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  Grave Matters: Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

Photos by Barbara Livingston and Liz Martiniak. ©Barbara Livingston 2003; © all rights reserved. ©Liz Martiniak 2002; © all rights reserved.

Man o' War's statue
Man o' War with sons at foot
War Admiral
War Admiral
War Kilt
Brushup's marker
War Hazard's marker
Top: Man o' War's memorial at Kentucky Horse Park (photo by Liz Martiniak).
Second row, left: Man o'War's statue with the graves of his sons War Relic and War Admiral at his feet.
Second row, right, top to bottom: Graves encircling the statue include War Admiral, War Relic, War Kilt and below, Brusup (dam of War Admiral), and War Hazard

The KENTUCKY HORSE PARK, a Kentucky State Park on Iron Works Pike north of Lexington, Kentucky, was built in the 1970s. It was created on property once known as Senorita Stud (where Whisk Broom II was born) and later as Walnut Hall Stud, a famed standardbred operation. To add greater appeal to the park as a tourist draw, it was decided, despite some public outcry, to move the famous statue of MAN O'WAR, along with the remains of the famous horse and a select number of others, from the Faraway Farm memorial park on Huffman Mill Pike. MAN O'WAR's owner, Samuel Riddle had given the park to the city of Lexington to make Man o' War's gravesite available in perpetuity to his adoring public. It was felt the move would be in keeping with Riddle's intent.

MAN O' WAR, WAR ADMIRAL, WAR RELIC, WAR HAZARD, WAR KILT, and BRUSHUP (dam of WAR ADMIRAL), and the famous statue were all moved to the Horse Park, along with the remains of the great jockey ISAAC MURPHY, where all continue to be popular tourist attractions.

Other thoroughbreds buried at the Kentucky Horse Park in various locations include the great French racemare ALLEZ FRANCE, Kentucky Derby winner BOLD FORBES, handicapping legend FOREGO, the top racemare SEFA'S BEAUTY, Aintree Grand National winner JAY TRUMP, and Canadian Triple Crown winner PETESKI. The skeleton of the 19th Century champion and leading sire HANOVER is on display in the Draft Horse Barn. He was initially buried at McGrathiana Stud where he died, and his skeleton was exhumed and given to the University of Kentucky, where it was kept for many years. In the late 1990s, the articulated skeleton was moved to the Kentucky Horse Park.

Also located on the Kentucky Horse Park near the Big Barn, is the WALNUT HALL STUD, cemetery, where many top standardbreds are interred. --A.P.

Allez France (f. 1970-1989)
Bold Forbes (c. 1973-2000)
Forego (g. 1970-1997)
Sefa's Beauty (f. 1979-1989)
Jay Trump (g. 1957-1988; buried on the steeplechase course)
Peteski (1990-2001; buried in the Champions Cemetery near the Big Barn)
Hanover (c. 1884-1899; originally buried at McGrathiana Stud; skeleton exhumed and given to the University of Kentucky in Lexington; in 1990s   moved to Kentucky Horse Park Draft Horse Barn exhibit)
Man o' War Memorial Park Burials (moved from Faraway Farm in the 1970s)
Brushup (f. 1929-1956)
Man o'War (c. 1917-1947; statue)
War Admiral (c. 1934-1959)
War Hazard (f.1938-1944)
War Kilt (f.1943-1956)
War Relic (1938-1963)
American Saddlebreds
Ch. Imperator (1974-1997)
Ch. Sky Watch (1977-2001)
Ch. Wild-Eyed and Wicked (Hall of Champions, bronze statue by Sally McClure Jackson atop grave)
American Saddlebred Museum
Chester Dare (died 1904; buried at W.W. McCormack Farm, Waddy, KY; stone moved to American Saddlebred Museum at the Kentucky Horse Park
Rex Peavine (1899-1925; originally buried at the J.S. Hockaday farm, Berea, KY; marker and bones brought to American Saddlebred Museum in 2000)
Supreme Sultan (statue)
Vendetta (originally buried at Robert A. McCray's farm, North Middletown,KY; property since developed and stone moved to museum)
Bret Hanover 1962 (statue, moved from Castleton Farm, Lexington, KY)
Cam Fella (1979-2001)
Rambling Willie (1970-1995)
Walnut Hall Stud Cemetery (Standardbreds)
Duchess Hanover
Irma Hanover
Marilee Hanover
Primrose Helen
Princess Gay
Princess Peg
Scotch Song
Bask (1956-1979; buried in Champion's Cemetery, moved from Lasma Arabians, Scottsdale, AZ)
Bask Elect (1976-2003; buried in Champion's Cemetery)
Indraff (1938-1963; Skeleton on display in Equine Education Department)
Promotion (1975-2006)
The Gray Goose (1970-2000, 3-day horse; ashes buried on the cross-country course)
Liberation First Star (1992-2006)
APHA (Paints)
World War Juan (1985-1996)
AQHA (Quarter Horses)
Sgt. Pepper Feature (1978-2003; buried at Hall of Champions)
Pony of the Americas
Lannan's Siri Superdot Chiefton ("Chief") (1968-2003; buried in the Georgetown Field)
Volturno (1968-1988; buried near Head of the Lake obstacle, Cross-country Course)

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