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  Montpelier Stud, Montpelier Station, Virginia

Photos by Anne Peters ©Anne Peters 2002; all rights reserved.

Top: View of Montpelier Cemetery.
Bottom, Left to Right: Accra, Annapolis, Battleship.

MONTPELIER, originally the home of James Madison, fourth president of the United States, was the property of Mrs. Marion duPont Scott when it gained fame as a thoroughbred nursery in the mid-1900s. Its owner was an admirer of the Fair Play line, which was known for throwing top jumpers, which is one reason why Mrs. duPont purchased the colts Annapolis and Battleship, both sons of Man o'War, the great son of Fair Play. BATTLESHIP (1927) won the Grand National Steeplechase at Aintree, England and became a sire of steeplechasers when retired to Montpelier. ANNAPOLIS (1926) also became a successful sire, and his daughter, ACCRA (1941), became a great broodmare for duPont. She produced 6 stakes winners including the steeplechase great NEJI and the outstanding flat runner MONGO. The horses' graves are located closer to the main house than the cemetery where the Madisons are buried. -- A.P.

Annapolis (c. 1926-1957)
Battleship (c. 1927-1958)
Accra (f. 1941-1966)

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