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  New Research Affects Traditional Organization of Female Lines

In the August 2002 edition of the journal Animal Genetics, Dr. Emmeline Hill and her colleagues at the Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, published "History and Integrity of Thoroughbred Dam Lines Revealed in Equine mtDNA Variation," a ground-breaking study that changes much of what we thought we knew about the early history of the thoroughbred, and that affects the pedigrees virtually every thoroughbred now living. The study examined pedigrees of horses associated with the English Foundation Mares, and does not address the other families, but it is highly likely further genetic research will have an impact on these families as well.

The original article and a discussion of how the analysis of mtDNA in thoroughbred horses has affected the traditional Lowe families are in the Genetics section.



These female families are numbered in The Family Tables of Racehorses. Ar1 extends, in female descent, from the first two English thoroughbred stallions imported into Argentina, Bonnie Dundee and Elcho, who arrived in 1853 and were initially crossed on native mares. Ar2 derives from Eve, a bay filly of 1872 of unknown parentage. In 1865 the first thoroughbred mares arrived in Argentina; these two native lines, however, persisted and succeeded well into the 20th century.

(By Bonnie Dundee - mare unknown)
Notable descendants:
From the Bella Donna (by Elcho) branch: Reverie (1907 by The Whipper In); Spark (1908 by Sargento); Glasgow (1916 by Burgomaster); Badalona (1926 by Tacite); Rancagua (1904 by Wagram); Petrone (1934 by Schahriar); Revancha (1890 by The Whipper In). From the Bridesmaid (by Elcho) branch: Mantul (1941 by Duraznito).

Ar2. EVE (1872)
(unknown parentage)
Notable descendants:
From the Alejandria (1890 by Keir) branch: Altanero II (1907 by Orange). From the Damieta (1896 by Stiletto) branch: Vadarkblar (1913 by Druid); Datilero (1914 by St. Wolf); El Santarem (1978 by Samkio).

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