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  Grave Matters: The Meadow Stud, Doswell, Virginia

Photos by Barbara Livingston ©Barbara Livingston 2003; all rights reserved.

Meadow Stud Cemetery
Sun Beau's grave
Imperatrice's grave
Hill Prince's grave
Top, Left to Right: Imperatrice, Hill Prince, Sun Beau, Blue (a riding horse). Bottom: Sun Beau, Imperatrice, Hill Prince.

THE MEADOW STUD in Doswell, Virginia is famous as the birthplace of SECRETARIAT. Established by Christopher T. Chenery and passed on to his children, it was sold in the 1980s and is now owned by the State Fair of Virginia. IMPERATRICE was one of Chenery's foundation mares and produced a total of six stakes winners in her lifetime, as well as the unplaced filly SOMETHINGROYAL (dam of SECRETARIAT and SIR GAYLORD). Another foundation mare, HILDENE, produced the champions HILL PRINCE and FIRST LANDING. HILL PRINCE stood at stud in Kentucky and Virginia and is buried here. HILDENE's champion granddaughter CICADA, also bred here at the Meadow Stud, is buried at JONABELL FARM in Kentucky. The outstanding handicapper and one time world's lead money winner, SUN BEAU, came to Meadow Stud upon the dispersal of the bloodstock of his breeder/owner, W.S. Kilmer.

The Meadow Stud is being developed as the site of an annual agricultural fair run by the Virginia State Fair -- which sponsors the Strawberry Hill Races and other annual public events -- as a private non-profit organization not affiliated with the state of Virginia. Planned development will reflect all the historic uses of The Meadow, including its era as a thoroughbred farm, and will include some exhibits dedicated to Secretariat, a museum dedicated to all horse breeds in Virginia, and creating facilities for year-round equestrian events. -- A.P./Updated 7/07 PCE

Hill Prince (c. 1947-1970)
Sun Beau (c. 1925-1944)
Imperatrice (f. 1938-1973) Blue

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