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  Family C-11: Belhari

This family, which seldom had the benefit of the infusion of top stallions' bloodlines or multi-generational nuturing in any famous studs, still managed to throw some good runners, and had some decent winners up through the 1970s. Its origins were in a mare located in Tasmania whose antecedents are not known. Because Tasmania had supported racing since 1814, and boasted some excellent racing studs, comprised of both arabians and imported thoroughbreds, it is possible, or even probable this mare was fairly well-bred. In the stud of a Mr. Taylor of Tasmania this Tasmanian mare was bred to Snoozer (1837, by Orville's son Muley; imported to NSW by bloodstock agent John Purves c.1841), who was taken to Tasmania by William Field, a prominent Tasmanian turfite, in 1842. The product of this breeding was Mrs. Burt (1844), who was taken to South Australia by E. Sturling. Bred to Egremont (1841, by Little John (imported to Tasmania in the 1830s), also born in Tasmania and sent to South Australia in 1840, she produced the filly Blink Bonny in 1852. Blink Bonny bred only one recorded thoroughbred filly, Belhari, for whom this family is named.

Blink Bonny passed into the hands of Rawdon F. Greene, a well-known Victorian breeder who imported a number of good animals from Great Britain, including the stallion Indian Warrior (1849, by Napier) and Melesina (1849, by Harkaway), the latter, with her at-side filly foal The Fawn, establishing the most successful branch of (English) Family 3 in the southern hemisphere (Wallace, Peter Pan, and many others descend from Melesina). Bred to Indian Warrior, Blink Bonny produced Belhari in 1861. Greene's stud was dispersed in 1866, and Belhari came into the ownership of H.B. Welsh, whose farm was located in the Hay township of NSW. She bred thirteen foals and died in 1884, having been sold at age 19, producing two of her foals, both unnamed, after that time. One of her colts, Captain Webb (1873, by The Diver (1870, by Maribyrnong)), was bred by Welsh and won the 16 furlong AJC Cumberland Stakes. Another Belhari son was Camballo (1874, by The Friar), who was sent to New Zealand, where he won races before he was exported to India. Belhari's daughters Grecian Bend (1868, by Troubadour), Argosy (1871, by Freetrader) and Melody (1876 or ''77, by Troubadour) contined the female line.

Melody stayed in Australia, and was second dam of two sprinters, Veloce (1893, by Velocipede) and her half-brother Silenus (1899, by Valala), both of which won the VRC Standish Handicap (6 furlongs). Grecian Bend, in the NSW Urana Stud of C.M. Lloyd, bred the grey filly Governess (1876, by Lecturer). Governess produced the gelded Locksmith (1893, by imported Padlock), a winner of the Moonee Valley Gold Cup over 7 furlongs, his sister, Key (1894, by Padlock), and half-sister Ariadne (1892, by Auchendarroch). Key, in the stud of the well-known West Australian turfite Dr. W.H. Lang (also owner of Scuffle (Family C - 4) and later as a broodmare in the Shipley Stud of Melbourne bookmaker Sol Green (importer of Tragedy Queen, dam of the great runner and sire Comedy King, and owner of the great New Zealand-bred mare Gladsome during her latter years of racing), produced a son, Scotland (1902, by Wallace), another fast one, winner of the VATC Debutant Stakes (4 furlongs) and the VRC Newmarket Handicap (6 furlongs). Key's branch bred on in Australia through the mid-twentieth century. Her half-sister, Ariadne's branch, also bred on, with the famous pony mare Little Marg (see below) a descendant.

Belhari's daughter Argosy was a broodmare at Samuel Gardiner's Bundoora Stud until her sale to Peter Mitchell of Albury NSW in 1890, bred Bundoora, who became a good sire in New Zealand, and Argolis (later named Ouida), who also went to New Zealand, where she bred the good runner Skirmisher (see below). Another Argosy daughter, Commerce, by Tubal Cain, continued this branch of the family.

The more recent winners in this family date to the 1960s and '70s, and include Boy Dandy (1965), who won the STC CP Air Quality Handicap, and Free Style (1959), a winner of the WATC Belmong Spring Stakes.

Notable Descendants

Little Marg br/gr. f. 1919
(Prudent King - Theodaisia)
Bred by Sidney Reynolds at his Glendarra Stud at the Paterson River, a scion of the famous horse-breeding dynasty established by Charles Reynolds (Tocal and Rathluba studs), Little Marg stood under 14.2 hands and was also a descendant of a mare not in the ASB. As such, she ran in the pony races held at the proprietary racetracks that were members of the ARC (Associated Racing Clubs), which included Victoria Park and Canterbury. On those tracks she was a champion performer that set three race records; she was trained by John Donohoe, who was also a trainer of AJC horses, and his family were long-time managers of Victoria Park racecourse and friends and collaborators with the two biggest supporters of the ARC, J. Joynton Smith and bookmaker John Wren. Little Marg's frequent jockey was Donahoe's apprentice, Billy Cook, who was one of the few jockeys (six) licensed to ride both ARC and AJC horses, and who later was entered in the Australian Racing Hall of Fame. Little Marg's sire, imported Prudent King (by Love Wisely), was seventh in the 1912-13 leading sire's list, the only time he made an appearance there. Little Marg, sold to R.F. Catton, of NSW, bred on, with some moderately performing descendants.

Lord Acre b.c. 1913
(Linacre - Rosette)
Superior Queensland runner over a mile, he was bred in the Loch Marie, Muswellbrook, stud of Joseph C. Thompson (breeder of Oakleigh, Family C-6), a scion of the famous Thompson family of Widden and Oakleigh studs, NSW. Purchased by Mr. Blacklock, Lord Acre won the Queensland Guineas and was able to extend himself, barely, to win the Queensland Derby (12 furlongs, by a neck). His other important wins, all in Queensland, included the Ascot Handicap (6 furlongs), the Spring Stakes (9 furlongs), the King's Plate (10 furlongs), the National Plate (9 furlongs), and the Moreton Handicap (10 furlongs). His dam, Rosette (by Thompson-owned stallion Gozo), was in the Loch Marie stud, where she bred other winners and Ettesor (by Buckwheat) that continued this branch of the family.

Skirmisher br.c. 1890
(Vanguard - Ouida [Argolis])
Owned and raced by J.B. Reid, the owner of the Elderslie Stud near Oamaru on the South Island (NZ), he won the CJC Welcome Stakes at age two, and at age three the CJC Derby and the Canterbury Cup (18 furlongs). His dam, Argolis (1879, by Tubal Cain), was sold to New Zealand and renamed Ouida; she and her half-brother Bundoora (1878, by The Peer), also sold to New Zealand, were bred at Samuel Gardiner's Bundoora Stud (now Bundoora Park, Melbourne), where Tubal Cain held sway as a sire, and where the great New Zealand racemare Lurline was a broodmare, purchased after her last racing campaign in Melbourne . Bundoora later got some good fillies in New Zealand, including Enchantress and Diadem, both winners of the CJC New Zealand Oaks owned by English-born owner-trainer-breeder William C. Webb, whose stud was at Bush Inn near Riccarton. He also got the filly Crown Jewel, winner of the Hawkes Bay Cup and Wanganui Cup.

Descent Chart

Bold=winners of stakes races and important handicap and weight-for-age races

Mrs. Burt by Snoozer
 Blink Bonny by Egremont
   Belhari (f. 1861) by Indian Warrior
    Grecian Bend (f. 1868) by Troubadour
    | Governess (gr.f. 1876) by Lecturer
    |   Ariadne (f. 1892) by Auchendarroch
    |   | Theodaisia (f. 1904) by Amherst
    |   |  Little Marg (br/gr.f. 1919) by Prudent King
    |   |  | Lady Granard (br.f. 1931) bvy Rosewing
    |   |  |  Petite Marg (f. 1946) by Tidemark
    |   |  |  Wave Length (f. 1947) by Tidemark
    |   |  |  Wave Mark (b/br.f. 1949) by Tidemark
    |   |  |   Special Design (b/br.f. 1966) by Designer
    |   |  |   Brandy Mark (b.f. 1969) by Real Brandy
    |   |  |    Paroo Petal (br.f. 1984) by Rosie Heir
    |   |  Lady Theo (f. 1920) by Piedmont
    |   |   Our Theo (f. 1926) by Prudent King
    |   |    Ruby Rion (f. 1932) by Rionscup
    |   |     Lady Charon (f. 1949) by Pick Up
    |   |      Rising River (f. 1954) by Lysander
    |   |      | Gay Torana (b/br. 1965) by Aqua Khan
    |   |      |  Royal Mission (ch.f. 1971) by Nikalapko
    |   |      |  Sovereign Gem (b.f. 1972) by Royal Sovereign
    |   |      |  Torana Lass (b/br.f. 1974) by Indestructable
    |   |      |   I'm a Gemini (b/br.f. 1982) by Without Favor
    |   |      |   Barina Lass (br.f. 1986) by Ascended
    |   |      Boy Dandy (b.c. 1965) by Peter's Yarn
    |   |      Char Girl (b.f. 1966) by Caractacus
    |   |       Becquerel (ch.c. 1973) by Right Honourable II
    |   Locksmith (gr.g. 1893) by Padlock
    |   Key (f. 1894) by Padlock
    |    Scotland (b.c. 1902) by Wallace
    |    Keylet (f. 1912) by Positano
    |     Tresselet (f. 1928) by Prince Tressady
    |      Charleston (f. 1941) by Soltoi
    |      | Currer Bell (br.f. 1955) by Near Blue
    |      Tressao (f. 1948) by Baccha Sakao
    |       Chatsao (f. 1953) by Chatham
    Argosy (br.f. 1871) by Freetrader
    | Bundoora(ch.c. 1878) by The Peer
    | |Ouida (br.f. 1879) by Tubal Cain
    | | Skirmisher (br.c. 1890) by Vanguard
    | Commerce (f. 1880) by Tubal Cain
    |  Agatha (f. 1886) by Progress
    |   Badge (f. 1896) by Escutcheon
    |    Rosette (f. 1900) by Gozo
    |     Lord Acre (b.c. 1913) by Linacre
    |     Ettesor (f. 1919) by Buckwheat
    |      Australian Wheat (f. 1925) by Australian Sun
    |       Clare Wheat (f. 1932) by Treclare
    |        Kip (f. 1939) by Dunnottar
    |         Swimese (f. 1950) by Cold Shower
    |          Coonine (f. 1956) by Nawab
    |          Minalve (ch.f. 1958) by Nawab
    |          | Harting Pride (ch.f. 1971) by Kinglike
    |          Free Style (b.c. 1959) by Nawab
    Camballo (br.c. 1874) by The Friar
    Melody (f. 1876) by Troubadour
     Aria (f. 1882) by King Arthur
      Veloce (ch.f. 1893) by Velocipede
      Silenus (b.g. 1899) by Valala

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