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  Grave Matters: Marchmont Farm, Paris, Kentucky

Photos by Barbara Livinston, Liz Martiniak and Kurt Lemke
© Barbara Livinston 2003; all rights reserved. © Liz Martiniak 2002; all rights reserved. © Kurt Lemke 2013; all rights reserved.

Marchmont cemetery
Marchmont cemetery
Marguerite's grave
Sir Gallahad's grave
Relaxing and Pure Profit graves
TOP (left to right): State, File, Dearly Precious, Moccasin, Thong, Tuerta.
Second row: (the same group viewed from the far right).
Third row: Marguerite and Sir Gallahad III, sire and dam of Gallant Fox.
Bottom row (left to right): Pure Profit, Relaxing.

BELOW (all photos below by Kurt Lemke) : First row: Ack Ack, Alluvial, Boundary
Second row: Conquistador Cielo, Cox's Ridge, Damascus
Third row: Danzig, Devil's Bag, Drone
Fourth row: Easy Goer, Forli, Foreseer
Fifth row: Hawaii, Majestic Light, Number
Sixth Row: Obeah, Out of Place, Personal Ensign
Seventh row: Pine Island, Private Account, Private Terms
Eighth row: Sir Ivor, Special, Tom Rolfe
Ninth row: Topsider, Unbridled
Bottom row: Banshee Breeze, Pine Island and Con Game

Ack Ack's grave
Alluvial's grave
Boundary's grave
Conquistador Cielo's grave
Cox's Ridge grave
Damascus' grave
Danzig's grave
Devil's Bag's grave
Drone's grave
Easy Goer's grave
Forli's grave
Forseer's grave
Hawaii's grave
Majestic Light's grave
Number's grave
Obeah's grave
Out of Place's grave
Personal Ensign's grave
Pine Island's grave
Private Account's grave
Private Term's grave
Sir Ivor's grave
Special's grave
Tom Rolfe's grave
Topsider's grave
Unbridled's grave
Banshee Breez Con Game Pine Island graves

MARCHMONT FARM is now a division of Claiborne Farm and was the former home of Catesby Clay. The first interments here were for MARGUERITE (who died in 1945) and SIR GALLAHAD III (in 1949), the sire and dam of GALLANT FOX. The farm is also the final resting place of prominent Claiborne sires who have not been buried in the main farm cemetery. These include DRONE, Argentine Horse of the Year FORLI, Preakness winner TOM ROLFE, Horse of the Year ACK ACK, TOPSIDER, Champion 2yo and Belmont Stakes winner EASY GOER, Horse of the Year DAMASCUS, Epsom Derby winner SIR IVOR, COX'S RIDGE, DANZIG, MAJESTIC LIGHT, Kentucky Derby winner UNBRIDLED, and Horse of the Year CONQUISTADOR CIELO.

Marchmont also is the burial site of many of the prominent broodmares who are owned by the farm or it's clients. Claiborne-owned mares who have been buried at Marchmont include THONG, STATE, TUERTA (dam of SWALE), FILE (dam of FORTY NINER), FORESEER (dam of CAERLEON), and Horse of the Year MOCCASIN. Several broodmares owned by the Phipps family have been laid to rest at Marchmont such as PURE PROFIT and champion RELAXING (dam of EASY GOER). -- A.P.

Ack Ack (c. 1966-1990)
Boundary (c. 1990-2012)
Conquistador Cielo (c. 1979-2002)
Cox's Ridge (c. 1974-1998)
Damascus (c. 1964-1995)
Danzig (c. 1977-2006)
Devil's Bag (c. 1981-2005)
Drone (c. 1966-1987)
Easy Goer (c. 1986-1994)
Forli (c. 1963-1988)
Hawaii (c. 1964-1990)
Majestic Light (c. 1973-2000)
Out of Place (c. 1987-2010)
Private Account (c. 1976-2004)
Private Terms (c. 1980-2010)
Sir Gallahad III (c. 1920-1949)
Sir Ivor (c. 1965-1995)
Tom Rolfe (c. 1962-1989)
Topsider (c. 1974-1992)
Unbridled (c. 1987-2001)
Alluvial (f. 1969-1994)
Banshee Breeze (f. 1995-2001)
Con Game (f. 1974-2001)
Dearly Precious (f. 1975-1992)
File (f. 1976-1993)
Foreseer (f. 1969-1998)
Marguerite (f. 1920-1945)
Moccasin (f. 1963-1986)
Number (f. 1979-1997)
Numbered Account (f. 1969-1997)
Obeah (f. 1965-1993)
Pine Island (f. 2003-2006 )
Pure Profit (f. 1982-1999)
Qui Royalty (f. 1977-1999)
Relaxing (f. 1976-1999)
Special (f. 1963-1979)
State (f. 1974-1993)
Thong (f. 1964-1986)
Tuerta (f. 1970-1985)
Ambiorix (c. 1946-1975)
Blenheim II (c. 1927-1958)
Bold Ruler (c. 1954-1971)
Buckpasser (c. 1963-1978)
Court Martial (c. 1942-1966)
Double Jay (c. 1944-1972)
Gallant Fox (c. 1927-1954)
Herbager (c. 1956-1976)
Hoist The Flag (c. 1968-1980)
Johnstown (c. 1936-1950)
Mr. Prospector (c. 1970-1999)
Nasrullah (c. 1940-1959)
Nijinsky II (c. 1967-1992)
Pulpit (c.1994-2012)
Princequillo (c. 1940-1964)
Reviewer (c. 1966-1977)
Riva Ridge (c. 1969-1985)
Round Table (c. 1954-1987)
Secretariat (c. 1970-1989)
Sir Gallahad III (c. 1920-1949; marker only, grave is at Marchmont division)
Swale (c. 1981-1984).
Chatterton (c. 1919-1933)
Star Hawk (c. 1913-1925)
Stimulus (c. 1922-1945)
War Cloud (c. 1915-1923)
Nantallah (c. 1953-1972)
Tulyar (c. 1943-1972)

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