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  Grave Matters: Winding Oaks Farm, Ocala, Florida

Previously Tartan Farm, then Mockingbird Farm, now Winding Oaks Farm.
Photos by Barbara Livingston ©Barbara Livingston 2003; all rights reserved.

Grave of Dr. Patches
Grave marker of Dr. Patches, last of the Tartan horses buried in the cemetery at Winding Oaks Farm

WINDING OAKS FARM near Ocala, Florida, is the current name of one of Florida's most important pieces of real estate. Originally part of Minnesotan 3-M Manufacturing magnate William McKnight Jr.'s Tartan Farm, it was home to one of Florida's most important early sires, INTENTIONALLY (1956 by Intent), a sprint champion who died here in 1970. INTENTIONALLY sired IN REALITY, TENTAM, and two-time sprint champion TA WEE (1966). The latter, out of Tartan's foundation mare ASPIDISTRA (1954 by Better Self) was a younger half-sister to Horse of the Year DR. FAGER (1964 by Rough'n Tumble) who died of colic early in his stud career in 1976 at the age of 12. DR. FAGER's champion sprint son, DR. PATCHES (1974), a gelding, was the last of the Tartan horses, dying here in 2002 at the age of 32. DR. FAGER's daughter KILLALOE (who is buried at Highclere Farm in Kentucky) became the dam of the top sire FAPPIANO.

KILLALOE's dam, GRAND SPLENDOUR was a daughter of another Tartan foundation mare, CEQUILLO (1956 by Princequillo), dam also of HOT DUST (a sire in Argentina), TEQUILLO, and RUFFLED FEATHERS. Tartan was also home to Tartan-bred MINNESOTA MAC (1964 by Rough'n Tumble), whose son GREAT ABOVE (out of TA WEE) sired Champion HOLY BULL, and is buried at High Marks Farm (formerly The Oaks) also near Ocala. MINNESOTA MAC's daughter ROUNDUP ROSE produced the Preakness Stakes winner CODEX (1977 by Arts and Letters) who was starting a very successful career at stud before his early death in 1984 at the age of 7. He is also buried here. Tartan stallion YOUR ALIBHAI sired the champion filly FAST ATTACK.

Tartan Farm boarded stock for Mrs. Frances Genter, owner of the champion filly MY DEAR GIRL (1957 by Rough'n Tumble) and dam of 7 stakes winners including IN REALITY, RETURN TO REALITY, SUPERBITY, and GENTLE TOUCH. The latter, a daughter of Chieftian, became the dam of the talented runner DR. CARTER.

DARK MIRAGE (1965 by *Persian Road II), the champion 3yo filly of the previous year, died unexpectedly in training at Tartan in 1969 and is buried here.

In the 1980s, this section of Tartan Farm was sold to Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. who established MOCKINGBIRD FARM. His foundation mare, DESERT TRIAL (1963 by Moslem Chief) was already the dam of the champion filly DESERT VIXEN (buried at Breckinridge Farm in Kentucky) and she also foaled her full brother, VALID APPEAL (1972 by In Reality) who became the foundation sire of MOCKINGBIRD FARM and a long time Florida leading sire. VALID APPEAL was pensioned in 1997 and died here in January, 2002 at the age of 30.

In 2001, MOCKINGBIRD FARM was sold to Eugene Melnyk and renamed "WINDING OAKS FARM."

Tartan Farm Burials
Codex (1977-1984)
Dr. Fager (c. 1964-1976)
Intentionally (c. 1956-1970)
Minnesota Mac (c. 1964-1996)
Your Alibhai (c. 1958-1977)
Aspidistra (f. 1954-1978)
Cequillo (f. 1956-1986)
Gentle Touch (f. 1976-1984)
My Dear Girl (f. 1957-1988)
Ta Wee (f. 1966-1980)
Dark Mirage (f. 1965-1969; died in training)
Dr. Patches (g. 1974-2002)
Mockingbird Farm Burials
Valid Appeal (c. 1972-2002)Desert Trial (f. 1963-1987)

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