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If you know of a site of the remains of a famous horse, please email us with the information and it will be added to this list.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise
Town Museum
Non TB:
Wallenstein's charger. The charger of Gen. Albrecht von Wallenstein of the German Imperial Army during the 30 Years War (1618-1648)
ENGLAND: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise
Southcourt Stud
(Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire)
St. Frusquin (c. 1893-1914); died here; skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth)
Gainsborough Stud
(Woolton Hill, Berkshire)
Stallion: Gainsborough (c. 1915-1945)
Broodmares: Chinese Cracker (f. 1948), Helia (f. 1937), May Wong (f. 1934), Shrimp Sauce (f. 1938)
Highclere Stud
(Burghclere, Berkshire)
Troy (c. 1976-1983)
Kingwood Stud;
formerly Lambourn Stud (Lambourn, Berkshire)
Felstead (c. 1925-1947)
Maiden Erlegh Stud
(Earley, Reading, Berkshire)
Polymelus (c. 1902-1924; died here, mounted skeleton in foyer of University of Cambridge Zoology Museum)
Malt House Stud
(Woolhampton, Reading, Berkshire)
Relko (c. 1960)
Adstock Manor Stud, (Adstock, Buckinghamshire) High Line (c. 1966-1992)
Mentmore Towers
(Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire)
Rothschild-era burials:
Favonius (c. 1868-1877), King Tom (c. 1851-1878; statue moved to Scotland), Macaroni (c. 1860-1887)
Rosebery-era burials:
Blue Peter (c. 1936-1957), Ocean Swell (c. 1941-1954)
Highflyer Hall
(Ely, Cambridgeshire)
Highflyer (c. 1774-1793; supposedly buried in or near the garden, unmarked)
near the palings of a churchyard at Stilton
(Peterborough, Cambridgeshire)
Buckhunter [the Carlisle Gelding] (g. 1713-1731
University of Cambridge Zoology Museum
(Cambridge, Cambridgeshire)
Polymelus (c. 1902-1924; died at Maiden Erlegh Stud, Berkshire; mounted skeleton in foyer of University of Cambridge Zoology Museum)
(Gog Magog, Cambridgeshire)
Godolphin Arabian (c. 1724-1753)
Chester Leadworks
(Chester, Cheshire)
Euphrates (c. 1816-1832; buried near the Shot Tower, Chester Leadworks)
Eaton Lodge/Stud
(near Chester, Cheshire)
Stallions: Bend Or (c. 1877-1903; skull sent to Natural History Museum, South Kensington, ENG), Flying Fox (c. 1896-1911; memorial only; died at Haras de Jardy, FR; skeleton at horse museum at Chateau de Saumur, FR), Orme (c. 1889-1915), Touchstone (c. 1831-1862; skeleton at Eaton Stud)
Broodmares: Angelica (f. 1879-1899), Beeswing (f. 1833; bones on display), Lily Agnes  (f. 1871-1899), Ornament (f. 1887-1910), Shotover (f. 1879-1899), Vampire (f. 1889-1915)
Grand National winner: Last Suspect (g. 1974-1989)
Hooton Hall
(Ellesmere Port, Cheshire)
Stockwell (c. 1849-1870; buried here; exhumed and skeleton on display at British Museum, Natural History Museum, So. Kensington, London)
Nine Acres
(Aske, Hartlepool, Cleveland)
Voltigeur (c. 1847-1874)
Corney Hall
(Corney, Millom, Cumbria)
Velocipede (c. 1825-1850)
North Farm Spetisbury
(Blandford, Dorset)
Four Ten (1946-1968)
Sandley Stud; formerly Compton Stud
(Gillingham, Dorset)
Amphion (c. 1886-1906)
Woodyates Yard
(Woodyates, Dorset)
Joe Miller (1849)
Barforth Farm,
formerly Barforth Stud (near Gainford, Durham)
Stallions: Bloody Buttocks (Arabian) (c. 1719-c1737), Greyhound (c.1701), Partner (c. 1718-1747),
Broodmares: Bay Bloody Buttocks (f. 1729), Grey Bloody Buttocks (f.)
Red Barns Farms
(Bishop Auckland, Durham)
Red Alligator (g. 1900), Grand National wnr.
Streatlam Castle
(Staindrop, Durham)
Stallions: Hermes (c. 1790), Pipator (c. 1786), Remembrancer (c. 1800-1829)
Broodmare: Queen Mab (f. 1785-1812)
Cenotaph: West Australian (c. 1850; died at Haras du Pin, France; memorial at Streatlam)
Wynyard Park
(Stockton-on-Tees, Durham)
Hambletonian (c. 1792-1818)
Brick Lane Stud
(Dunmow, Essex)
Gladiateur (c. 1862-1876; died here; tail at National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket, Suffolk)
(Guiting Power, Gloucestershire) Charter Party (1978-2000)
Danebury Paddocks
(Nether Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire)
Stallion: Bay Middleton (c. 1833-1857; exhumed, near forefoot presented to Lord Jersey)
Broodmare: Crucifix (f. 1837-1858)
Hermit Lodge
(Stockbridge, Hampshire)
The Hero (c. 1843-1860; buried in the garden)
Littleton Stud
(Littleton, Hampshire)
Quorum (c. 1954-1971), Song (c. 1966-1988)
Royden Manor
(Lymington, Hampshire)
Lovely Cottage (1936-1964; half-bred) Grand National wnr.
Stratfield Saye House
(Stratfield Saye, Basingstone, Hampshire)
Non TB:
Copenhagen, charger of the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo (1808-1936)
Bacton Farm
(Partridge family estate) (Hereford)
Sprig (g. 1917-1944)
Childwick Bury Stud
(St. Albans, Hertsfordshire)
Stallions: Humorist (c. 1918-1921; died at 3), Royal Hampton (c. 1882-1906; skull at Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London, ENG), Sundridge (c. 1898-1923), Sunstar (c. 1908-1926)
Broodmares: Crystal Palace (f. 1956), Doris (f. 1898-1917), Picture Play (f. 1941)
Other: Dean Swift (c. 1901-1926)
Elsenham Stud
(Elsenham, Bishop Stortford, Hertsfordshire)
Golden Miller (g. 1927-1957), Insurance
property formerly Middle Park Stud
(Eltham, Kent)
Stallions: King John (c. 1861-1875), Kingston (1849-1861), Saunterer (c. 1854-1878)
Broodmares: Defenceless (f. 1844), Ennui (f. 1843), Governess (f. 1855), Landlady (f.), Nemesis (f. 1858), Palmyra (f. 1838), Paradigm (f. 1852), Queen's Head (f. 1853), Shot (f. 1853), Typee (f. 1850)
Lea Wood Plantation
(Thorneyholme, Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire)
Butterfly (f. 1857)
Astley Grange Farm Stud
(Arkwright Hill Farm, East Langton, Leicestershire)
Lottery (g. 1829). This is a much later (1886) monument; it is uncertain if it notes an earlier grave for Lottery, although it is known he spent his later years here
Gaddesby Hall
(Gaddesby, Leicestershire)
Bendigo (c. 1880-1904)
Green Lane
(now a carpark)
(Sketchley, Burbage, Leicestershire)
Sunloch (g. 1906-1920; buried secretly in a field near here)
near Lubenham Church
(Lubenham, Market Harlborough, Leicestershire)
Alcibiade (g. 1860) won Grand National
(Morcott, Leicestershire) Grittar (g. 1973-1998)
property formerly Blankney Stud
(Sleaford, Lincolnshire)
Galopin (c. 1872-1899; died here; skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth), Hermit (c. 1864-1890; died here; skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth; mounted hoof in Jockey Club Dining Room, Newmarket, Suffolk, ENG)
Burghley House
(Stamford, Lincolnshire)
Pocahontas, by *Glencoe (f. 1837-1870; all that remains is a hoof made into an inkwell at Burghley House)
Lower Forty Farm
(Wembley Park, Brent, London)
Cloister (1884-1903; stuffed head now at National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket)
National Army Museum
(Chelsea, London)
Arabian: Marengo, Napoleon's Arabian charger (1794-1832, articulated skeleton and 2 hooves in Waterloo Gallery)
Natural History Museum, (So. Kensington, London) Ayrshire (c. 1885-1910, buried at Welbeck Abbey; skeleton), Bend Or (c. 1877-1903; buried at Eaton Stud, skull), Brown Jack (g. 1924-1949, skeleton), Isinglass (c. 1890-1911; buried Cheveley Park; skeleton), Ormonde (c. 1883-1904; died at Wikiup Rancho, CA; disarticulated skeleton/skull), Persimmon (c. 1893-1908; mounted head at Jockey Club Racing Museum; skeleton), Royal Hampton (c. 1882; skull), Stockwell (c. 1849-1870; buried Hooton Park; skeleton), William the Third (c. 1898-1917; buried at Welbeck Abbey; skull)
Aintree Race Course
(Liverpool, Merseyside)
Red Rum (g. 1965-1995; buried at the winning post)
Knowsley Park
(Prescot, Merseyside)
Sir Peter Teazle (c. 1784-1811)
property formerly Yardley Stud
(nr Stud Lane, Yardley, Birmingham, West Midlands)
Isonomy (c. 1875-1891; buried at Stanley House, Newmarket; tract formerly Sefton Stud; mounted head given to Grahams of Yardley Stud)
Hampton Court Stud
Orlando (c. 1841; died here; skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth)
Bergh Apton Stud
(Norwich, Norfolk)
Grey Sovereign (c. 1948-1976)
Nunnery Stud
(Thetford, Norfolk)
Nashwan (c. 1986-2002), Unfuwain (c. 1985-2002)
Royal Stud at Sandringham
(Sandringham, Norfolk)
Persimmon (c. 1893-1908; died at Sandringham, mounted head at Jockey Club Racing Museum, Newmarket; skeleton at Natural History Museum, South Kensington), Shirley Heights (c. 1975-1997)
Rushford Hall
(Rushford, Thetford, Norfolk)
Melton (c. 1882-1910; head, and 2 hooves made into inkwells)
Wolferton Stud
(King's Lynn, Norfolk)
Aureole (c. 1950-1974)
Deene Park
(Corby, Northamptonshire)
Non TB:
Ronald, charger of Lord Cardigan at the Charge of the Light Brigade, Balaklava, Crimea (died 1872, mounted head, tail, a hoof)
Douglas-Pennant Estate (Sholebroke Lodge, Whittlebury, Northamptonshire) Rubio (g. 1899; exact location lost) Grand National wnr.
The Elms, Bletsoe family stud (Denton, Northamptonshire) Grudon (c. 1890-1912)
(Stockbridge, Northamptonshire) Maccabeus a.k.a. Running Rein (c. 1840-1844, unmarked)
Natural History Museum, (Wollaton Hall, Wollaton, Nottinghamshire) St. Simon (c. 1881-1908; buried Welbeck Abbey; skeleton at Wollaton Hall; hide at Heath House, Newmarket, ENG)
Rufford Abbey
(Ollerton, Nottinghamshire)
Cremorne (c. 1869-1882)
Welbeck Abbey Estate
(Worksop, Nottinghamshire)
Stallions: Ayrshire (c. 1885-1910; skeleton at Natural History Museum, South Kensington; hide at Heath House, Newmarket) Carbine (c. 1885-1913; skeleton at racing museum, Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria, AUS; skin at museum in Auckland, NZ; mounted head at Auckland Racing Club, NZ; 3 of his feet inkstands, NZ State House), Donovan (c. 1886-1905; hide at Heath House, Newmarket), St. Serf (c. 1887-1915), St. Simon (c. 1881-1908; mounted skeleton at Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall, Wollaton, Nottingham, England; hide at National Racing Museum, Newmarket), William the Third (c. 1898-1917; skull at Natural History Museum, South Kensington)
Broodmares: Amiable (f. 1891-1915), Atalanta (f. 1877-1897), La Roche (f. 1897-1920), Memoir (f. 1887-1908), Miss Middlewick (f. 1876), Mowerina (f. 1876-1905; by Scottish Chief), Rook, Semolina (f. 1887-1909), Wheel of Fortune (f. 1876-1903)
Aston Park Stud
(Aston Rowant, Watlington, Oxfordshire)
Stallion: Trigo (c. 1926-1946)
Broodmare: Athasi (f. 1917-1944)
Buttermilk Stud
(Barford St. Michael, Oxfordshire)
Park Top (f. 1964)
Kirtlington Stud
(Kirtlington, Oxfordshire)
Windmill Girl (f. 1961)
Lambourn Stud
(Woolstone, Faringdon, Oxfordshire)
Rockefella (c. 1941)
Marston House
(Banbury, Oxfordshire)
Reynoldstown (g. 1927-1951), Well To Do (g. 1962-1985)
Whatcombe Stables
(Wantage, Oxfordshire)
Blandford (c. 1919-1935)
Woodperry, home of Sir John Thomson (Stanton St. John, Oxfordshire) Fort Leney (1958-1984), Flying Bolt (1959-1986)
Bibby Estate
(Sansaw, Shrewsbury, Shropshire)
Kirkland (g. 1896-1914), Glenside (g. 1902), both Grand National wnrs.
Haughton Hall
(Shifnal, Shropshire)
Gimcrack (c. 1760)
Shade Oak Stud
(Ellesmere, Shropshire)
Gunner B. (c. 1973-2003) National Hunt Sire
Over Stowey
(Bridgewater, Somerset)
Master Smudge (1972-1996; buried on the spot where he died of a heart attack)
Animal Health Trust,
Lanwades Hall
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Hyperion (c. 1930-1960; articulated skeleton)
Banstead Manor Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Manna (c. 1922-1940)
Beech House Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Nearco (c. 1935-1957 memorial), Crepello (c. 1954-1974; died here, can't confirm burial; hoof at National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket), St. Paddy (c. 1957-1984)
Brook Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Petition (c. 1932-1958)
Cheveley Park Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Isinglass (c. 1890-1911; skeleton at Natural History Museum, London, ENG), Music Boy (c. 1973-1993; statue)
Dalham Hall Stud (Newmarket, Suffolk) Stallions: Ajdal (c. 1984-1988), Dubai Millennium (c. 1996-2001), Great Nephew (c. 1963-1986), Honeyway (c. 1941-1968), Machiavellian (c. 1987-2004), Reference Point (c. 1984-1991), Shareef Dancer (c. 1980-1999)
Broodmares: Glorious Song (f. 1976-2003), Oh So Sharp (f. 1982-2001)
Egerton Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Abernant (c. 1946-1970), Owen Tudor (c. 1938-1966)
Exning Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Sceptre (f. 1899-1926; died here; mounted hoof at National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket)
E.F. Gibson Ltd. Saddlers Shop
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Robert The Devil (c. 1877-1889; stuffed and mounted at E.F. Gibson Ltd., saddlers' shop)
Great Barton Stud
(Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk)
Sorcerer (c. 1796-1821; died here, skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth)
Hamilton Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Foxlaw (c. 1922-1935), Lemberg (c. 1907-1928)
Hare Park
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Pot-8-os (c. 1773-1800)
Heath House
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Ayrshire (c. 1885-1910; skeleton at Natural History Museum, South Kensington; hide at Heath House), Donovan (c. 1886-1905; buried at Welbeck Abbey Stud; hide at Heath House), St. Simon (c. 1881-1908; originally buried at Welbeck Abbey Stud; mounted skeleton at Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall, Wollaton, Notts., England; hide at Heath House)
Jockey Club National Racing Museum
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Canezou (f. 1845; mounted hoof); Hermit (c. 1864-1890; mounted hoof), St. Simon (c. 1881-1908; mounted hoof and tooth)
Kingston Yard
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Waxy (c. 1790-1817)
Lanwades Hall
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Hyperion (c. 1930-1960; articulated skeleton, at the Animal Health Trust building), Jeddah (c. 1895-1909 in Jeddah's field), Nishapour (c. 1975-1993 at modern Lanwades Stud)
Moulton Paddocks
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Pas Seul (1953-1977)
National Racing Museum
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Beeswing (f. 1833; bones at Eaton Stud; mounted hoof), Canterbury Pilgrim (f. 1893-1917; died at Woodlands Stud; mounted hoof), Crepello (c. 1954-1974; died at Beech House Stud, Newmarket; mounted hoof), Cloister (1884-1903; bured at Lower Forty Farm, Wembley Park; stuffed head), Eclipse (c. 1764-1789; died at Cannons, Surrey; articulated skeleton, patch of hide with hair; hairs from mane and tail incorporated into "The Whip," hoof mounted in gold in Eclipse Trophy), Galeottia (f. 1892; died at Manton Stud, mounted hoof), Gladiateur (c. 1862-1876; died at Brick Lane Stud, Dunmow, Essex; tail), Isinglass (c. 1890-1911; died at Cheveley Park Stud; mounted hoof), Isonomy (c. 1875-1891; died at Sefton Stud, gravestone in courtyard of Museum), Persimmon (c. 1893-1908; mounted head; skeleton at Natural History Museum, South Kensington), Symon's Pride (c. 1909; mounted hoof), Voltigeur (c. 1847-1874), died at Nine Acres, tail and legs here), Why Not (1881; mounted hoof)
National Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Air Express (c. 1994-2000), Blakeney (c. 1966-1992), Mill Reef (c. 1968-1986), Moorestyle (c. 1977-1984), Never Say Die (c. 1951-1975), Relkino (c. 1973-1989), Royal Palace (c. 1964-1991), Tudor Melody (c. 1956-1978)
Marker only: Suave Dancer (c. 1988-1998; died at Eliza Park Stud, AUSTRALIA)
Private Home
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Phil Drake (c. 1952-1963; died probably at Haras du Bois Roussel, FR; mounted hoof in private home in Nemarket, Suffolk)
Newmarket Racecourse
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Ambush II (g. 1894-1905), Trumpator (c. 1782-1808, on the Clermont Course)
Palace House
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Dr. Syntax (c. 1811-1838)
Rose Hall
(Exning, near Newmarket, Suffolk)
Grand Parade (c. 1916-1932)
Sandwich Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Hethersett (c. 1959)
Snailwell Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Busted (c. 1963-1988), Chamossaire (c. 1942-1964)
Someries Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Stallion: Precipitation (c. 1933-1957)
Broodmare: Double Life (f. 1926-1943)

Stanley House,
tract formerly Sefton Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)

Isonomy (c. 1875-1891; mounted head given to Grahams of Yardley Stud, ENG), Riviera (c. 1887; Sefton Stud), Ouija (f. 1971), Teleprompter (g. 1980)
Stetchworth Park Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Hampton (c. 1872-1897; tail in farm office)
Swynford Paddocks
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Brigadier Gerard (c. 1968-1989)
Tattersalls' Park Paddocks; formerly Terrace House Stud (Newmarket, Suffolk) Solario (c. 1922-1945)
private home
(Woodbridge, Suffolk)
Surplice (c. 1845-1871 (died here; cannon bones made into carving knives owned by Col. Barlow, now owned privately)
Woodditton Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Stallions: Connaught (c. 1965-1987), Pinza (c. 1950-1977), Welsh Pageant (c. 1966-1984)
Broodmare: Edie Kelly (f. 1950-1977)
Woodlands Stud
(Newmarket, Suffolk)
Canterbury Pilgrim (f. 1893-1917; died here; hoof at National Racing Museum, Newmarket)
Cobham Stud
(Cobham, Ockham, Ripley, Surrey)
Tracery (c. 1909-1924; died here; skeleton in a museum in York)
The Durdans
(Epsom, Surrey)
Stallions: Amato (c. 1835-1843), Cicero (c. 1902-1923), Ladas (c. 1891-1914), Sir Visto (c. 1892-1914), Velasquez (c. 1894-1906)
Broodmares: Illuminata (f. 1877-1903), Signorinetta (f. 1905-1928)
property formerly Pound Stud
(Cobham, Ockham, Ripley, Surrey)
Blair Athol (c. 1861-1882)
property formerly Stockwell Stud
(Lambeth, Surrey)
Camel (c. 1822), Cydnus (c.), Laurel (c. 1824), Mat o' the Mint (c.), Norfolk Phoenomenon (c.), Smolensko (c. 1810-1829)
Dewhurst Lodge,
property formerly Dewhurst Stud
(Wadhurst, East Sussex)
Lord Clifden (c. 1860-1875)
Hesmonds Stud,
(East Hoathly, East Sussex)
Stallion: Formidable (c. 1975-1997)
Broodmares: Princess Pati (f. 1981-2001), Triple First (f. 1974-1995)
Lewes Downs Racecourse
(Lewes, East Sussex)
Shaun Spadah (g. 1911-1940; marked with headstone)
Barkford Manor
(Kirdford, West Sussex)
Aldaniti (g. 1970-1997)
Crimborne Stud
(Billinghurst, W. Sussex)
Seagram (1980-1997)
Ham Court;
formerly Mr. Gratwicke's Stud
(Angmering, West Sussex)
Chatham (c. 1839-1862), Frederick (c. 1826-1837), The Merry Monarch (c. 1842)
Petworth House
(Petworth, West Sussex)
Gohanna (c. 1790-1815)
Soldiers Field
(Findon, West Sussex)
Kilmore (g.1950-1981), What A Myth (1957-1990)
Cawston Lodge
(Rugby, Warwickshire)
Melbourne (c. 1834-1959; died here, mounted head in private home in Bridlington; skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth), Pantaloon (c. 1824-1850), Rasselas, Helen (f.)
Manton Stud
(Marlborough, Wiltshire)
Bayardo (c. 1906-1917; died here; skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth), Galeottia (f. 1892; died here; hoof at National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket, Suffolk)
Bishop Burton College, formerly Bishop Burton Hall
(Beverly, East Yorkshire)
Stallion: Blacklock (c. 1814-1831, originally buried at Bishop Burton; skeleton exhumed and mounted, put on display at Bishop Burton Hall, its current location unknown)
Broodmares: Altisidora (f. 1810), Mandane (f. 1800), Muta (f. 1813), Nitocris (f. 1829)
private home
(Bridlington, East Yorkshire)
Melbourne (c. 1834-1959; mounted head in private home in Bridlington, ENG)
Great Givendale
(East Yorkshire)
Scrub (c. 1751)
Bedale Golf Course, property formerly Henry Pierse's Stud
(Bedale, North Yorkshire)
Reveller (c. 1815, said to be buried near the 15th hole)
Bolton Hall
(High Moor, Middleham, North Yorkshire)
Bay Bolton (c. 1705-1735)
Brecongill Stud
North Yorkshire)
Pretender (c. 1866-1878; also said to be buried at Sheffield Lane Paddocks, S. Yorkshire alongside his sire Adventurer)
Cliff Stud
(Helmsley, North Yorkshire)
Caergwrle (f. 1965)
property formerly
Croft Grange Farm
(Croft Spa, North Yorkshire)
Stallion: Underhand (c. 1854)
Broodmares: Alice Hawthorn (f. 1838-1861), Burlesque (f. 1843), Mowerina (by Touchstone) (f. 1843-1864)
Dimsdale House
North Yorkshire)
Beningbrough (c. 1791-1815)
Easby Abbey
(Richmond, North Yorkshire)
Stallions: Emilius (c. 1820-1847)
Broodmares: Burletta (f. 1832), Comedy (f. 1817), Nickname (f. 1837)
Possibly: Cade (not confirmed)
Great Habton
(North Malton, North Yorkshire)
Night Nurse (g. 1971-1998)
Howe Bridge Farm
(Low Marishes, Malton, North Yorkshire)
Tramp (c. 1810-1935)
Kingsley House
(Middleham, North Yorkshire)
Branston Abby (g. 1989-1998)
property formerly Rawcliffe Paddocks
(Rawcliffe, North Yorkshire)
Newminster (c. 1848-1868; died here, skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth)
Theakston Stud
(Bedale, North Yorkshire)
Dante (c. 1942-1956), Mountain Path (c. 1948)
York Racing Museum,
York Race Course
(York, North Yorkshire)
Blink Bonny (f. 1854; skeleton in a museum in York), Tracery (c. 1909-1924; died at Cobham Stud, Surrey; skeleton in a museum in York)
(Doncaster, S. Yorkshire)
Rataplan (c. 1850-1874; buried at Tickhill Castle Stud, Rotherham, Yorkshire; skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth; mummified feet at Brodsworth, nr Doncaster, S. Yorkshire)
Sheffield Lane Paddocks
(Ecclesfield, South Yorkshire)
Stallions: Adventurer (c. 1859-1882), Charles XII (c. 1836-1859 buried in a quarry near the stud), Pretender (c. 1866-1878; also said to be buried at Brecongill, Middleham, N. Yorkshire)
Broodmare: Rebecca (f. 1831-1860, dam of Alice Hawthorn; died here; portion of skin used to cover chair here)
Tickhill Castle
(Rotherham, South Yorkshire)
Catton (c. 1942-1956), Elis (c. 1833), Langar (c. 1817-1841), Rataplan (c. 1850-1874; buried at Tickhill Castle Stud, Rotherham, Yorkshire; skeleton available for study by Lady Wentworth; mummified feet at Brodsworth, nr Doncaster, S. Yorkshire)
Morwick Hall
(Morwick, Leedes, West Yorkshire)
Morwick Ball (c. 1762-1787)
FINLAND: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise
Poytalaasko stud farm
Erolohko, Vieteri
FRANCE: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise
(near Auteuil racecourse)
Troytown (g. 1913-1920; headstone over grave)
Haras de Fresnay-le-Buffard (Neuvy-Au-Houlme)
Marcel Boussac buried his horses together in a large grave which would include:
Asterus (c. 1923-1939), Djebel (c. 1937-1958), Pharis (c. 1936-1957), Tourbillon (c. 1928-1954)
Haras de Jardy
Flying Fox (c. 1896-1911; died here, skeleton at horse museum at Chateau de Saumur; memorial at Eaton Stud, Cheshire, ENG), Coaltown (c.1945-1965), Whirlaway (c. 1938-1953)
Haras de Meautry
Baron Rothschild erected a plaque beneath a horse statue which names the following:
Brantome (c. 1931-1957), Bubbles (c. 1925), Exbury (c. 1959-1979), Heaume (c. 1887), La Farina (c. 1911), Le Roi Soleil (c. 1895), Sans Souci II (c. 1904), Vieux Manoir (c. 1947)
Haras de St. Patrick
(Hennessy family stud)
Lutteur III (g. 1904-1927)
Musee de l'Armee de
l'Hotel des Invalides
Le Vizir, one of Napoleon's horses (died 1829, mounted specimen)
National Stud - Haras du Pin (Normandy) Blinkhoolie (c. 1864; skeleton), Furioso (c. 1939), Perth (c. 1896-1908, skeleton)
French trotting stallion:
Horse Museum
Chateau de Saumur
Flying Fox (c. 1896-1911, died at Haras du Jardy; skeleton at horse museum at Cheateau de Saumur; memorial at Eaton Stud, Cheshire (ENG)
GERMANY: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise
Boxberg Race Course
(Gotha, Thuringia)
Niederlander (c. 1947-1966)
Free University of Berlin
Non TB:
Conde, English-bred riding horse of King Friedrich II of Prussia (1766-1804, skeleton at veterinary facility)
Gestut Bad Harzburg
(Bad Harzburg)
Luciano (c. 1964)
stud museum
Main Stud Marbach
Bairactar (1814-1838)
Gestut Schlenderhan
Birkhahn (c. 1945-1965; marker only; skeleton at Veterinary Highschool of Hannover), Danubia (f. 1902-1916), Orchidee II (f. 1910-1932), Saphir (c. 1894-1916)
Hoppegarten Race Course
Alba (c. 1927-1930; buried near the training course)
Museum fur Haustierkunde "Julius Kuhn", Martin-Luther Universite of Halle-Wittenburg (Halle) Dark Ronald (c. 1905-1928; skeleton and heart here; hide was tanned, current whereabouts unknown)
Veterinary Highschool of Hannover (Hannover) Birkhahn (c. 1945-1965; marker at Gestut Schlenderhan, Koln; skeleton at Veterinary Highschool of Hannover)
HUNGARY: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise
Hungarian Agricultural Museum
Kincsem (f. 1874-1887; skeleton and other artifacts at Hungarian Agricultural Museum)
Hungarian Stud
Buccaneer (c. 1857-1887; skeleton on display)
IRELAND: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise
Airlie Stud
(Maynooth, Co. Kildare)
Habitat (c. 1966-1987), Tumble Wind (c. 1964)
(Co. Kildare)
Rarity (c. 1967-1984)
Ballylinch Stud
(Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny)
The Tetrarch (c. 1911-1935), Tetratema (c. 1917-1930), Mr. Jinks (c. 1926-1952)
Brownstown Stud
(The Curragh, Co. Kildare)
Stallions: Gallinule (c. 1884-1912), Solar Slipper (c. 1945), Windsor Slipper (c. 1939)
Broodmares: Currarevagh (f. 1957), Feemoss (f. 1960), Indian Maid (f. 1969), Royal Danseuse (c. 1961)
Burgage Stud
(Co. Wickow)
Bob Back (c. 1981-2011)
The Curragh
(Co. Kildare)
Birdcatcher (c. 1833-1860; unmarked, near Conyngham Lodge, Curragh, IRE; head given to Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Dublin, IRE; also said to be buried under at tree at Brownstown Stud, IRE)
Coolmore Stud
(Fethard, Co. Tipperary)
Stallions: Caerleon (c. 1980-1998), Danehill (c. 1986-2003), Fairy King (c. 1982-1999), Golden Fleece (c. 1979-1984),
Broodmares: Doff The Derby (f. 1981-1999), Rose of Jericho (f. 1984-2000)
Eyrefield Lodge Stud
(The Curragh, Co. Kildare)
Stallions: Spearmint (c. 1903-1924), Spion Kop (c. 1917-1945)
Broodmare: Pretty Polly (f. 1901-1931)
Fort Union Stud
(Adare, Co. Limerick)
Desmond (c. 1896-1913)
Glencairn House, formerly Glencairn Stud of R. Croker
(Sandyford, Dublin)
Orby (c. 1904-1918)
Irish National Stud
(Tully, Co. Kildare)
Arkle (g. 1957-1970; originally buried at Bryanstown, Maynooth; skeleton at Irish Horse Museum at the Stud), Urban Sea (f. 1989-2009)
Knockaney Stud
(Bruree, Kilfrush, Co. Limerick)
Morganette (f. 1884-1909), May Day (f. 1874)
(Mullaghmore, Co. Galway)
Bobbyjo (g. 1990-2001); 1999 Grand National Wnr.
Rathbarry Stud
(Fermoy, Co. Cork)
Barathea (c. 1990-2009)
Sheshoon Stud
(The Curragh, Co. Kildare)
Broodmares: Friar's Daughter (f. 1921), Mah Mahal (f. 1928), Neocracy (f. 1944-1969), Rose O'Lynn (f. 1944-1967), Stafaralla (f. 1935), Teresina (f. 1920), Udaipur (f. 1929), Una (f. 1930)
Straffan Stud
(Bishopscourt, Co. Kildare)
Stallion: Roi Herode (c. 1904-1931)
Broodmares: Darkie (f. 1889), Vahren (f. 1897)
Arthur Thompson's Farm
(Co. Wexford)
Sheila's Cottage (m. 1939-1963)
Shergar (c. 1978-1982)
WALES: Horses are Thoroughbreds unless noted otherwise
Peel Estate
(Wrexham, North Wales)
Poethlyn (g.1910-1940; headstone with inscription), Fine Champagne (f. 1903, Half-bred)

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