Keystone)

1955 MELD b.f. 1952
(Alycidon - Daily Double)

1957 BALLYMOSS ch.c. 1954
(Mossborough - Indian Call)

1958 ALCIDE b.c. 1955
(Alycidon - Chenille)

1961 AURELIUS b.c. 1958
(Aureole - Niobe)

1964 INDIANA b.c. 1961
(Sayajirao - Willow Ann)

1997 SILVER PATRIARCH gr.c. 1994
(Saddler's Hall - Early Rising)

1999 MUTAFAWEQ b.c. 1996
(Silver Hawk - The Caretaker)

Family #2 Other Family Members

Image Courtesy Victoria Duggan

Courtesy Tony Leonard
Courtesy Coolmore
Double Life
Double Life
Mistress Ford
Mistress Ford
Northern Dancer
Northern Dancer
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Phar Lap
Phar Lap
Reigh Count
Reigh Count
Courtesy Dell Hancock
Claiborne Farm
Spy Song
Spy Song
Stefan the Great
Stefan the Great
The Tetrarch
The Tetrarch
William The Third
William The Third

Ajax b.c. 1901
(Flying Fox - Amie)
Unbeaten at 2 and 3, his 5 wins included the Grand Prix de Paris and the Prix du Jockey Club. Sire of Hors Concours, Mauri, La Flambee and Teddy, among others.

Alexander mare b.f. 1790
(Alexander - mare by Highflyer)
Extremely significant broodmare, dam of Oaks winner Bronze, tail-female ancestress of many stakes winners; of influential sires Rubens, Castrel and Selim. The great Phar Lap descends in tail-female from her daughter by Election.

Alleged b.c. 1974
(Hoist the Flag - Princess Pout)
Winner of The Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe and unbeaten at 4, including a second win of the Arc, his offspring include Law Society, Miss Alleged, Midway Lady, Shantou, Sir Harry Lewis, Legal Case, Strategic Choice, Muhtarram, Hours After.

Almahoud ch.f. 1947
(Mahmoud - Arbitrator)
Bred by C.V. Whitney, and sold four times in her life, she won 4 of 11 starts, including the Vineland Handicap. Dam of Astarita Stakes winner Cosmah, from whom descend champion 3 year old filly Tosmah, French crack L'Emigrant, Kentucky Derby winner Cannonade, and the top sire Halo, among others. Also dam of Bubbling Beauty, dam of French runner Arctic Tern. Her third good daughter was Natalma, dam of Northern Dancer (see below).

Arctic Star b.f. 1959
(Arctic Explorer - Sadiya)
Top Australian race filly won the Criterion Stakes, the VRC Oaks Stakes and the AJC Oaks Stakes.

Aureole ch.c. 1950
(Hyperion - Angelola)
Won 7 of his 14 races between 2 and 4, including the Coronation Cup, the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes. Leading sire in England in 1960-61. Sire of St. Paddy, Saint Crespin, Provoke, Aurelius, Vienna, Authi, Hermes, and others.

Bellini b.c. 1937
(Cavaliere D'Arpino - Bella Minna)
Unbeaten winner at 3, his victories included the Gran Premio del Jockey Club and the Derby Italiano. Sire of Duccio, Jacopa Bellini and Tenerani, the sire of Ribot.

Blacklock b.c. 1814
(Whitelock - mare by Coriander)
Unbeaten at 2, between 3 and 5 won the Great Subscription Purse (twice), the Doncaster Stakes, the Club Stakes and other races. He got 106 winners and sons and daughters who bred on, including Energy, Moss Rose, Brutandorf, Velocipede, Voltaire.

Botafogo ch.c. 1914
(Old Man - Korea)
Top of his generation in Argentina, his wins included the Gran Premio Nacional, the Polla de Potrillos, the Gran Premio Jockey Club. Offspring included Auristella and Sharp Eyes.

Busted b.c. 1963
(Crepello - Sans le Sou)
His career flowered at age 4, when he won the Coronation Stakes, the Eclipse Stakes, the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes and the Prix Henry Foy, earning him Horse of the Year title in England in 1967. A source of stamina, his 40 stakes-winning offspring included Busaca, Bustino, Erins Isle, Sadjiyd, Tromos, Mtoto, Weaver's Hall, Opale, Romildo, Labus.

Candy Spots ch.c. 1960
(Nigromante - Candy Dish)
A crowd-stopper with his white-splashed quarters, he won 12 of 22 starts. Unbeaten at 2, at 3 his wins included the Preakness Stakes and the American Derby. At 5 he won the Santa Anita Handicap among other races. Unsuccessful as a sire, but dam's sire of champions Candy Eclair and Lemhi Gold.

Carbine b.c. 1885
(Musket - The Mersey)
Won 33 of his 43 starts in Australia, including the two-mile Melbourne Cup under record weight. Stood in New Zealand prior to export to England in 1895. In the stud got Spearmint, sire of Spion Kop, in turn sire of Felstead, all Derby winners. Also got champion Australian sire Wallace, Greatorex, who was ten times leading sire in South Africa, Martial Note, Miss Gunning II, Cassinia and Carbide.

Catton b.c. 1809
(Golumpus - Lucy Gray)
Ran from ages 3-7 in stakes and plates from two to four miles, among his wins the Gold Cup at York (twice), the Great Subscription Purse, the Doncaster Stakes . At stud he sired the stakes winners Galopade, Mundig and Royal Oak.

Chop Chop c. 1940
(Flares - Sceptical)
A handicap racer of some class, he is best known as the sire of the long-running race filly Canadiana, the Canadian Horse of the Year 1952; of another good race filly Ciboulette (dam of Fanfreluche); of Queen's Plate winners Lyford Cay and Blue Light, and of the good sire Victoria Park.

Cigar b.c. 1990
(Palace Music - Solar Slew)
Winner of sixteen consecutive stakes, including the Breeders' Cup Classic and the Dubai World Cup, and world record-holder for most money won in one season (4.9 million and change in 1996). Horse of the Year and Champion Older Horse in the U.S. in both 1995 and 1996. Has thus far proved infertile at stud.

Clarissimus ch.c. 1913
(Radium - Quintessence)
Won 3 races in England, the Clearwell Stakes, the 2,000 Guineas and the Champion Stakes and was sent to stud in France, where he sired Formose, Kampala, Periwinkle II, Vitamine, Bayuk and others.

Cos br. f. 1920
(Flying Orb - Renaissance)
A top juvenile with brilliant speed, winner of 6 of her 7 races, including Ascot's Queen Mary Stakes and Imperial Produce Stakes. At age 3, won the Fern Hil Stakes and was second in the One Thousand Guineas. Dam of Middle Park Stakes winner Costaki Pasha; Champion and Eclipse Stakes winner Rustom Pasha (see below); and Gimcrack Stakes winner Mrs. Rustom, later a producer.

Danehill b.c. 1986
(Danzig - Razyana)
Handsome winner at 2 and 3, including the Ladbroke Spring cup and the Cork and Orrery Stakes (6f), placed third in the 2,000 Guineas. Sire of countless graded stakes winners in both the northern and southern hemispheres, and a sire of sires, his offspring include: Blackfriars, Catbird, Danelagh, Miss Danehill, Flying Spur, Desert King, Danehill Dancer, Fairy King Prawn, and too many more to list.

Display b.c. 1923
(Fair Play - Cicuta)
The Iron Horse ran from 2 to 5, winning 23 of 103 races, including the Preakness Stakes, the Latonia Championship, Toronto Cup Handicap (twice), Hawthorne Gold Cup, and other major stakes races. Offspring included the sturdy winner Discovery, an important broodmare sire.

Donnetta b.f. 1900
(Donovan- Rinovata)
"Kindest and sweetest-natured mare" raced 47 times, winning 13, including the Duke of York Stakes, and placing 11 times. In the stud, produced six winners, including Diadem, winner of the One Thousand Guineas, and the July Cup and Rous Memorial Stakes twice each; Irish St. Leger winner Dionysos; and Diophon, winner of the Two Thousand Guineas and July Stakes, among other races. The tough Irish One Thousand Guineas winner Forest Flower (1984), Italian Oaks winner Maria Waleska, German Derby winner Alpenkonig, and other good runners descend from her daughter Tiara (1920); Sea Bird (see), One Thousand Guineas winner Camaree and other good ones descend from her daughter Dona Sol (1908); Two Thousand Guineas winner Rockavon and Cos (see above) descend from her daughter Renaissance.

Double Life ch.f. 1926
(Bachelor's Double - St. Joan)
Good race filly, winner of £5,647, including the Cambridgeshire, Chesterfield Cup, Goodwood and Duke of York Handicap. In the Wernher Someries Stud she produced Precipitation (see below); Persian Gulf, winner of the Coronation Cup and Linton Stakes and influential sire; Casanova, winner of 3 races, including the Dewhurst Stakes and sire of Cassock (Irish St. Leger), Wild Child (Nassau Stakes, Goodwood), Amigo (Swedish St. Leger and Derby) and other good winners; Holywell and Long Walk, both stallions. Her daughter Doubleton was tail-female ancestress of Oaks and One Thousand Guineas winner Meld, Derby winner Charlottown, Goodwood Cup winner Sagacity, Eclipse Stakes winner Kalaglow, and other good runners, and her other daughters also bred on, including Fairly, dam of Irish St. Leger winner Judicate.

Foxlaw br.c. 1922
(Son-in-Law - Alope)
Staying winner of 5 of 20 starts, including the Ascot Gold Cup and Newmarket's Jockey Club Stakes; he sired Foxbridge, Foxhunter, Tiberius and other good distance runners.

Friar's Balsam ch.c. 1885
(Hermit - Flower of Dorset)
Top of his generation during his unbeaten two year old year. Sired Voter, Mother Seigel, Sweet Balsam, Bayolia.

Halo dkb/br.c. 1969
(Hail to Reason - Cosmah)
Ran from 2 to 5, winning 9 of 34 races, including the Lawrence Realization Stakes and the United Nations Handicap. Leading sire in the U.S. in 1983 and 1989, his offspring included Devil's Bag, Sunday Silence, Glorious Song, Rainbow Connection and Sunny's Halo.

Harkaway ch.c. 1834
(Economist - daughter of Nabocklish)
A good weight-carrier with exceptional speed, he ran from ages 3 to 7, winning a number of stakes and cups. In all, he won 25 of his 38 races. Sire of King Tom, The Deformed.

High Hat ch.c. 1957
(Hyperion - Madonna)
A horse of stamina and courage, his wins included the Aly Khan International Memorial Gold Cup. Leading broodmare sire in England in 1980, he sired 20 stakes winners, including High Line and Glad Rags.

Go For Wand b.f. 1987
(Deputy Minister - Obeah)
Champion Two Year Old Filly in the U.S., she won the juvenile fillies Breeders Cup among other 10 other races; fatally broke down in the Breeders Cup Distaff at 3.

Kris ch.c. 1976
(Sharpen Up - Doubly Sure)
Unbeaten at 2, at 3 he won 8 of his 9 races including Ascot's St. James's Palace Stakes and Newmarket's Challenge Stakes. At 4, he won 3 of his 4 races. Joint European Champion Miler in 1979. Leading Sire in England in 1985. Offspring include Oh So Sharp, Unite, Common Grounds, Flash of Steel, Ristna, Rafha. His brother, Diesis, was champion at 2 and also a leading sire.

Lucetta br.f. 1826
(Reveller - Luss)
Outstanding racemare, always ridden in a snaffle, one of the best stayers of her era. Some of her wins during her five years on the turf included the Newmarket's Garden Stakes, Ascot Gold Cup, Newmarket Cup, Audley End Stakes, Jockey Club Plate, a number of King's Purses and Plates, and many matches against the best of her time. Bred a good sire son in Phlegon, and daughter Jet's descendants bred on through the 1920s.

Le Samaritain gr.c. 1895
(Le Sancy - Clementina)
Won the Grand St. Leger de France and the Grand Prix de Deauville and four other stakes in his 18 race career. Sire of Isard II and Roi Herode, the latter taking the Herod line back to England.

Mistress Ford b.f. 1923
(Blandford - Polly Flinders)
Outstanding, fast, and beautiful race filly, unbeaten as a juvenile, and winner of the Prix de Diane, Grand Criterium, and many other important French races. Dam of Eclipse Stakes winner Mystery, and of daughters that were tail-female ancestresses of many good French runners.

Northern Dancer b.c. 1961
(Nearctic - Natalma)
The most influential sire world-wide today, he won 14 of 18 races at 2 and 3, setting a track record in the Kentucky Derby. Leading Sire in England in 1970, 1977, 1983, 1984 and in the U.S. in 1971, he had 143 stakes winners from 635 foals. A great sire of sires, his offspring included Nijinsky II, The Minstrel, Secreto, Shareef Dancer, Lomond, Viceregal, Nureyev, Sadler's Wells, Danzig, Northern Taste, Vice Regent.

Peter Pan b.c. 1904
(Commando - Cinderella)
Running at 2 and 3, he won 10 of 17 races, including the Belmont Stakes. Sired 48 stakes winners, his offspring included Black Toney, Cherokee Rose II, Fly by Night, Panasine, Pennant, Peter Hastings, Prudery, Tryster.

Phar Lap ch.g. 1926
(Night Raid - Entreaty)
Beloved Australian racing hero won 37 of 51 races, including the major ones in Australian; shipped to California to run, his unexpected death under mysterious circumstances sent shock waves throughout the racing world.

Precipitation ch.c. 1933
(Hurry On - Double Life)
A big, gentle horse, he won 7 of his 10 races in England, including the Jockey Club Stakes and the Ascot Gold Cup. Three of his sons reached Leading Sire status, Chamoissaire in England, and Count Rendered and Summertime in New Zealand. He is seen in many warmblood pedigrees through his son, Furioso. Other offspring included Airborne, Sheshoon, Supreme Court, Premonition, Preciptic, and Why Hurry.

Reigh Count ch.c. 1925
(Sunreigh - Contessina)
Leggy winner of the Kentucky Derby, Lawrence Realization and Jockey Club Gold Cup, he was sent to England, there to win the Coronation Cup. His most influential foal was Count Fleet; other offspring included Lady Reigh, Triplicate, and Count Speed.

Rustom Pasha b.c. 1927
(Son-in-Law - Cos)
Wins included the Eclipse Stakes and the Champion Stakes in England; exported to Argentina he was among the top leading sires there, offspring included Snob, Black Out, Moslem, and Rustom Mahal, (dam of the speedster Abernant).

Salsabil b.f. 1987
(Sadler's Wells - Flame of Tara)
Spectacular race filly, won the 1,000 Guineas, the Oaks, the Irish Derby Stakes, Prix Vermeille. Dam of Sahm and Bint Salsabil.

Sea Bird II ch.c. 1962
(Dan Cupid - Sicalade)
One of the top horses of the century, he was the unbeaten winner at 3 of such races as the Epsom Derby and the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. Sired 32 stakes winners from 169 foals, including Little Current, Arctic Tern and Allez France.

Secretariat ch.c. 1970
(Bold Ruler - Somethingroyal)
American Triple Crown winner and Horse of the Year in 1972 and 1973, his spectacular wins and handsome demeanor revitalized interest in American racing in the 1970s. Leading sire of 2 year olds in 1978, among his noted offspring were General Assembly, Terlingua, Risen Star and Lady's Secret. Noted broodmare sire.

Sir Gaylord dkb.c. 1959
(Turn-To - Somethingroyal)
Powerful winner of 10 races at 2 and 3, including the Great American Stakes and Everglades Stakes, sired 59 stakes winners, including Apachee, Habitat, Sir Ivor, Gaily, Lord Gayle, Gay Missle, Drone, Lord Gaylord.

Somethingroyal b.f. 1952
(Princequillo - Imperatrice)
Raced once without success, but in the breeding shed a mare of great influence; 11 winners from 18 foals included Secretariat, Sir Gaylord, stakes winning filly Syrian Sea, and Somethingfabulous.

Spy Song br.c. 1943
(Balladier - Mata Hari)
Ran from 2 to 5, winning 15 of his 36 races, including the Arlington Futurity, Kentucky Derby and Hawthorne Gold Cup. His 28 stakes winning foals included Crimson Satin, Sari's Song, Sly Pola. Grandson Number One Spy was Grand Prix Jumper of the Year in 1975.

Stedfast livch.c. 1908
(Chaucer - Be Sure)
Handsome chestnut with ticked coat, winner of 22 of his 29 races from 2 to 4, including the Atalantic Stakes, twice, the Coronation Cup and the Champion Stakes. Offspring included Oaks winner Brownhylda, dam of Firdaussi.

Stefan the Great gr.c. 1916
(The Tetrarch - Perfect Peach)
Won the Middle Park Stakes and the Newmarket Triennial Produce Stakes at 2. Leading sire of broodmares in England in 1939, his foals included Valenciennes, Bushranger, Czarina, Jean Valjean, Stephanie (dam of Quickly and Stepwisely).

Sundridge ch.c. 1898
(Amphion - Sierra)
Winner of 17 of his 35 starts, considered the fastest horse in England over 5 to 6 furlongs. At stud in England and France, he got Sunstar (Epsom Derby winner), Sunder, Jest (1,000 guineas and Oaks winner, and dam of Derby winner Humorist), Absurd (leading sire New Zealand 1922-23), Sun Briar (sire of top money winner Sun Beau) and the important broodmare Lady Josephine (dam of Mumtaz Mahal), among others, many of them precocious 2 year olds. Leading English broodmare sire in 1923.

Teddy b.c. 1913
(Ajax - Rondeau)
Won 6 of his 8 races, including the substitute Prix du Jockey Club, the Gran Prix de San Sebastian, the Prix des Sablonniers. Enormously influential at stud, just a few of his significant offspring were Asterus, Bull Dog, Case Ace, La Troienne, Sir Gallahad III, Sun Teddy, Ortello, Rose of England.

The Tetrarch gr.c. 1911
(Roi Herode - Vahren)
Unbeaten at 2 and retired thereafter, his hindquarter action impressed all commentators who saw him. Plagued with fertility problems, he nonetheless sired 80 winners from 130 foals, both sprinters and stayers, including Mumtaz Mahal, Salmon Trout, Tetrabbazia, Tetratema, The Satrap, Blue Ensign, Ethnarch, Stefan the Great, Caligula, Polemarch, Snow Maiden.

William the Third b.c. 1898
(St. Simon - Gravity)
Raced in top company and considered the finest stayer of his generation, came into his own at 4, winning the Ascot Gold Cup, Queen Alexandra Plate, Limekiln Stakes. On England's leading sires list in 1914 and the Leading Sire of Broodmares in 1922. Sire of Willonyx, Winkipop, Trimestral.

With Approval c. 1986
(Caro - Passing Mood)
Won the Canadian Triple Crown among other races, and the Breeders' Cup Turf at age 4. Canadian Horse of the Year in 1989. Sire of Canadian 2 year-old Champion Talkin Man in his first crop.

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