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If you know of a site of the remains of a famous horse, please email us with the information and it will be added to this list.
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ARIZONA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Art Pollard Ranch Quarter Horse:
Queenie (1937-1965)
Lasma Arabians
Bask, (c. 1956-1979; originally buried at Lasma Arabians, Scottsdale, AZ; moved to Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY)
CALIFORNIA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Ad Astra Farm, formerly Rancho el Charro
(Van Nuys, CA)
Morvich (c. 1919-1946)
Air Dance Farm
(Pleasanton, CA)
Khorassan II (c. 1947-1965), Marco Polo II (c. 1946-1970), Power Ruler (c. 1966-1988)
Ballena Vista Farm
Farma Way (c. 1987-1999)
grave linkC.E.R.F. Farm
Bedouin (1981-2006), Bigbadandmean (g. 1983), Buen Chico (g. 1978) , Caterman (NZ) (g. 1976-2004), Decisively (g. 1984), Lucky Silver (f. 1982), Menswear (c. 1978), Pair of Aces (g. 1980), Perry Cabin (c. 1977), Peltrax (c. 1977), Quiet Boy (g. 1985), Roll a Natural (g. 1980), Sahara King (g. 1989), Velveteen (f. 1983)
Del Mar Race Track
(Del Mar)
Star Fiddle (c. 1946-1958; buried in infield)
El Peco Ranch
15 horses are buried here without markers including:
Decidedly (c. 1959-1984), Hillary (c. 1952-1982), Hill Rise (c. 1961-1982)
Broodmares: Hill Shade (f. 1965), Gloire Fille (f. 1949)
grave linkGolden Eagle Farm
Best Pal (g. 1988-1998), General Meeting (1988-2006), Habitony (c. 1974-2001)
Golden Gate Fields
(San Francisco)
Silky Sullivan (c. 1955-1977; buried in infield)
Harris Farms
Political Ambition (c. 1984-1997)
(Tranquility Farm)/United Pegasus' Harry A. Biszantz Memorial Center (Tehachapi) Fortunate Betty (1973), Sekondi (1987), Skondi (1987), Victorian Heiress (1968-2001), Vol Au Vent (1972), Woodland Lad (c. 1977-1999)
Here Tis Ranch
Melair (f. 1983-1999)
Hollywood Park
(Los Angeles)
Gay Dalton (1940-1945), Landaluce (f. 1980-1982, buried infield), Native Diver (g. 1959-1967; buried in Grandstand Gardens)
Jack Tone Ranch
Fadjur (1952-1983), Saki
grave linkLoma Rica Ranch
(Grass Valley)
*Noor (c. 1945-1974; buried in infield training track); remains from infield moved to Old Friends, Kentucky
Under development
Madera Thoroughbreds
Boulder Dam (c. 1988-2003)
owner's farm
(Santa Barbara)
Uhlan, Lou Dillon
grave link Rancho Casitas
(now under Lake Casitas)
Crusader (c. 1923-1940), Crystal Pennant (c. 1924)
Rancho Del Rio
(Sacramento, near airport)
Norfolk (c. 1861-1890)
Rancho Jonata
Determine (c. 1951-1972)
Roy Rogers Museum
non TBs:
Trigger (1932-1965, Roy Roger's horse, stuffed and mounted), Buttermilk (1941-1972,Dale Evans' horse, stuffed and mounted)
San Joaquin County Fairgrounds
Sweepida (1937-1970)
Santa Anita Race Track
Formerly part of Santa Anita Rancho
Baldwin-era burials: Grinstead (c. 1871; unmarked, Santa Anita Farm). A large granite maltese cross from Baldwin's estate can now be seen just east of Seabiscuit Court in the grandstand gardens: buried 4 American Derby winners: Rey El Santa Anita (c. 1891-1919), Silver Cloud (c. 1883-1886), Volante (c. 1882), Emperor of Norfolk (c. 1885-1907)
Modern-era burials at the Race Track: Lamp Chop (f. 1960-1964), Quicken Tree (g. 1963-1970), Roving Boy (c. 1980-1983)
Stanford University
(formerly Palo Alto Stock Farm, Palo Alto)
Electioneer (statue), Palo Alto
Rancho Wickiup
(Santa Rosa)
Disguise (c. 1897-1927; unmarked), Ormonde (c. 1883-1904; died at Wikiup Rancho, CA; disarticulated skeleton/skull in Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London, ENG)
Ridgely Ranch
(Willits, Mendocino Co.)
Seabiscuit (c. 1933-1947; unmarked, buried under an oak tree)
Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
(Santa Ynez)
Lord Carson (c. 1992-2005)
Valley Creek Farm
(Valley Center)
Lady's Secret (f. 1982-2003)
Van Mar Farms
Bargain Day (c. 1965-2002)
Varian Arabians
(Arroya Grande)
Bay-Abi, Bay El Bey (1969-1996), Huckleberry Bey
COLORADO: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Centennial Race Track
Joy Boy (died 1961)
CONNECTICUT: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Ward Acres Farm
American Saddlebred:
Evening Cloud
FLORIDA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Adena Springs Farm, formerly Lin-Drake Farm (Ocala) Burn's Return (f. 1976)
Bonnie Heath Farm
Afara's Profit (f. 1980-1993), Alsab (c. 1939-1963, grave unmarked), Needles (c. 1953-1984; his heart and hooves are buried in Garden of Champions at Ocala Breeders' Sales Co. Pavilion)
grave linkBridlewood Farm
Exciting Devorcee (f. 1969-1993, Fire Plug (g. 1983-1998), Frosty Skater (f. 1975-1991), Gallant Libby (1982), Halo's Image (c. 1991-2010), Jolie Jolie (1980), My Gallant (c. 1970-1990), North of Eden (1983-2011), Sharp Kitty (f. 1979-1991), Silver Buck (1978-2007), Sugar's Image (1981), Winter Princess (f. 1971-1994)
Cashel Stud
Flo (f. 1982-1997), Nilene Wonder (f. 1961-1990), Sunny Clime (c. 1972-1995)
Farnsworth Farm
Abe's Hope (c. 1963), Jeblar (c. 1982-2002)
Franks Farm/Southland
Alta's Lady (1976), Monique Rene (1978-2003)
Good Chance Farm
Destroyer (c. 1971-1979)
High Mark Farms,
formerly The Oaks
Cutlass (c. 1970-1992), Great Above (c. 1972-1998)
Hobeau Farm
Stallions: Beau Gar (c. 1950-1977), Duck Dance (c. 1967-1997), Handsome Boy (c. 1963), Prince Taj (c. 1954-1972), Prove Out (c. 1969)
Broodmares: Handsome Girl (f. 1964)
Other: Onion (g. 1969)
grave link Hooper Farm
Monument to Hoop Jr.; all other graves unmarked: Stallions: Alabama Bound (c. 1960-1980), Copelan (c. 1980-1994), Crozier (c. 1958-1985), Education (c. 1944), Greek Game (1954-1979), Hoop Jr. (c. 1942-1964), If This Be So (1977-1989) Olympia (c. 1946-1974), Quibu (c. 1942-1967), Tri Jet (c. 1969-1998)
Broodmares: Quaze (f. 1957-1978), Quaze Quilt (f. 1971-1991), Susan's Girl (f. 1969-1988),
Hunting Horn Farm
(formerly Adobe Ranch)
Admiral Vee (c. 1952)
Johnson Hollow Farm
Gate Dancer (c. 1981-1998)
Kinsman Stud
Sharon Brown (1980-2007)
Live Oak Stud
Dispersal (1986-1997), Laser Light (1979-2005), Medieval Man (1974-1999), Sultry Sun (1980-2008), Verbasle (1988-2005)
Marablue Farm
Proud Birdie (c. 1973-2003)
Meadowbrook Farm,
Ocala Jockey Club
Stallions: Ambehaving (c. 1954-1976), Petare (c. 1951-1970), Solo Landing (c. 1964)
Broodmares: Anytime Ms. (f. 1979-1993)
grave link Winding Oaks Farm, formerly Mockingbird Farm, formerly Tartan Farm, (Ocala) Stallions: Codex (1977-1984), Dr. Fager (c. 1964-1976), Intentionally (c. 1956-1970), Minnesota Mac (c. 1964-1996), Valid Appeal (c. 1972-2002),Your Alibhai (c. 1958-1977)
Broodmares: Aspidistra (f. 1954-1978), Cequillo (f. 1956-1986), Desert Trial (f. 1963-1987), Gentle Touch (f. 1976-1984), My Dear Girl (f. 1957-1988), Ta Wee (f. 1966-1980)
Other: Dark Mirage (f. 1965-1969; died in training), Dr. Patches (g. 1974-2002)
Ocala Breeders' Sales Co. Pavilion Garden of Champions
Needles (c. 1953-1984; buried at Bonnie Heath Farm; his heart and hooves are buried in Garden of Champions at Ocala Breeders' Sales Co. Pavilion)
grave link Ocala Stud
Stallion: Rough'n Tumble (c. 1948-1968)
Broodmares: Iltis (f. 1947-1969), Noodle Soup (1944), Roman Zephyr (f. 1947-1971), Ruddy Belle (f. 1949-1969), Tarentella (f. 1948-1965)
Padua Stables,
formerly Silverleaf Farm (Ocala)
Annie's Dream (f. 1980-1996), Cohort (c. 1925-1951), Frisky Flyer (f. 1977-1994), Hot Account (f. 1986-1992), Looie Capote (f. 1989-1995), Manhattan Doll (f. 1978-1994), Polestar (f. 1980-1992), Time and Tide (f. 1984-1994)
Quail Roost Farm,
Dreamville (f. 1960-1992), Leonardtown (f. 1937-1964)
The Racing Edge
Go Between (2003-2009)
Red Oak Farm
Vertex (c. 1954-1981)
Southland Farm,
formerly Lasater Farm
Noholme II (c. 1956-1983)
M.J. Stavola Farms
Freetex (c. 1969-1999)
Stonehedge Farm,
formerly Waldemare Farm
What A Pleasure (c. 1965-1983; unmarked)
Twin Pines Farm
Sugar's Appeal (f. 1980-1985)
ILLINOIS: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Gary Clark Farm Aloma's Ruler (c. 1979-2003)
Fairberry Farm
Western Playboy (1986-2007)
property formerly
Harlem Race Track
(Forest Park)
Cleopatra (there was a famous statue marking her grave)
Hill 'n' Dale Farm
Zen (c. 1973-1999)
DuQuoin State Fair Grounds
Darn Safe (buried in centerfield of Fair Grounds)
Red Gate Farm
(St. Charles)
Greyhound (g. 1932-1965),
Labrador, Volo Song, Winnipeg
Washington Park Race Track
Lieutenant Gibson (c. 1897-1900)
INDIANA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Conner Prairie Village
Eli Lilly Memorial Garden
American Saddlebred:
Jeb Stuart
Hide-A-Way Farm American Saddlebreds:
Cameo Kirby, Dixiana's Spring Cheer, Hide-A-Way's Firefly Supreme, Hide-A-Way's Wild Country, Ridgefield's Denmark, Ruffles 'N Lace
Old Stone House Farm
American Saddlebred:
Beau Fortune
Ruxer Farms American Saddlebred:
Valley View Supreme
Taggert Farm
(French Lick)
Peter the Great
(Terre Haute) Standardbred:
Axtell (1886-1906)
IOWA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Timber Creek Farm
Acaroid (1978-2006)
KANSAS: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
CavalryParade Ground
the last U.S. cavalry horse:
Chief (died 1968)
University of Kansas
Natural History Museum
the only American survivor of Custer's Last Stand:
Commanche (1862-1892)
Ethan Allen (skeleton)
grave link Woolford Farm
(Prairie Village, Johnson Co.)
Stallions: Insco (c. 1928-1939), Lawrin (1935-1955)
KENTUCKY: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
505 Farm,
formerly Pillar Stud, formerly The Stallion Station
Stallion Station Cemetery
Stallions: Blue Prince (c. 1951-1979), Bold and Brave (c. 1963-1977), Bold Commander (c. 1960-1981), Bolero (c. 1946-1975), Bupers (c. 1961-1990), Call Me Prince (c. 1965-1974), Devil Diver (c. 1939-1961), Flushing II (c. 1939-1962), Gallant Romeo (c. 1961-1986), Poker (c. 1963-1986, Porterhouse (c. 1951-1971), Portersville (c. 1952-1964), Rico Monte (c. 1942-1973), Roman (c. 1937-1960), Royal Coinage (c. 1952-1964), Royal Serenade (c. 1948-1975), Tomy Lee (c. 1956-1971), Traffic Judge (c. 1952-1972)
Broodmare: Ludham (f. 1964-1986)
Pillar Stud burials:
Stallions: Bon Mot (c. 1963-1988), Sassafras (c. 1967-1988)
Broodmare: Zonta (f. 1973-1990)
Adelbert Stud
Albert (c. 1882-1910)
Adena Springs
Mira Femme (f. 1964-1991; Midway), Primarily (f. 1988-2005; Versailles)
grave link Airdrie Stud
Dance Spell (c. 1973-1979), Key to the Kingdom (c. 1970-1995), Silver Hawk (c.1979-2008), Slew City Slew (c.1984-2013)
Mrs. Charlton Alexander Farm; formerly Ball Brothers farm (Versailles) American Saddlebreds:
Gypsy Queen (1897-1919), Montgomery Chief (1897-1923)
grave link Almahurst Farm
Nervolo Belle (f. born 1906), Shadow Wave (stallion)
American Saddlebred Museum at the Kentucky Horse Park
American Saddlebreds:
Chester Dare (died 1904; buried at W.W. McCormack Farm, Waddy, KY; stone moved to American Saddlebred Museum at the Kentucky Horse Park), Rex Peavine (1899-1925; originally buried at the J.S. Hockaday farm, Berea, KY; marker and bones brought to American Saddlebred Museum in 2000), Supreme Sultan (statue), Vendetta (originally buried at Robert A. McCray's farm, North Middletown, KY; property since developed and stone moved to museum)
W.T. Anderson Farm
American Saddlebred:
Peavine (1863-1885)
Annandale Farm
American Saddlebred:
Star Decision, Starheart's Decision
grave link Ashford Stud (Coolmore)
Stallion: El Gran Senor (c.1981-2006), George Washington (2003-2007), Shecky Greene (c. 1970-1984), Storm Bird (1978-2004), Woodman (1983-2007)
Broodmares: Fairy Bridge (f. 1975-1991), Fall Aspen (f. 1976-1998), Secretariat's Love (f. 1981-1995), Sex Appeal (f. 1970-1993)
Ashland Stud Farm; now a subdivision
All graves unmarked and unlocated
Stallions: Alan-A-Dale* (c. 1899), Star Davis (c. 1849), Yorkshire (c. 1840-1859)
Broodmares: Balloon (f. 1852), Georgia Wood (f. 1861), Magnolia (f. 1841), Margaret Wood (f. 1840), Skedaddle (f.1860)
*Alan-A-Dale and Dictator buried "just to the right of the broodmare barn entrance."
Bashford Manor;
since developed
Alarm (c. 1869)
grave link Beaumont Farm
see also South Creek Office Park
All graves except Ornament are unmarked
Stallions: Ornament (c. 1894-1916), Pharamond II (c. 1925-1952), Ultimus (c. 1906-1921), Uncle (c. 1905)
Broodmare: Alcibiades (f. 1927),
Big Sink Farm
Ask the Wind (Ire) (f. 1980, unmarked), Fanfreluche (f. 1967-1999), Optimistic Gal (f. 1973-1999)
Bluegrass Farm
Goofed (f. 1960), Klepto (f. 1970), Pampered Miss (f. 1967), Trillion (f. 1974-1987)
Bluegrass Heights
Quick Touch (1960-1983)
property formerly Blue Grass Park
(Georgetown, Scott Co.)
All graves unmarked and unlocated
Stallions: Glencoe (c. 1831-1857), Melbourne Jr. (c. 1860), War Dance (c. 1859)
Broodmare: Peytona (f. 1839-1864)
William Cottrill's farm, near Danville (Boyle Co.) Buckden (c. 1869-1882)
Frank Bradshaw Stables
American Saddlebred:
Ch. My My
Briarbrook Farm
Victorious Lil (f. 1989-2003)
grave link Brookdale Farm
Stallion: Deputy Minister (c. 1979-2004)
Broodmares: Ballade (f. 1972-1994), Brown Berry (f. 1960-1993), Sweet Alliance (f. 1974-1996)
Buck Pond Farm
Little Current (c. 1971; died at Maverick Farms, WA; cremated and buried here), Magesterial (c. 1977-1994), Mameluke (1948), Roman Diplomat (1981-1996), Roman Sandal (1948-1971)
grave link Calumet Farm
Calumet/Wright Era Cemetery:
Stallions: Alydar (c. 1975-1990), Best Turn (c. 1966-1984), Bull Lea (c. 1935-1964, statue), Citation (c. 1945-1970), Commodore M. (c. 1951-1963), On-And-On (c. 1956-1970), Pensive (c. 1941-1949), Sagace (c. 1980-1989), Sun Again (c. 1939-1965), Tim Tam (c. 1955-1982), Yorky (c. 1957-1966),
Broodmares: A Gleam (1948-1974), Amoret (1952-1971), Armful (1933-1962), Bewitch (1945-1959), Blue Delight (1938-1966), Bubbley (1950-1964), Dustwhirl (1926-1946), Easy Lass (1940-1968), Hug Again (1931-1957), Hydroplane II (1938-1948), Iron Maiden (1941-1964), Jane Gail (1944-1952), Katonka (1972-1990), Lucinda Lea (1975-1989), Mar-Kell (1939-1966), Miss Rushin (f. 1942-1958), Miz Clementine (f. 1951-1962), Mon Ange (f. 1962-1982), Nellie Flag (f. 1932-1953), Our Mims (f. 1974-2003; died at Our Mims Retirement Center and buried here), Penicuik II (f. 1934-1958), Plum Cake (f. 1958-1975), Potheen (f. 1928-1950), Princess Turia (f. 1953-1975), Real Delight (f. 1949-1969), Slow and Easy (f. 1922-1944), Some Pomp (f. 1931-1951), Sugar and Spice (f. 1977-2004; died elsewhere, returned here fur burial), Sweet Clementine (f. 1960-1989), Sweet Tooth (f. 1965-1988), Twilight Tear (f. 1941-1954), Two Bob (f. 1933-1953), Two Lea (f. 1946-1973), Twosy (f. 1942-1975), Unerring (f. 1936-1956), Waynoka (f. 1949-1966), Whirl Some (f. 1945-1958), Wistful (f. 1946-1964)
Other: Armed (g. 1941-1964), Bardstown (g. 1952-1972), Gen. Duke (c. 1954-1958; died in training),
Markers only: Barbizon (c. 1954-1983, died at Hermitage Farm, KY), Coaltown (c. 1945-1965, died at Haras de Jardy in France), Hill Gail (c. 1949-1968, died at Brownstown Stud, IRE), Iron Liege (c. 1954-1971, died in Japan), Mark-Ye-Well (c. 1949-1970; died in Europe), Whirlaway (c. 1938-1953; died at Haras de Jardy, FR)
Kwiatkowski burials:
Kennelot (f. 1974-1994), Lech (c. 1988-1994)
grave link Castleton Farm
Keene burials:
Commando (c. 1898-1905, unmarked), Kingston (c. 1884-1912, unmarked)
Standardbred and Saddlebred burials
American Saddlebreds (all unmarked):
Anacacho Shamrock, By Appointment, Flirtation Walk, Love Affair, Ch. Lover's Lane, Mary Lee Highland, Ch. Meadow Princess, Moon Glitter, Night Flower, Ch. Primrose Park, Ch. Show Boat, Ch. Socko, Sparkling Waters, Ch. Star of the Show, Sweet Rhythm, Vanity's Sensation, Ch. Wing Commander (1943-1969)
Standardbreds (all but Abercrombie are unmarked):
Abercrombie (1975-2000), Alert Girl, All Alert, Annabelle, Arnie Almahurst, Bingen, Bit O Sugar, Blue Hawaii, Bombs Away, Breath O Spring, Bret Hanover (1962; statue, moved to Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY), Colonial Charm, Emily Ellen, Ensign Hanover, Florican, Flory Messenger, Good Council, Good Time, Josie Scot, Kings Counsel, Leta Long, Libby Scot, Lorraine, Martha Doyle, Meadow Helene, Merrie Annabelle, Miracle Adios, Muriel Hanover, Noble Gesture, Proximity, Race Time, Record Express, Rose Dean, Scotch Love, Sister Mary, Speedster, Speedy Scot, Spencer, Spinster Hanover, Sprite Hanover, Stand By, Strike Out, Sweet Talk, Tarport Cheer, Tarport LadyAnn, Vesta's First, Vesta's Pride, Victory Song, Walter McKiyo, Worthy Boy, Yankee Lass, Yankee Maid
grave link Churchill Downs, Kentucky Derby Museum
Barbaro (2003-2007, statue outside gate), Brokers Tip (c. 1938-1953; UC/Davis, CA; bones later buried on grounds of Kentucky Derby Museum), Carry Back (c. 1958-1983), Eight Belles (f. 2005-2008; buried in the garden of the Kentucky Derby Museum), Sunny's Halo (c. 1980-2003; buried Double S Thoroughbreds, Tyler, TX; remains moved to Kentucky Derby Museum), Swaps (c. 1952-1972; buried at Spendthrift Farm; remains later moved to Kentucky Derby Museum)
Churchill Downs Racetrack
Barbaro (c. 2003-2007; ashes and bronze statue located outside Gate #1)
Circle O Farm
It's Freezing (c. 1972-1991)
grave link Claiborne Farm/
Main stallion division
Main cemetery:
Stallions: Ambiorix (c. 1946-1975), Blenheim II (c. 1927-1958), Bold Ruler (c. 1954-1971), Buckpasser (c. 1963-1978), Court Martial (c. 1942-1966), Double Jay (c. 1944-1972), Gallant Fox (c. 1927-1954), Herbager (c. 1956-1976), Hoist The Flag (c. 1968-1980), Johnstown (c. 1936-1950), Mr. Prospector (c. 1970-1999), Nasrullah (c. 1940-1959), Nijinsky II (c. 1967-1992), Pulpit (c.1994-2012), Princequillo (c. 1940-1964), Reviewer (c. 1966-1977), Riva Ridge (c. 1969-1985), Round Table (c. 1954-1987), Secretariat (c. 1970-1989), Sir Gallahad III (c. 1920-1949; marker only, grave is at Marchmont division), Swale (c. 1981-1984; died in training at Belmont Park)
Believed to be buried in unmarked graves by Barn 4: Chatterton (c. 1919-1933), Star Hawk (c. 1913-1925), Stimulus (c. 1922-1945), War Cloud (c. 1915-1923)
Location unknown: Nantallah (c. 1953-1972), Tulyar (c. 1943-1972)
grave link Claiborne Farm/
Marchmont Div.
Stallions: Ack Ack (c. 1966-1990)
Boundary (c. 1990-2012)
Conquistador Cielo (c. 1979-2002)
Cox's Ridge (c. 1974-1998)
Damascus (c. 1964-1995)
Danzig (c. 1977-2006)
Devil's Bag (c. 1981-2005)
Drone (c. 1966-1987)
Easy Goer (c. 1986-1994)
Forli (c. 1963-1988)
Hawaii (c. 1964-1990)
Majestic Light (c. 1973-2000)
Out of Place (c. 1987-2010)
Private Account (c. 1976-2004)
Private Terms (c. 1980-2010)
Sir Gallahad III (c. 1920-1949)
Sir Ivor (c. 1965-1995)
Tom Rolfe (c. 1962-1989)
Topsider (c. 1974-1992)
Unbridled (c. 1987-2001)
Broodmares: Alluvial (f. 1969-1994)
Banshee Breeze (f. 1995-2001)
Con Game (f. 1974-2001)
Dearly Precious (f. 1975-1992)
File (f. 1976-1993)
Foreseer (f. 1969-1998)
Marguerite (f. 1920-1945)
Moccasin (f. 1963-1986)
Number (f. 1979-1997)
Numbered Account (f. 1969-1997)
Obeah (f. 1965-1993)
Pine Island (f. 2003-2006 )
Pure Profit (f. 1982-1999)
Qui Royalty (f. 1977-1999)
Relaxing (f. 1976-1999)
Special (f. 1963-1979)
State (f. 1974-1993)
Thong (f. 1964-1986)
Tuerta (f. 1970-1985)
Claybank Farm
My Inheritance (f. 1982-1995)
Clovelly Farm
Ancient Regime (f. 1978-1998), Caterina II (f. 1963-1986), Clinkers II (f.1960-1976), Flower Boat (f. 1977-1985), Lady Lufton (f. 1954-1977), La Trinite (f. 1976-1991), Loved (f. 1967-1996), Lupe II (f. 1967-1989), Misty Light (f. 1968-1993), Parioli (f. 1981-1994), Primary II (f. 1957-1973), Rajput Princess (f. 1961-1989), Southern Seas (f. 1975-1998)
Cobra Farm
Old Trieste (c. 1995-2003; died at Jonabell Farm, buried here)
grave link Coldstream Stud
See the University of Kentucky listings (below)
Crestfield Farm
Chelsey Flower 1991-2007), Inreality Star (f. 1979-1998), Suspicious Native (f. 1972-2002)
Crestwood Farm; formerly part of Brookdale Farm
Eurasian (c. 1940-1963), Master Charlie (1922), Piet (c. 1945-1968), Storm Boot (1989-2007)
grave link Crimson King Farm, (Lexington/Georgetown) Crimson Satan (1959-1982), Papila (f. 1943)
grave link Darby Dan Farm, formerly Idle Hour Stock Farm
Idle Hour Stud burials:
Stallions: Black Toney (c. 1911-1938, statue), Bubbling Over (c. 1923-1938)
Broodmares: Blossom Time (f. 1920-1946)
Circle M. burial: Blue Swords (c. 1940-1955)
Darby Dan burials:
Stallions: Graustark (c. 1963-1988), His Majesty (c. 1968-1995), Ribot (c. 1952-1972), Roberto (c. 1969-1988), Summer Tan (c. 1952-1969), Good Counsel (c. 1968-1987), Star de Naskra (c. 1975-2000)
Broodmares: Darby Dunedin (f. 1942-1962), Flower Bowl (f. 1952-1968)
Diamond A Farm;
formerly Brookside Farm
Dahlia (f. 1970-2001), My Charmer (f. 1969-1993), Strawberry Road (1979-1995)
Disiana Stud
All graves are unmarked:
Husaby (1959)
Dixiana Stud
All graves are unmarked:
High Time (c. 1916-1937), Hard Work (1967-1989), King Ban (c. 1875), Mata Hari (f. 1931), Miss Jemima (1959), Spy Song (c. 1943-1973), Star Reward (1944), Sub Fleet (1949), Sweep All (1928-1947)
Domino Stud
Al Hattab (c. 1966-1983), Dewan (c. 1965-1984), Grey Dawn II (c. 1962-1991), Oil Capitol (c. 1947-1959), Pet Bully (c. 1948-1971), Seattle Song (1981-1996)
Duntreath Farm
Lurline B. (f. 1945-1973), June Rose (f. 1918)
grave link Eaton Farm
a.k.a Indian Hills Farm
Comely Nell (f. 1962-1985)
Echo Valley Horse Farm (Georgetown) All Rainbows (f. 1973-1996)
grave link Elmendorf Farm
Swigert burials:
Prince Charlie (c. 1869, unmarked), Salvatore (1886-1909), Virgil (c. 1864-1886, unmarked), Zorilla (1882)
Gluck burials:
Honor Maid (f. 1972-1995), Newfoundland (1978-1996), Protagonist (c. 1971-1976), Speak John (c. 1958-1980), Verbatim (c. 1965-1991)
Elmwood Farm
Adored (f. 1980-2002), Epitome (f. 1985-2004), Flawlessly (f. 1988-2002)
Happy Medium (unmarked)
Cassius M. Clay, Jr. (unmarked)
Altmont (unmarked)
grave link Faraway Farm
Memorial Park cemetery (all moved to Kentucky Horse Park in 1970s):
Stallions: Man o'War (c. 1917-1947; statue), War Admiral (c. 1934-1959; died at Hamburg Place), War Relic (c. 1938-1963; died at Hamburg Place)
Broodmares: Brushup (f. 1929-1956), War Hazard (f. 1938-1944), War Kilt (f. 1943-1956)
Faraway Farm Barn area burials:
Stallions: Golden Broom (1917-1935), Mars (c. 1923-1949), Natchez (c. 1943-1952)
Broodmares: Ace Card (1942-1962), Christmas Star (1910-1933), Coquelicot (1937-1960), Creole Maid (1935-1958), Edith Cavell (1923-1937), Friar's Carse (1923-1948), Furlough (1937-1958), Lady Comfey (1913-1933), Open Sesame (f. 1951-1959), Rambler Rose (f. 1935-1958), Regal Lily (f. 1934-1955), The Nurse (f. 1911-1933), War Regalia (f. 1936-1962)
L. B. Field's Place
Harry O'Fallon (c. 1869)
Fort Springs Farm
Ballot (c. 1904-1937)
Foxhills Farm
Little Missouri (1982-2006)
Gainesway Farm,
original stallion division
Apalachee (c. 1971-1996), Arts and Letters (c. 1966-1998), Blushing Groom (c. 1974-1992), Bold Bidder (c. 1962-1982), Cannonade (c. 1971-1993), Cozzene (1980-2008), Green Dancer (c. 1972-2001), Icecapade (c. 1969-1988), In Reality (c. 1964-1989), Key to the Mint (c. 1969-1996), Lyphard (c. 1969-2005), Riverman (c. 1969-1999), Sharpen Up (c. 1969-1992), Silent Screen (c. 1967-1993), Stage Door Johnny (c. 1965-1996), Vaguely Noble (c. 1965-1989)
grave link Gainesway Farm, parcel formerly C.V. Whitney Farm (Lexington) H.P. Whitney and C.V. Whitney burials:
Stallions: Boojum (c. 1927-1949), Broomstick (c. 1901-1931), Counterpoint (c. 1948-1969), Equipoise (c. 1928-1938), Mahmoud (c. 1933-1962), Pennant (c. 1911-1938), Peter Pan (c. 1904-1933), Whisk Broom II (c. 1907-1928)
Broodmares: Prudery (f. 1918-1930), Regret (f. 1912-1934), Silver Fog (f. 1944-1966), Silver Spoon (f. 1956-1978), Top Flight (f. 1929-1949)
grave link Gainesway Farm; on parcel formerly Greentree Stud (Lexington) Greentree burials:
Stallions: Bimelech (c. 1937-1966), Capot (c. 1946-1974), Questionnaire (c. 1927-1950), Shut Out (c. 1939-1964), St. Germans (c. 1921-1947), The Axe II (c. 1958-1982), The Porter (c. 1915-1944), Third Degree (c. 1936-1965), Tom Fool (c. 1949-1976), Twenty Grand (c. 1928-1948)
Broodmares: Bebopper (f. 1962-1983), Blackball (f. 1950-1967), Bonus (f. 1919-1941), Cherry Malotte (f. 1909-1924), Dunce Cap II (f. 1960-1982), La Troienne (f. 1926-1954), Piquet (1937-1964), Winning Colors (1985-2008)
Geldings: Cherry Pie (g. 1920-1946), Coincidence (g. 1942-1966), Easter Hero (g. 1920-1948), Jolly Roger (g. 1922-1948)
Gainesway burials:
Broodmares: Jedina (f. 1976-1997), Polite Lady (f. 1977-1995)
Gainsborough Farm
Bold 'n Determined (1977-1997), Shadeed (1982-2005)
Gallaher farm
Polynesian (c. 1942-1959; heart and forefeet only)
Olin Gentry farm
Crimson Saint (f. 1969-2001)
Georgetown Road
(Fayette County)
Sarpedon (c. 1828; buried "four miles from Lexington on the Georgetown Road")
Halley S. Gillespie Farm
(Mount Sterling)
American Saddlebred:
Bourbon Chief (1883-1910)
Glencrest Farm
Booklet (c. 1999-2004), Clever Trick (c. 1976-2004), Full Out (C. 1973-1987), Wavering Monarch (c. 1979-2004)
Glencoe Farm
Winters' Love (f. 1982-2004)
grave link Green Gates Farm; formerly part of Spendthrift Farm; formerly Old Kenney Farm; formerly part of Elmendorf Farm
Old Kenney/Widener burials:
Stallions: Eight Thirty (c. 1936-1965), Jamestown (c. 1928-1953), St. James (c. 1921-1943), Yorktown (c. 1957-1968)
Broodmares: Armada (f. 1924-1944), Dinner Time (f. 1929-1952), Evening (f. 1929-1948), Evening Belle (f. 1945-1967), High Fleet (f. 1933-1952), Last Straw (f. 1918-1940), Mideau (f. 1942-1967), Salacia (f. 1921-1942), Tatanne (f. 1931-1953), Tedmelia (f. 1935-1958)
Spendthrift burials:
Stallions: Alibhai (c. 1938-1960; unmarked), Armageddon (c. 1949-1972; unmarked), Bernborough (c. 1939-1959; unmarked), Requested (c. 1939-1969), Royal Charger (c. 1942-1961; stone moved, grave now unmarked), Seaneen (c. 1954-1972), Shannon II (c. 1941; unmarked), Swaps (c. 1952-1972; remains later moved to Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville, original grave now unmarked), Tudor Era (c. 1953; unmarked), Turn-to (c. 1951-1973)
Broodmares: Affectionately (f. 1960-1979), Amiga (f. 1947-1977), Anchors Aweigh (f. 1949-1968), Busher (f. 1942-1955; unmarked), Cantadora II (f. 1957-1983), Egret (f. 1961-1979), Francine M. (f. 1964-1977), Gay Hostess (f. 1957-1976), Gold Digger (f. 1962-1990), Lady Tramp (f. 1965-1980), Masked Lady (f. 1964-1981), Miss Dogwood (f. 1939-1968), Miss Fleetwood (f. 1954-1977), Miss Request (f. 1945; unmarked), Sequence (f. 1946-1977), Siama (f. 1947; unmarked), Source Sucree (f. 1940-1968), Straight Deal (f. 1962-1982)
grave link Hartland Stud (Versailles): See: Univ. of Kentucky/Pin Oak Stud
grave link Hagyard Farm
Stallions: Hail to Reason (c. 1958-1976), Stymie (c. 1941-1962)
Broodmares: Dancing Maid (f. 1975-1982), Gold River (f. 1977-1986), Pistol Packer (f. 1968-1986)
grave link Hamburg Place
John Madden burials:
Stallions: Ogden (c. 1894-1923), Plaudit (c. 1895-1919), Sir Martin (c. 1906-1930), Star Shoot (c. 1898-1919)
Broodmares: Ida Pickwick (f. 1888-1908), Imp (f. 1894-1909), Lady Sterling (f. 1899-1920), Miss Kearney (f. 1906-1925), Princess Mary (f. 1917-1926)
Hamburg Belle, Major Delmar, Nancy Hanks (f. 1886), Silicon, Siliko
Polo Pony:
Preston Madden burials:
Stallion: T. V. Lark (c. 1957-1975)
Broodmare: Pink Pigeon (f. 1964-1976)
Hermitage Farm
Raja Baba (c. 1968-2002), Sauce Boat (c. 1975-1998)
Highclere Farm
Killaloe (f. 1970-1996), Rokeby Rose (f. 1977-2003)
Highland Place
American Saddlebreds:
Black Squirrel (1876-1898), Montrose (1896-1879)
High Point Farm
Stallion: Our Native (c. 1970-2001; unmarked)
Broodmares: Our Jackie (f. 1964-1987; unmarked), Salud (f. 1977-1984; unmarked)
grave link Hill 'n' Dale Farm (Lexington) Seattle Slew (c. 1974-2002; statue)
J.S. Hockadayfarm
American Saddlebred:
Rex Peavine, American Saddlebred (1899-1925, originally buried at the J.S. Hockaday farm, Berea, KY; marker and bones brought to American Saddlebred Museum at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY in 2000.)
Houstondale Farm
Dollar Bill (c. 1998-2004)
Hurstbourne Country Club; formerly Hurstbourne Stud Farm (Louisville) Phaeton (c. 1864; unmarked)
Hurstland Farm, formerly Equiria, a.k.a. the Blackburn Farm (Midway) Blackburn-era burial: Boston (c. 1833-1850, unmarked)
Nuckols-era burials:
Stallions: Doc's Leader (c. 1986-2001, Mr. Leader (see Nuckols Farm)
Broodmares: Cousin Jo (1928), Estrapade (f. 1980-2004, died at Hill 'n' Dale, KY, just prior to shipping to Old Friends at Hurstland), Little Hut (f. 1952-1984)
Hutchcraft farm
(Bourbon County)
Bertrand (c. 1821-1838, unmarked)
grave link (Darley at) Jonabell Farm
Stallions: Affirmed (c. 1975-2001), Hail the Pirates (c. 1970-1988), Vigors (c. 1973-1994), Virginia Rapids (c. 1990-1999)
Broodmares: Aflicker (f. 1978-1987), Bedazzled (f. 1969-1984), Cicada (f. 1959-1981), Dark Display (f. 1941-1965), Honest and True (f. 1977-1999), Kerala (f. 1958-1984), Singing Grass (f. 1944-1960), Stellar Role (f. 1943-1965), Sumatra (f. 1969-1995), Tell Meno Lies (f. 1971-1985)
Allie G. Jones and Sons Farm (North Middletown) American Saddlebreds:
Annie C (1891-1918), King Barrymore (1921-1944),
grave link Juddmonte Farm -
main division

grave link Juddmonte Farm - Myrtlewood Division
(Lexington, KY)
Juddmonte burials:
Stallions:Chester House (c. 1995-2003), Exbourne (c. 1986-1996), Known Fact (c. 1977-2000)
Broodmares: Ballinderry (f. 1981-1999), Bold Captive (f. 1971-2000), Miss Manon (f. 1970-1990), Nimble Folly (f. 1977-2002), Ryafan (f. 1994-2001), Sunday Purchase (f. 1970-1992), Zaizafon (f. 1982-2001)
Belair/Myrtlewood burials:
Frizeur (f. 1916), Royal Brigade (1964-1984), Stonewall Imperial (1953-1967)
Kalarama Farm
American Saddlebred:
Kalarama Rex (1922-1944)
property formerly Kentucky Association Race Track
Prince Leif (1983)
grave link Kentucky Horse Park (Lexington) Thoroughbreds:
Man o'War memorial park burials
(moved from Faraway Farm in 1970s):
Stallions: Man o'War (c. 1917-1947; statue), War Admiral (c. 1934-1959), War Relic (1938-1963)
Broodmares: Brushup (f. 1929-1956), War Hazard (f. 1938-1944), War Kilt (f. 1943-1956)
Other thoroughbred burials:
Allez France (f. 1970-1989), Alysheba (c. 1984-2009), Bold Forbes (c. 1973-2000), Forego (g. 1970-1997), John Henry (g. 1975-2007) Sefa's Beauty (f. 1979-1989), Jay Trump (g. 1957-1988; buried on the steeplechase course)
Peteski (c. 1990-2001; buried in the Champions Cemetery near the Big Barn)
Hanover (c. 1884-1899; originally buried at McGrathiana Stud; skeleton exhumed and given to the University of Kentucky in Lexington; in 1990s moved to Kentucky Horse Park Draft Horse Barn exhibit)
American Saddlebreds at the American Saddlebred Museum:
Chester Dare (died 1904; buried at W.W. McCormack Farm, Waddy, KY; stone moved to American Saddlebred Museum at the Kentucky Horse Park), Rex Peavine (1899-1925; originally buried at the J.S. Hockaday farm, Berea, KY; marker and bones brought to American Saddlebred Museum in 2000), Supreme Sultan (statue), Vendetta (originally buried at Robert A. McCray's farm, North Middletown, KY; property since developed and stone moved to museum)
American Saddlebreds elsewhere in the Park:
Ch. Imperator (1974-1997), Ch. Sky Watch (1977-2001)
Ch. Wild-Eyed and Wicked (Hall of Champions, bronze statue by Sally McClure Jackson atop grave)
Bask (1956-1979; moved from Lasma Arabians, Scottsdale, AZ)
Bask (1976-2003)
Indraff (1938-1963; Skeleton on display in Equine Education Department)
Promotion (1975-2006)
Irish-bred Olympic 3-day Horse:
The Gray Goose (1970-2000, ashes buried on the cross-country course)
Volturno (1968-1988; buried near Head of the Lake obstacle, Cross-country Course)
Liberation First Star (1992-2006)
Paints (APHA):
Liberation First Star (1992-2006)
Quarter Horses (AQHA):
Sgt. Pepper Feature (1978-2003; buried at Hall of Champions)
Pony of the Americas:
Lannan's Siri Superdot Chiefton ("Chief") (1968-2003; buried in the Georgetown Field)
Bret Hanover 1962 (statue, moved from Castleton Farm, Lexington, KY), Cam Fella (1979-2001), Rambling Willie (1970-1995)
Walnut Hall Stud Cemetery (standardbreds):
Duchess Hanover, Evensong, Fionne, Irma Hanover, Marilee Hanover, Primrose Helen, Princess Gay, Princess Peg, Protectarine, Rodney, Scotch Song
grave link Lane's End Farm,
one parcel formerly Bosque Bonita Farm (Versailles)
Bosque Bonita buials:
Bally Ache (c. 1957-1960), Celestial Blue (f. 1943-1966)
Lane's End burials:
Stallions: Dixieland Band (c. 1980-2010), Fappiano (c. 1977-1990), Fit to Fight (c. 1979-2008), Rubiano (c. 1987-2002), Sovereign Dancer (c. 1975-1994), Saint Liam (2000-2006)
Broodmares: Battle Creek Girl (1977-2004), Bold Bikini (f. 1969-2001), Charming Lassie (f. 1987-2001), Flirtatious (f. 1977), Lassie Dear (f. 1974-1996), Prospector's Delight (f. 1989-2001), Up The Flagpole (f. 1978-1999), Weekend Surprise (f. 1980-2001)
Lantern Hill Farm
Broadway Joan (1979-2006), Priceless Countess (f. 1977-2006)
Larchmont Farm
Tom Bowling (c. 1870)
Locust Grove Stud
American Saddlebreds:
Gaines' Denmark, Harrison Chief (1872-1896), Lute Boyd
grave link Longfield Farm
Prairie Bayou (g. 1990-1993), Royal Glint (g. 1970-1976), Rowdy Angel (f. 1979-2004)
William Cottrill's Magnolia Stud
(Danville, Boyle Co.)
Buckden (c. 1869-1882)
Manchester Farm
Gaga (f. 1942; heart buried near office)
Mapleton Farm
Elias Lawence (1877)
grave link Marchmont Farm
(see Claiborne Farm - Marchmont division, above)
Mare Haven Farm (Lexington) Stallions: Bejilla (c. 1977-1989), Chieftain (c. 1961-1982), Native Charger (c. 1962-1990), Proudest Roman (c. 1968-1989), San's the Shadow (c. 1984-1989)
Broodmares: Tamerett (f. 1962-1995)
Margaux Farm,
formerly J.T. Lundy Farm
Turn and Count (c. 1973-1980)
W.W. McCormack Farm
American Saddlebred:
Chester Dare (died 1904; stone moved to American Saddlehorse museum)
property under development, formerly the Robert A. McCray Farm
(North Middletown)
American Saddlebred:
Vendetta (buried near the entrace to the farm, property was developed and gravestone is now at the American Saddlebred Museum, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY)
proerty formerly Meadowthorpe Stud
Stylites (1876)
Mercer County Fair Grounds
American Saddlebred:
Vicksburg (died 1962)
grave link Mereworth Farm
Stallions: Ariel (c. 1925-1950), Display (c. 1923-1944), Hairan (c. 1932-1956), Sunglow (c. 1947-1964)
Broodmares: Allie's Tune (f. 1977-1998), Alpenstock III (f. 1936-1959), Canina (f. 1941-1962), Cathy Baby (f. 1969-1998), Colfax Maid (f. 1958-1977), Dance Fan (f. 1960-1979), Hasty Flapper (f. 1971-1997), Lady Lark (f. 1934-1959), Miss Doreen (f. 1941-1967), Nancy's Ballerina (f. 1972), Secret Story (f. 1954-1973), Snowflake (f. 1927-1951), Swivel (f. 1930-1955), Waltz Fan (f. 1970-1995), War Swept (f. 1936-1959)
grave link Merrick Inn;
formerly Merrick Place
Anna M. Humphrey (f. 1920; unmarked), Merrick (g. 1903-1941)
grave link Middlebrook Farm
Althea (f. 1981-1995), Alvear (1984-2005), Aquilegia (1989-2007), Auto Dial (f. 1988-2001), Chic Shrine (1984-2004), Courtly Dee (f. 1968-1995), Queena (1986-2007), Serape (1988), Serra Lake (1997-2005), Too Chic (f. 1979-2003)
Mill Ridge Farm
All graves unmarked:
Stallions: Anees (c. 1997-2003), Gone West (c. 1984-2009), Menow (c. 1935-1964), Revoked (c. 1943-1968)
Broodmares: Attica (f. 1953-1976), Begum (f. 1981-1994), Ciao (f. 1974-1992), Diesis (c. 1980-2006) Doubly Sure (f. 1971), Hipparete (f. 1944-1968), Incommunicado (f. 1965-1982), Nakterjal (f. 1980), Nicosia (f. 1972-2006), Pharlette (f. 1980), Pillow Talk (f. 1954-1969)
grave link Mineola Farm
Stallions: Dogoon (c. 1952-1985), Swoon's Son (c. 1953-1977)
Broodmares: Chateaucreek (f. 1970-2003), Swoon (f. 1942-1953)
Minton Hickory Farm
American Saddlebred:
grave link Mount Brilliant Farm, KY; formerly Hira Villa Stud (Lexington) Stallion: grave link Domino (c. 1891-1897)
Broodmares: Hira (f. 1864, unmarked),
Mannie Gray (f. 1874-1896, unmarked)
grave link Nantura Stock Farm
Jils Johnson (c. 1876-1987), Longfellow (c. 1867-1893),Ten Broeck (c. 1872-1887; this is the earliest marked TB grave in Kentucky)
grave link Normandy Farm
Joseph E. Widener burials:
Stallions: Chance Shot (c. 1924-1952), Fair Play (c. 1905-1929), Haste (c. 1923-1944), *Sickle (c. 1924-1943)
Broodmares: *Blue Glass (f. 1917-1941), *La Roseraie (f. 1928-1946), Mahubah (f. 1910-1931), Nature (f. 1906-1931), *Nipisiqut (f. 1924-1947), Offensive (f. 1941-1960), Ormonda (f. 1916-1944), Peace (f. 1927-1945), *Quelle Chance (f. 1917-1936), *Qu'elle Est Belle II (f. 1909-1932), Rose Pompon (f. 1910-1933), Stagecraft (f. 1929-1939), Stephanie (f. 1925), Zephyretta (f. 1922-1948)
Gelding: Osmand (g. 1924-1951)
E. Barry Ryan burials:
Broodmares: Alablue (f. 1945-1962), Bonnie Beryl (1943-1963), Firm Policy (1959-1985), Pipette (f. 1944-1960)
Gelding: Quick Pitch (g. 1960-1983)
Nuckols Farm; formerly part of Hurstland Farm
Mr. Leader (c. 1966-1999)
Nuckols Farm; formerly part of Hurstland Farm
Belmont/Nursery Stud burials (all unmarked):
Stallions: Hastings (c. 1893-1917), St. Blaise (c. 1880), The Ill-Used (c. 1870)
Broodmares: Beldame (f. 1901-1923, Fairy Gold (f. 1896-1919), Fides (f. 1886-1913), Lady Violet (f. 1890, La Tosca (f. 1888)
Oak Hill Farm
American Saddlebreds:
Yorktown (World Champion), and others
grave link Old Frankfort Place (a divisio of Three Chimneys Farm), formerly King Ranch; formerly part of Idle Hour Stock Farm (Lexington) King Ranch burials:
Stallion: Blue Larkspur (c. 1926-1947, unmarked)
Broodmares: Bee Mac (f. 1941-c.1964), Dotted Line (f. 1953-1976),Gallant Bloom (f. 1966-1991), Green Finger (f. 1958-1991), Igual (f. 1937-c.1962), Monade (f. 1959-1991)
Old Bradley Place/Three Chimneys burials:
All Along (Fr) (f. 1979-2005), Maplejinsky (f. 1985-2003), Mimbet (1983-2006), Paulista (1971), Sayyedati (1990-2007), Solariat (1980-2007), Stormette (1984-2007), Venise (1985-2005)
grave link Old Friends Equine Retirement Home for Thoroughbreds
Academy Award (1986-2010), Awad (1990-2011), Ballindaggin (1985-2008), Black Tie Affair (1986-2010), Eternal Orage (1987-2012), Flying Pidgeon (1981-2008), Fortunate Prospect (1981-2012), Glitterman (1985-2011), Gold Spring (1988-2009), Jade Hunter (1984-2011), Leave Seattle (1988-2012), Marquetry (1987-2013), Noor (1945-1974; infield remains moved from Loma Rica Ranch, California), Polish Navy (1984-2011), Precisionist (1981-2007), Proper Reality (1985-2010), Ruhlmann (1985-2008), Stage Colony (1987-2009), Taylor's Special (1981-2006), The Wicked North (1989-2011)
Benburb (1989-2012), Bingo (1988-2012), Easy Ellis (2001-2011), Fraise (1988-2005), Criminal Type (1985-2005, marker only)
Bonnie's Poker (1982-2010), Cozy Miss (1988-2011), Estapade (1980-2005), Invigorate (2004), Narrow Escape (1983-2009)
Our Mims Broodmare Retirement Farm
Exactly So (1977-2005), Hero's Hurrah (1986-2006), Hope of Glory (1972-2004), My Turbulent Miss (1976-2005), Taba (1973-2005)
grave link Overbrook Farm
Stallion: The Minstrel (c. 1974-1990)
Broodmares: Always Mint (f. 1982-1996), Buzz My Bell (f. 1981-1998), Cinegita (f. 1977-1997), Country Cat (f. 1992-1996), Hopespringseternal (f. 1971-1986), Miss Betty (f. 1971-1994), Mrs. Penny (f. 1977-1997), Mysterious (f. 1970-1988), My Yellow Bird (f. 1979-1995), Northern Eternity (f. 1983), Seaside Attraction (f. 1987-1996), Stellarette (f. 1978-1990), Tizna (f. 1969-1989), Terlingua (1976-2008)
Other: Blacksburg (g. 1989-1996), Grand Canyon (c.1987-1990)
John Parker property, Pisgah Road
American Saddlebred:
Highland Denmark (1890-1906)
Patchen Wilkes Farm (Lexington) Stallion:Balladier (c. 1932-1950)
Broodmare: Gay Serenade (f. 1960-1992), Precious Beauty (f. 1981-2004)
grave link Pennbrook Farm
Bayakoa (f. 1984-1997), Au Printemps (f. 1979-2005)
Pharamond Farm
Dutch Maid (f. 1963-1992), Mr. Billy B. (1959-1982)
Pin Oak Stud
Maria's Mon (c. 1993-2007)
Pleasant Retreat Farm
My Juliet (f. 1972-2000 est)
Plum Lane Farm;
formerly Hinata Stud
Hinata/Shoshone-era burials:
Friar Rock (c. 1913-1928; unconfirmed as to location - here or Glen Helen/Spindletop property), The Finn (c. 1912-1925, unmarked)
Plum Lane-era burials:
Stallion: Sadair (c. 1962-1989) Broodmare: Rukann (f. 1971-1991)
Prison View Farm
(Oldham Co.)
Matsadoon (c. 1972)
grave link The Red Mile
American Saddlebred:
The Replica (1943-1953)
Standardbreds (in the infield):

Banker Barker (1976-1985), Benelwyn (c. 1924-1928), Lee Worthy (1919-1924), Miss Bertha Dillon (1914-1935)
Runnymede Farm
All graves are unmarked, said to be located in a bend along Elkhorn Creek.
Billet (c. 1865-1889), Hindoo (c. 1878-1899), Leonatus (c. 1880), Sir Dixon (c. 1885-1909)
Saxony Farm
Free to Fly (f. 1974-1994), Native Partner (f. 1966-1986)
(Scott County) Medoc (c. 1829-1839)
Shadwell Farm
Broodmares: Ashayer (f. 1984-1993), Desirable (f. 1981-1998), Gesedeh (f. 1983-1998), Give Thanks (f. 1980-1998), Hasbah (f. 1987-1992), Height of Fashion (GB) (f. 1979-2000), Kesar Queen (f. 1973-1995), Kit's Double (f. 1973-1998), Linda's Magic (f. 1984-1997), Manal (f. 1979-1989), Salsabil (f. 1987-1996), Zaahi (c. 1989-1994)
Shandon Farm
Boat (f. 1937), Flaming Swords (f. 1933), War Jitters (f. 1938)
grave link South Creek Office Park, formerly part of Beaumont Farm (Lexington) Ornament (c. 1894-1916)
grave link Spendthrift Farm - main stallion division

see also Green Gates Farm (above)
Stallions:Beau Pere (c. 1927-1947), Caro (c. 1967-1989), Cornish Prince (c. 1962-1985), Creme Dela Creme (c. 1963-1977), Exclusive Native (c. 1965-1983), Fleet Nasrullah (c. 1955-1979), Gallant Man (c. 1954-1988), Intrepid Hero (c. 1972-1980), Majestic Prince (c. 1966-1982), Nashua (c. 1952-1982; statue), Never Bend (c. 1960-1977), Prince John (c. 1953-1979), Proud Clarion (c. 1964-1981), Rainy Lake (c. 1959-1982), Raise A Native (c. 1961-1988), Sandpit (Brz) (c. 1989-2003), Valdez (c. 1976-1985)
Broodmare: Myrtlewood (f. 1932; unmarked, in rose garden at Cherry Hill)
grave link Spindletop Farm
Glen Helen-era burials (Thoroughbreds):
Peep o'Day (c. 1893)
Spindletop-era burials:
American Saddlebreds:
Roxie Highland (behind Spindletop Hall; statue has been moved to American Saddlebred Museum at the Kentucky Horse Park), Chief of Spindletop (near the show barn), Walnut Grove Chief (near the show barn)
Stallion Station
Formerly Pillar Stud
Silver Series (c. 1974-1982), Tromos (GB) (c. 1976-1982)
grave link Stone Farm
Anne Campbell (f. 1973-2001), Cabin (c. 1968-1990), Cougar II (c. 1966-1989), Gato del Sol (c. 1979-2007), Harlan (c. 1989-1999), Halo (c. 1969-2000), Herculean (c. 1971-1986), Skywalker (c. 1982-2003)
Stoneleigh Farm
Lisanninga (f. 1963-1984)
grave link Stoner Creek Farm
Count Fleet (c. 1940-1973), Quickly (f. 1930), Reigh Count (c. 1925-1948)
Exciting Speed (1965-1990), Glad Rags (1960-1992),
Hobby Horse Tar (1964-1994), La Pomme Souffle (1972-1997), Meadow Skipper (1960-1982), Nevele Pride (1965-1993), Panty Raid (1978-1984), Pillow Talk (1962-1994), Pompanette (1965-1998)
Stonereath Farm
Best In Show (f. 1965-1990)
Stonerside Stable (now Darley at Stonerside)
Banker's Lady (1985), Chilukki (1997-2007), Halory (f. 1984-2002), Rythmical (f. 1985), Single Flower (f. 1980), Treizieme (1981)
Summerwind Farm
Evil Elaine (f. 1984-2004), Ingot Way (f. 1981)
Sunnyslope Farm
(Woodford Co.)
Glen Athol (c. 1869)
grave link Taylor Made Farm
(Nicholasville, KY)
Stallion: Master Command (c. 2002-2010), Saint Ballado (c. 1989-2002)
Broodmares: Goulash (f. 1993-2009), Hedonist (f. 1995-2004), Katies (f. 1981-2004), Stick to Beauty (f. 1973-2003)
The Meadows; now a subdivision of Lexington
Sidi Hamet (c. 1825; unmarked), Sir Leslie (c. 1828; unmarked)
grave link Three Chimneys Farm
Stallion division:
Stallions: Capote (c. 1984-2007), Chief's Crown (c. 1982-1997), Nodouble (c. 1965-1990), Slew o' Gold (c. 1980-2007), Time For a Change (c. 1981-1996), Wild Again (1980-2008)
Broodmare: Gorgeous (f. 1986-2002)
Broodmare cemetery: Bold Example (f. 1969-1994), Chris Evert (f. 1971-2001), Dancing Tribute (f. 1986-1996), Icing (f. 1973-1996), Little Baby Bear (f. 1990-1997), Royal Folly (f. 1966-1995), Six Crowns (f. 1976-2002), Virunga (f. 1970-1995)
property formerly Tom Gentry Farm (Lexington) Belle Jeep (f. 1949), Fleece (f. 1951)
Trackside Farm
Life's Magic (1981-2007), Meadow Star (f. 1988-2002)
Undulata Farm
American Saddlebred:
Glory Jane (1936-1964)
grave link Univ. of Kentucky/Coldstream Stud, formerly McGrathiana (Lexington) McGrathiana burials (all unmarked):
Duke of Montrose (c. 1877), Hanover (c. 1884-1899; originally buried at McGrathiana Stud; skeleton given to the University of Kentucky; 1990s moved to Kentucky Horse Park), Pizarro (c. 1880), Strathmore (c. 1876), Whistle Jacket (c. 1884)
Coldstream burials:
Bull Dog (c. 1927-1954), Etoile Filante (f. 1918-1938), My Auntie (f. 1933-1949), Reaping Reward (c. 1934-1952), Rose Leaves (f. 1916-1939)
grave link Univ. of Kentucky/Pin Oak Stud, formerly Hartland Farm (Versailles) Hartland Stud burials:
Stallions: Ben Brush (c. 1893-1918), Esher (c. 1883-1901), Peter Quince (c. 1905-1930)
Broodmares: Rosa Mundi (f. 1911-1930), Rose of Sharon (f. 1926-1929; died in training)
Univ. of Kentucky/Maine Chance Farm; formerly part of Coldstream Stud; formerly part of McGrathiana
Blue Fantasy (f. 1944-1965), Myrtle Charm (f. 1946-1964)
Valkyre Stud
Fondre (f. 1975-1991), Isolt (f. 1961-1982)
grave link Vinery, formerly North Ridge Farm, formerly Brookdale Farm
Brookdale-Piatt era-burial:
Sarazen (g. 1921-1940)
North Ridge era-burials:
Broodmares: Desert Vixen (f. 1970-1982), Too Bold (f. 1964-1989, unmarked)
Vinery-era burials:
Stallions: Runaway Groom (c. 1979-2007), Stormello (c. 2004-2011)
grave link (Old) Vinery; formerly Dearborn Farm
Stallions: No Robbery (c. 1960-1985), Timeless Moment (c. 1970-1998)
Broodmares: Loss or Gain (f. 1975-1993), Petite Diable (f. 1981-1997)
grave link Walmac International (Lexington) Alleged (c. 1974-2000), Brent's Prince (c. 1972-1986), Is It True (c. 1986-2007), Miswaki (1978-2004), Nureyev (c. 1977-2001), Risen Star (c. 1985-1998), Sham (c. 1970-1993)
grave link Walnut Hall Farm
Allegro (1935-1961), Anita Knight (1969-1980), Bergdorf (1967-1981), Besta Hanover (1952-1974),
Cheetah Goose (1952-1977), Cita Frisco (1921-1951),
Darnley (1940-1960), Demon Hanover (1945-1959), Duane Hanover (1952-1977), Emily Scott (1941-1967), Fereno (1887-1918), Fruit Worthy (1906-1932), Gaiety Lee (1904-1930), Guy Abbey (1925-1957), Guy Axworthy (1902-1933; statue), Guy Day (1927-1955), Her Ladyship (1933-1961), Ilo Hanover (1946-1973), Impish (1959-1982), Kimberley Kid (1950-1970), Lady Lunkin (1961-1983), Little Fanny (1956-1981), Lookaway Express (1929-1955), Lou Sidney (1957-1980), Lucy Abbey (1939-1964), Lura Hanover (1944-1965), Margaret Arion (1923-1946), Margaret Castleton (1935-1960), Margaret Parrish (1908-1939), Margaret Spangler (1918-1946), Mary Tipton (1911-1939), McGregor the Great (1915-1932), Mighty Margaret (1940-1961), Miss Greyhound (1938-1964), Miss Princess Laurel (1935-1961), Miss Tempo (1958-1975), Moko (1893-1926), My Lady Scott (1953-1986), Nedda (1915-1943), Notelet (1899-1917), Ozanam (1896-1924), Peter Volo (1911-1936), Phantom Lady (1951-1968), Protector (1928-1956), Queen Martha (1958-1982), Queen Nib (1944-1968), Saboteur (1953-1976), Sampson Direct (1957-1980), San Francisco (1903-1934), Scotland (1925-1956), Selka (1915-1940), Silent Majority (1969-1992), The Intruder (1953-1975), The Mighty Miss Morris (1927-1955), Victory Mite (1944-1967), Volomite (1926-1954), Walnut Hall (1898-1922), Worthy Spirit (1911-1939), Yellow Belle (1892-1911)
Walnut Hall Stud Cemetery at the Kentucky Horse Park
Duchess Hanover, Evensong, Fionne, Irma Hanover, Isola's Worthy, Marilee Hanover, Primrose Helen, Princess Gay, Princess Peg, Protectarine, Rodney, Scotch Song
Walnut Hills Farm
(Lexington, current location unknown)
Gilroy (c. 1862), Waverly (c. 1870)
Walnut Springs Farm
American Saddlebreds:
King's Genius (1924-1943; originally buried at Pine Lake Farm, Houston, TX; moved to Walnut Springs Farm)
Wild Aire Farm, formerly Glen Helen Stud on Russell Cave Pike
Sweep (c. 1907-1931)
Wimbledon Farm
Relaunch (c. 1976-1996)
Wimborne Farm
Stallion:Lord At War (c. 1980-1998)
Broodmare: Lady Winborne (f. 1976-2000)
Wind Hill Farm
To the Hunt (1985-2006)
Windward Oaks Farm
Queen Sucree (f. 1966-1998)
Winganeek Farm
American Saddlebred:
King's Sport (1919)
Winning Ways Farm
Nirgal (1943)
grave link WinStar Farm
Kris S. (c. 1977-2002)
Groovy (1983-2006)
Wintergreen Farm
Air Forbes Won (1979-2009)<
Woodburn Farm
Thoroughbreds, all graves unmarked:
Australian (1858-1879), Asteroid (1861-1886), Pat Malloy (c. 1865-1890), Planet (c. 1855-1875);
Standardbreds, graves unmarked (near the starting post of the racetrack located there in 1898): Miss Russell (f. 1865-1898), Harold (c.1864-1893), Belmont (1864-1889) grave link Lexington (c. 1850-1875; skeleton now at Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.)
grave link Xalapa Farm
Stallion:Prince Palatine(c. 1908-1924)
Broodmares: Mystery Mood (f. 1972-1994), Splendid Spree (f. 1970-?), Witherite (f. 1958-1988)
Gilson Yates' farm,
Shelby Co.; location currently unknown
American Eclipse (c. 1814-1847)
LOUISIANA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Clear Creek Stud
Assagai (c. 1963-1986), Believe It (c. 1975-2002), Gran Zar (c. 1975-1993), Run Prissy Run (1997-2007)
Double Dam Farm
Kitten's First (1991-2006)
Fair Grounds Race Track infield (New Orleans) Black Gold (c. 1921-1928), Pan Zareta (f. 1910-1918), Their grave markers, which were relocated when the turf course was installed in 1981, stand about 30 yards away in the infield. Tudor Tambourine (g. 1973; unmarked), La Doree (f. 1974; unmarked),
John Franks Farm
Dave's Friend (1975-2006)
La Branche Plantation
(St. Rose)
Nordlicht (c. 1941-1968)
Louisiana Downs
(Bossier City)
Shiskabob (1978-1984)
MARYLAND: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Atlanta Hall Farm Florida Law (g. 1986)
Country Life Farm
(Bel Air)
Allen's Prospect (c. 1982-2003), Carnivalay (1981-2007)
Courtland Farm
Shared Interest (f. 1988-2005), Surgery (f. 1976-1999)
Charles Fenwick, Jr. Farm
Highland Bud (c. 1985-2008)
Glade Valley Farm
Challenger II (c. 1927-1948)
Halcyon Farm Low Cut (f. 1978)
grave link Harford Community College, formerly Prospect Hill Farm
Durbar II (c. 1911-1932; unmarked)
Holly Beach Stud
Light Brigade (c. 1910)
Huntingfields Valay Maid (f. 1987)
Maryland Hunt Club Course
Trouble Maker (g. 1923-1935; died during the running of the Maryland Hunt Cup)
H. Turney McKnight's farm
(White Hall)
Tong (g. 1974)
Middlebrook Farm
Dalnacardoch (1868)
grave link O'Farrell's Auction
(Sullivan Road, Westminster)
Count Turf (c. 1948-1966) Kentucky Derby winner
Sagamore Farm
10 Vanderbilt burials including:
Stallions: Discovery (c. 1931-1958), Loser Weeper (c. 1945), Native Dancer (c. 1950-1967), North Sea (c. 1969-1986), Restless Native (c. 1960-1988),
Broodmares: Bed o' Roses (1947-1953), Good Thing (f. 1941), Next Move (f. 1947-1968), Now What (f. 1937), Outdone (f. 1936)
Other: Find (g. 1950-1979), Millionreasonswhy (f. 2009-2012), Social Outcast (g. 1950-1970)
Shamrock Farm
Eastern Echo (c. 1988-2004)
Springfield Farm
Trojan (1912-1938)
grave link Woodstock Farm
(Chesapeake City)
Stallions: Nearctic (c. 1954-1973), Your Host (c.1947-1961), T.V. Commercial (c. 1965-1996)
Broodmares: Maid of Flight (f. 1951), Venomous (f. 1953-1976)
Other: Kelso (g. 1957-1983)
grave linkWinbak Farm, formerlyNorthview Stallion Station, formerly part of Windfields Farm (Chesapeake City) Stallions: Baederwood (c. 1975-1999), Caveat (1980-1995), King's Bishop, Smarten (c. 1976-2003), Tentam (c. 1969-1981), Two Punch
Broodmares: Flaming Page (f. 1959-1984), Fleur (f. 1964-1981), Natalma (f. 1957-1985), Special (f. 1969-1999)
Standardbred Broodmares: Classic Wish (f. 1990-2011), Margie's Melody (f. 1976-2009)
Worrel Farm
Von Czadek (g. 1982-1998)
Worthington Farm
Lady Dean (f. 1978), Lord Gaylord (c. 1970-1998)
MICHIGAN: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Come True Farm
Oakland Hills
Avenger II (b. 1944)
(Monroe) Dandy (died 1881), cavalry mount for Gen. George Custer (buried with full military honors in Monroe, Michigan)
grave link East Oak Square, a shopping center, formerly Northwinds Farm
(Grand River Street, East Lansing)
American Saddlebred:
Oklahoma Peavine (1923-1950)
MINNESOTA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
International 1:55 Stock Food Farm
Dan Patch (1896-1916)
Roselawn Cemetery
(Roseville, MN)
Don (died 1886, age 29), Civil War mount of Minnesota Gov. William R. Marshall
MISSOURI: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Audrain County Fair Grounds
American Saddlebred:
Rex McDonald (1890-1913; stuffed and mounted after death, later buried in the infield of the track here)
Boone County Fairgrounds
American Saddlebred:
Stonewall King (died 1949)
Hamilton Brothers' Stable
American Saddlebred:
Forest King (died 1919; also has memorial marker alongside his son Stonewall King at the Boone County Fairgrounds, Columbia, MO)
Oaklands Stud
Later St. Lous Fairgrouds
current location unknown
(St. Louis)
Aristides (c. 1872-1893)
St. Louis Race Course
(St. Louis)
McWhirter (c. 1874-1878)
NEBRASKA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
an industrial park, formerly Ak-Sar-Ben Racetrack, (Omaha) Omaha (c. 1932-1959; buried at the east side of the grandstand and marked with a triangular headstone. In 1974 the clubhouse expansion covered the grave and the headstone was moved. Site currently an industrial park - grave is now lost)
Linden Tree Park
Linden Tree (1800's), buried in infield
NEW HAMPSHIRE: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Rockingham Park Race Track
Springsteel (1929)
NEW JERSEY: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Briardale Farm
(Estill Manor)

Tosmah (1961-1992)
property formerly Brookdale Stud
(Red Bank)

Hamburg (c. 1895-1915), King Ernest (c. 1869)
grave link Dorbrook Park, formerly Festoon Farm
(Colt's Neck)
Festoon (1920-1944), Sailmaker (1946-1954)
Fashion Farm
Goldsmith Maid (1855-1885), Lucy
Helis Stock Farm; formerly Rancocas Stud
Mortemer (c. 1865)
The Meadowlands Standardbred:
Tarport Hap (buried in Paddock Park)
Meadow View Farm
Easton (c. 1931-1952), John P. Grier (c. 1917-1943)
NEW MEXICO: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Leon Harms residence
Quarter Horse:
Plaudit (1930-1958)
NEW YORK: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
American Museum of Natural History
(New York)
Sysonby (c. 1902-1906; originally buried at Keene stables, Sheepshead Bay race track, Brooklyn, NY; skeleton exhumed and now on display in American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY)
Belmont Park
(Elmont, Long Island)
Ruffian (f. 1972-1975; died at 3 in famous match race with Foolish Pleasure; buried in the infield), Timely Writer (c. 1979-1982; broke down in the 1982 Jockey Club Gold Cup; buried in the infield under the flagpole opposite from Ruffian)
Bishop Farm
Bishop's Hambletonian (1803-1833)
Blue Chip Farms
Most Happy Fella (1968-1983)
Empire City Stud
McKinney (1887-1917)
Ferncliff Stud
Baden-Baden 1874
Finger Lakes Race Track
Fio Rito (c. 1975-1996)
Fleetwood Stud
Whisper (1870)
Historic Goshen Race Track
Standardbreds (buried in infield of track):
Guy Turban, Stamboul
Hambletonian Ave.
(Chester, NY)
Hambletonian (1849-1857) foundation sire
Haras Lucy Grace
Cupecoy's Joy (1979-2004)
Highcliff Farm
Cannon Shell (c. 1979-1996), Noble Nashua (c. 1978-1992), Shimatoree (c. 1979-1993)
La France Pet Cemetery near Sun Briar Court
(Gardner Road, Binghamton)
Exterminator (g. 1915-1945), Sun Briar (c. 1915), Suntica (f. 1929)
Lodi early Trotter:
Henry Clay (died 1867)
Long Island Beach Standardbred:
Mambrino (1806 buried in the sand on a Long Island Beach)
Messenger Hill Farm
( Duck Pond Road, Locust Valley)
Messenger (c. 1780-1808) thoroughbred foundation sire of Standardbreds
Milfer Farm
Spectacular Bid (c. 1976-2003)
Roosevelt Pet Cemetery
(Oyster Bay)
Non TB:
Little Texas, charger of Theodore Roosevelt's, ridden during the Spanish American War
on Northampton Road near Sanford Stud Farm; formerly Hurricana Stud, (Amsterdam) Rockton (c. 1897-1920; unmarked, residence of his stud groom on Northampton Road, Amsterdam)
There are memorials at Hurricana for the following, but these are not graves:
Rockton, La Tosca, Chuctanunda, Clifford, Caughnawaga, Mohawk II, Molly Brant, Voter, Post Guard
Saratoga Race Track
(Saratoga Springs)
Clare Court: A Phenomenon (c. 1980-1984), Flaka, Fourstardave (g. 1985-2002), Mourjane (c. 1980-?)
Infield: Go For Wand (f. 1987-1990; died at Belmont; buried infield)
Silver Lake Farm
Mr. Khayyam (c. 1930-1938)
Stonewall Farm
(Granite Springs)
Three Ring (f. 1996-1999; died at Belmont Park, NY; buried here)
The Farm at Saratoga
(Saratoga Springs)
Jacques Who (c. 1970-1995)
Private farm
Proud Appeal (c. 1978-1988)
Stony Ford Farm
Green Mountain Maid
Sugar Maple Farm
Gold Token (1993-2006)
James Wadsworth's farm
Roseben (1901-1918)
Waldorf Farm
(North Chatham)
Cormorant (1974-2007), Go and Go (1987-2000)
West Farm
Badger's HIckory (1804-1821), Maid of the Oaks (1801)
NORTH CAROLINA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Col. Hayne's plantation, Warren Co. Janus (c. 1746-1780; said to be buried at Col. Hayne's plantation)
Mowfield Plantation, near Jackson Sir Archy (c. 1805-1833; unmarked, Mowfield Plantation; also said to be buried at Ben Lomond, Goochland, VA, but this is unlikely)
OHIO: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
grave link Darby Dan Farm
Stallion: Burgoo King (c. 1929-1946)
Broodmares: Primonetta (f. 1958-1993), Queen's Paradise (f. 1969-1994)
Rutherford B. Hayes home
Old Ned, Old Whitey (U.S. President Hayes' horses)
Morrow Co. Grey Eagle (c. 1835-1863)
property formerly the Harter farm (Osceola) Frank, a Civil War charger, Co. A, 12th Ohio Cavalry, ridden by Abe Conger.
Fred Rarey's farm
Cruiser (1852-1875)
Reber & Kurz Farm
Fashion (f. 1837-1861)
OKLAHOMA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Merrick Ranch
Quarter Horse:
Easy Jet (1967)
Snodgrass Farm
Mr. Ed, TV star
Warren Ranch
Quarter Horse:
Leo (1940-1967)
PENNSYLVANIA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Ashwell Stables
Martie's Anger (g. 1975-1983)
Brushwood Stable
Broodmares: Flowing (f. 1988-2002), I'm Sweets (f. 1983-2002)
Other: Creme Fraiche (g. 1982-2003)
Civil War Library Museum
(Pine Street, Philadelphia)
Non TB:
Old Baldy (died 1882), Gen. George Meade's charger (mounted head)
Janet Elliott's Farm
Census (g. 1978-1989), Victorian Hill (g. 1985-2006), Wusenchef (g)
Erdenheim Farm
(Chestnut Hill)
Welch/Kittson-era burials:
Leamington (c. 1853-1878), Maggie B.B. (f. 1867),
Flora Temple
Widener-era burials:
Jaipur (c. 1959-1987), Jester (c. 1955-1982)
Hanover Shoe Farms
Albatross (1968-1998), Armbro Nesbit (1970-1977), Arpege (1955-1979), Ayres (1961-1990), Barbara Direct (1947-1975), Barbet Hanover (1958-1983), Beryl Hanover (1947-1973), Billy Direct (1934-1947), Brenda Hanover (1938-1965), Brenna Hanover (1956-1974), Brief Romance (1961-1992), Bullet Hanover (1957-1982), Cassin Hanover (1954-1979), Columbia Hanover (1952-1975), Crysta Hanover (1971-1993),
Dean Hanover (1934-1960), Descent (1975-1996),
Delicious (1960-1984), Dillon Axworthy (1910-1939),
Elma (1960-1991), Exclusive Way (1972-1993), Flicka Frost (1954-1980), Goddess Hanover (1943-1969), Guy McKinney (1923-1944), Hanover's Bertha (f. 1927-1944), Helen Hanover (1927-1947), Hickory Smoke (1954-1981), Hollidee Hanover (1983-1996), Hoot Mon (1944-1965), JD's Bret (1973-1998), Joan Genessee (1954-1976), Justissima (1915-1940), Knight Dream (1945-1977), Lucy Hanover (1967-1998), Ladykin Hanover (1974-1997), Laurita Hanover (1959-1982), Miss Bertha Hanover (1926-1945), Miss Laura (1952-1976), Mr. McElwyn (1921-1944), Nibble Hanover (1936-1968), Noble Gal (1968-1992), Peter Manning, Ritzy Hanover (1959-1982),
Romola Hanover (1957-1979), Rosalind (1933-1950),
Rose Scott (1918-1940), Sampson Hanover (1947-1972), Spencer Scott (1937-1947), Spry Hanover (1964-1989), Star's Pride (1947-1977), Super Bowl (1969-2000), Tar Heel (1948-1982), The Old Maid (1945-1965), Titan Hanover (1942-1966), Tyler B (1977-1990), Volga E (1913-1940), Wendy Hanover (1966-1998)
Hempt Farms
Keystone Ore
Meadow Lands Farm
(Meadow Lands)
Adios (1940-1965), Betty G, Countess Vivian, Dale Frost, Maggie Counsel, Shy Ann, Split, Wanda Baldwin
Reigle Heir Farm
Gai Hai (c. 1971-2004)
PUERTO RICO: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
El Comandante Race Track
Camarero (1951-1956), The Kid
RHODE ISLAND: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Narragansett Park
Adobe Post (g. 1929-1935), Charlie Boy (c. 1936-1968)
SOUTH CAROLINA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Aiken Training Track
Blue Peter (1946-1950)
Harry L. Carroll Farm
(St. Matthews)
Yankee Affair (g. 1982-1991)
Jamesville Race Course,
nr. the Seat of James B. Richardson
Shark (c. 1791, "buried with distinguished honors," a marble slab is said to mark the spot)
Springdale Race Course (Camden) Lonesome Glory (g. 1988-2002, buried at Museum), Master McGrath (g. 1987-2001); Warm Spell (g. 1988-1994)
TENNESSEE: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
property formerly Avondale Stud
Himyar (c. 1875-1905)
Tyree Bate's Farm
Glenelg (c. 1866-1897)
formerly part of Belle Meade Stud
Bluster (1808-1828), Bonnie Scotland (c. 1853-1880), died here; skeleton to Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN), Childe Harold, Eagle, Enquirer (c. 1867-1895; monument, 404 Leake Ave), Iroquois (c. 1878-1899; unmarked; 2 hooves made into inkwells on display in Belle Meade Mansion), Jack Malone (c. 1858-1872), John Morgan (c. 1858), Priam (c. 1827-1947), Vandal (c. 1850-1872)
Fairview Stud
Mr. Pickwick (c. 1878-1890), Rossifer (1875)
Kennesaw Stud
Glengarry (c. 1866)
grave link Milky Way Farms
Tennessee Walking Horse:
Tom Hal F-20 (Foundation sire for American Saddlebred; died 1890)
S.W. Beech and Sons Stables
Tennessee Walking Horses:
Another Masterpiece, Ebony Masterpiece, Merry Go Boy
W.H. McAllister Farm
Luke Blackburn (c. 1877-1904)
Thompson's Station
Roderick (mount of Nathan Bedford Forest; buried on private property)
Vanderbilt University
(Nashville, TN)
Bonnie Scotland (c. 1853-1880; died at Belle Meade Stud, Nashville, TN; skeleton given to Vanderbilt University, possibly destroyed by fire in 1905)
Walking Horse Hotel
Tennessee Walking Horse:
Strolling Jim (died 1957, buried behind Hotel)
Wall Spring Farm
Albion (c. 1837-1859)
TEXAS: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Burnett Ranches
Quarter Horse:
Dash For Cash
Cardwell Ranch
Quarter Horse:
Little Joe
Cauble Ranch
(Leon Co.)
Quarter Horses:
Cutter Bill (1955-1982)
Wimpy (1937-1959)
Double S. Thoroughbreds
Sunny's Halo (c. 1980-2003)
Hankins Ranch
Quarter Horse:
King (1932-1958)
JEH Stallion Station
Quarter Horse:
Refrigerator (1988-1999)
King Ranch
Assault (c. 1943-1971), Middleground (c. 1947-1972)
Quarter Horse:
Old Sorrel (1915-1945)
Middleton Perry Farm
(Ten Mile Creek, near Lancaster)
Quarter Horse:
Steel Dust (1843-1964)
Paradise Farm
(Longview, TX)
Tudor Black (c. 1965-1988, unmarked)
Pine Lake Farm
American Saddlebred:
King's Genius (1924-1943, originally buried at Pine Lake Farm; moved to Walnut Springs Farm, Lexington, KY)
owner's home
(San Antonio, TX)
Cass Ole (c. 1969-1993) "The Black Stallion" from the movies
Thistlewood Farm
Three Bars Ranch
Three Bars (c. 1940-1968), thoroughbred sire of Quarter Horses
Twin Oaks Training Center Answer Lively (c. 1996-2003)
W.T. Waggoner Ranch Quarter Horse:
Poco Bueno
VERMONT: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
(Turnbridge) foundation sire of the Morgan breed:
Figure (1789-1821), a.k.a. Justin Morgan
VIRGINIA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Beebe Ranch
Ridge Road
Chincoteague ponies:
Misty of Chincoteague (died 1972) and her foal Stormy (both stuffed and mounted)
Bell Air Stud
Revenue (c. 1843-1868)
Belmont Plantation,
now Belmont C.C.
Billy Barton (1918-1933), Colin (c. 1905-1932)
Buckland Farm,
Pleasant Colony (1978-2002)
property formerly Bullfield Stud
Nina (f. 1848-1879)
Stirling Clark Estate
(Adirondack Hills)
Kellsboro Jack (g. 1926; edge of the estate on a small hill) Grand National wnr.
Ellerslie Stud
Stallion: Eolus (c. 1868-1897; "buried between War Song and Lizzie Hazelwood under a little walnut tree")
Broodmares: Lizzie Hazelwood (f. 1974), War Song (f. 1867)
Fort Myers
mixed breed, ceremonial "riderless horse":
Blackjack (1947-1976)
Inglecrest Farm
Paul Jones (c. 1914-1930)
Kentmere Farm
Teddy (c. 1913-1936)
Lazy Lane Farm
formerly Brookmeade Stud
Brookmeade-era burial: Cavalcade (c. 1931-1940)
Lazy Lane-era burial: Secret Hello (c. 1981-2002)
grave link Meadow Stud
Stallions: Hill Prince (c. 1947-1970), Sun Beau (c. 1925-1944)
Broodmare: Imperatrice (f. 1938-1973), Somethingroyal (1952-1983)
Other: Blue
(The Plains)
Stallions: Hasty Road (1951), Misty Flight (1955)
Montana Hall
(White Post)
Ksar (c. 1918-1937)
grave link Montpelier
(Montpelier Station)
Stallions: Annapolis (c. 1926-1957), Battleship (c. 1927-1958)
Broodmare: Accra (f. 1941-1966)
Newstead Farm
Legendra (1944-1976), Genuine Risk (1977-2008)
Nydrie Stud
Pilate (c. 1928-1953)
Oaklands Plantation
(Petersburg, Chesterfield Co.)
Citizen (c. 1785-1809)
Old Mansion; formerly Col. Hoomes' Bowling Green
(Bowling Green)
Diomed (c. 1777-1808), Maria Slamerkin (f.)
Powhatton Farm
L'Escargot (g. 1963-1985), Grand National wnr.
U.S. Army Remount Depot
(Front Royal)
Henry of Navarre (c. 1891-1917), Octagon (c. 1894)
Virginia Military Institute
Non TB:
Little Sorrel, (Stonewall Jackson's war horse (died 1886, bones buried in parade ground; hide displayed at VMI since his death)
Washington and Lee University
Non TB:
Traveller (1857-1870), grey charger of Gen. Robert E. Lee
WASHINGTON: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Emerald Downs
Captain Condo (g. 1982)
Longacres Race Course
Lucky Valley (c. 1946-1949; buried in the infield)
St. Hilaire Thoroughbreds
Desert Wine (c. 1980-2003)
WASHINGTON D.C.: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Hall of Mammals, Smithsonian Institute Thoroughbred:
grave link Lexington (c. 1850-1875; originally buried at Woodburn Stud, Midway, KY; later exhumed and skeleton now at Hall of Mammals, Smithsonian Institute)
Haleb (died 1909; skull and partial skeleton)
Non TB:
Kidron, mount of Gen. John J. Pershing, (died 1942, skin and skull)
Hall of Armed Forces History
Simthsonian Institute
Rienzi a.k.a. Winchester, war charger of Gen. Phillip Sheridan (died 1878)
WISCONSIN: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
(Monroe) Standardbred:
Peter McKinney
(Racine) Standardbred:
Jay Eye See (bones exhumed from grave and now in storage)
WYOMING: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Mark T. Cox Ranch
Behave Yourself (1918-1937)
Gregg Ranch
Quarter Horse:
Peppy (1934-1964)
Horseshoe Ranch
Foolish Pleasure (c. 1972-1994)
grave linkWashington Park
Sir Barton (c. 1916-1937)
CANADA: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise 
Adena Springs North
(Aurora, Ontario)
Carson Hollow
Armstrong Farms
(Brampton, Ontario)
Armbro Flight, Armbro Omaha (1971-2000), Armbro Regina, Dottie's Pick (1952-1980)
Flying Horse Farm
(West Bank, British Columbia)
Dixieland Brass (1986-2007)
Mckoy Farm
Highland Wedding (g. 1957-1985), Grand National wnr.
Millar Brooke Farm
(Perth, Ontario)
Show Jumper:
Big Ben (1976-1999)
Jamie Smart Farm
(Pefferlaw, Ontario)
Canadian Olympia 3-Day Horse:
Sudden Impact (1975-1998)
Kinghaven Farm
Izvestia (c. 1987-1991)
J.K.L. Ross Farm
Billy Kelly (1916-1926)
Royal Botanical Gardens at Hamilton;
formerly Valley Farm
(Aldershot, Ontario)
Martimas (c. 1896-1911)
Stamford Park
(Niagara Falls, Ontario)
Mona Bell (f. 1935-1939)
Steve Stavro Estate
Stallion: Cool Victor (c. 1975-2003)
Broodmare: Bold Debra (f. 1981)
Victoria Park
(Calgary, Alberta)
Duchess of York (f. 1923), Joey
grave link Windfields Farm
(Oshawa, ONT)
Stallions: Archers Bay (c. 1995-2002), Ascot Knight (1984-2008), New Providence (c. 1956-1981), Northern Dancer (c. 1961-1990; died at Windfields, MD), Vice Regent (c. 1967-1995), Victoria Park (c. 1957-1985), Windfields (c. 1943-1969)
Broodmares: Ballade (f. 1972-1994 - marker only, buried at Brookdale Farm, KY), Canadiana (f. 1950-1971), South Ocean (f. 1967-1989)
Strachino (1870)

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