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  Grave Matters: Calumet Farm, Lexington, Kentucky

Photos by Barbara Livingston, Liz Martiniak and Kurt Lemke. ©Barbara Livingston 2003 and ©Liz Martiniak 2003; all rights reserved; ©Kurt Lemke 2013; all rights reserved.

Bull Lea
Best Turn
Top left: Bull Lea's statue overlooks his grave (photo by B.Livingston) and those of other Calumet champions. Top right: Triple Crown winner Citation's grave (B.Livingston).
Bottom left: The grave of Best Turn (B.Livingston).
Bottom right: The grave of Alydar (L.Martiniak); a cloud still hangs over the circumstances involving his early demise in 1990.
All photos below by Kurt Lemke.
Easy Lass
Hill Gail
Iron Liege
Iron Maiden
Mon Ange
On and On
Our Mims
Princess Turia
Sweet Clementine
Sweet Tooth
Tim Tam
Two Lea
Left to Right (all by Kurt Lemke).
Row 1: Armed, Barbizon, Bardstown, Coaltown
Row 2: Easy Lass, Hill Gail, Iron Liege, Iron Maiden
Row 3: Katonka, Kennelot, Lech, Mark-Ye-Well
Row 4: Mon Ange, On and On, Our Mims, Pensive
Row 5: Princess Turia, Sagace, Sweet Clementine, Sweet Tooth
Row 6: Tim Tam, Two Lea, Whirlaway
CALUMET FARM was established in 1924 on the site of Fairland Farm by William Monroe Wright, who made his fortune in Chicago, manufacturing baking powder. Wright, who established Calumet as a trotter's nursery, bred premier harness racing horses there. His son, Warren, succeeded him in the business, and, after inheriting the elder Wright's estate, one of the largest fortunes in America, in 1933, determined flat racing was both more lucrative and more exciting, and Calumet was converted to a thoroughbred farm. Over the decades, Calumet bred many of the nation's top race horses, among them Triple Crown winners WHIRLAWAY and CITATION, the first filly Horse of the Year, TWILIGHT TEAR, such Kentucky Derby winners as PENSIVE and PONDER, and many other familiar names that catapulted the farm into the top three of America racing stables for seventeen straight years. When Wright died in 1950, his widow, Lucille, who later married Gene Markey, continued the tradition, breeding four Derby winners -- HILL GAIL, IRON LIEGE, TIM TAM, FORWARD PASS, and many other winners, among them, in her last years, the game ALYDAR.

Many of these horses are interred at the Calumet cemetery, the focal point of which is a statue of BULL LEA, purchased by Wright as a yearling, who became the first sire in racing to have progeny with earnings of over one million dollars in a single season, and who led the sires lists in the U.S. for five years. --P.E.

Alydar (c. 1975-1990)
Barbizon (c.1954)
Best Turn (c. 1966-1984)
Bull Lea (c. 1935-1964, statue)
Coaltown (c. 1945)
Citation (c. 1945-1970)
Commodore M. (c. 1951-1963)
Hill Gail (c. 1949)
Iron Liege (c. 1954)
Mark-Ye-Well (c. 1949)
On-And-On (c. 1956-1970)
Pensive (c. 1941-1949)
Sagace (c. 1980-1989)
Sun Again (c. 1939-1965)
Tim Tam (c. 1955-1982)
Whirlaway (c. 1938)
Yorky (c. 1957-1966)
Armed (g.1941-1964)
Bardstown (g. 1952-1972)
Gen. Duke (c. 1954-1958)
Amoret (1952-1971)
Armful (1933-1962)
Bewitch (f. 1945-1959)
Blue Delight (f. 1938-1966)
Bubbley (f. 1950-1964)
Dustwhirl (f. 1926-1946)
Easy Lass (f. 1940-1968)
Hug Again (f. 1931-1957)
Hydroplane II (f. 1938-1948)
Iron Maiden (f. 1941-1964)
Jane Gail (f. 1944-1952)
Katonka (f. 1972)
Mon Ange (f.1962)
Our Mims (f. 1974)
Princess Turia (f. 1953)
Sweet Clementine (f. 1960)
Sweet Tooth (f. 1965)
Two Lea (f. 1946)
Wistful (f. 1946-1964)
CALUMET FARM BURIALS: Henryk de Kwiatkowski Era
Kennelot (f. 1974)

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