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  Grave Matters

Broomstick's grave
Fair Play grave
Hamburg Place cemetery
Top Left: Broomstick's Grave
Top Right: 1839 Fair Play's Monument
Bottom: Hamburg Place Cemetery
Grave Matters is an on-going project to ensure that the final resting places of famous horses, thoroughbred and non-thoroughbred alike, are not forgotten. Compiled here are the known burial locations of hundreds of top Thoroughbreds -- racers, important stallions and influential broodmares. Listed on the Non-Thoroughbred pages are the grave sites of champions of other breeds, war horses, television and movie star horses, and other notable horses. Whenever possible, a photo of the site, with a brief story about the horses, the owner and the farm is provided. Some of these sites have been developed for other uses and this record may be all there is left to remember the horses buried there. As a cross reference, to help the seeker find the nearest burials at which to pay their respects, the graves are resorted by geographic location, on the continents of Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, as well as the island nations of Australia and New Zealand.

Compiled by Anne Peters and Liz Martiniak. Updated by Patricia Erigero. Principal Contributors: Jane Cook, Barbara Livingston, Izabella Dubielczyk and Deborah Scott. Other contributors include: Martin Allen, Nancy Alexander (Montpelier Hunt Races), Sarah Anderson, Kenneth Black, Doug Brown, Pat Brown, Polly Burnell, Gordon Burnette, Alice Chandler (Mill Ridge Farm), Paul Chow, Jorge Colon Delgado, Catherine Dewick, Brendan Diamond (Airlie Stud), Chris Evans, Earl Feck, Ed Fontaine, Derek Gay, Clive Harper, Caitlyn Harsch (University of Kentucky), Sir Patrick Hogan (Cambridge Stud), Karen Klein, Kathy Littlefield, Cheryl Lutring, Bill Mangum, Neil McGrath (Brownstown Stud), Jerry Pefferly, Amy Poche, Garrett O'Rourke, Rosana Rivera, Maryanna Skowronski, Bill Tilghman, Steve Trussler, Margo Tucker, Annelies van der Heemst, Bill Walker, Martin Wilson.

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