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  Contributors to Horses that Jump

Desert Orchid
Ksar d'Esprit
Top Left: Miocamen; Top Right: Ksar d'Esprit ; Bottom Left: Desert Orchid
These individuals have shared their expertise and time to create the Thoroughbreds that Jump features at Heritage, including the race charts for the various steeplechases, sire line research, images, and expert review of the material. Although they're also listed on our Contributors page, we'd like to publicly thank them here, as well. If you have comments or additions to the Thoroughbreds that Jump Material, please e-mail us.


Patricia Erigero studies and writes about the history of thoroughbreds, collects images of them, and rides and breeds them in California, USA.

Anne Peters is the pedigree analyst for Three Chimneys Farm, Kentucky, and is a pedigree consultant. She formerly edited the pedigree newsletter Owner-Breeder, and co-authored, with Alan Porter, of Patterns of Greatness II: The Americans. A pedigree addict from an early age and a die-hard Secretariat fan, she has worked in the thoroughbred industry all her adult life. For this project, she assisted with the American Grand National chart and prepared portraits on Dark Ronald, Son-in-Law, Beau Pere, and updated Florizel II.


Catherine DeWick deserves credit as co-editor of the Thoroughbreds that Jump section, having spent many hours tracking down pedigrees; she is largely responsible for compiling the initial material for the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris, the Grand National, and the Irish Grand National, and provided much of the research on the female families for those charts, and for the other steeplechase charts. Catherine works for an English local council responsible for dealing with air quality and contaminated land, but pedigrees are her passion. She's been collecting materials on thoroughbreds for over twenty years.

Van Cushny is editor and publisher of the web site,, which covers American steeplechasing and provides in-depth analysis of the races and the pedigrees of the winners.

Paul Davies publishes the most important source on the history of steeplechasing in Great Britain, the newsletter bulletin The Complete Record, a detailed analysis of present and past steeplechases, and the jockeys, trainers, owners, and horses that participate. Limited edition copies of his past booklets are available.

Lee-Ann Day and John Whistler live in Twickenham, England, where they work in airline communications. John's background is air traffic control in the Royal Air Force. Lee Ann recently qualified as a nutritionist, but currently works full time in administration to pay for their filly by Double Trigger. In their spare time, John takes photos of airplanes and racehorses, and Lee Ann goes racing. Lee Ann prepared the thumbnail sketch on the Cheltenham Gold Cup winner, See More Business.

Bruno de Watrigant, is a member of the Syndicat des Eleveurs in France.

Michael Eyre is a long-established historian of steeplechasing in Great Britain who serves as consultant to numerous institutions regarding the history of trainers, jockeys, horses, and owners involved in steeplechasing, past and present.

Leonello Falco is a thoroughbred historian and pedigree consultant, based in Italy. For a number of years he contributed to the newspaper Cavalli e Corse(Horses and Races), which merged with the magazine Lo Sportsman. He is presently advisor to a number of Italian thoroughbred breeders in the purchase, breeding and valuation of stock, and in pedigree evaluation. His internet site, Derby Winner at the End of the Millennium, accessible in both Italian and English. Sr. Leonello assisted with much of the information for the Gran Premio Merano chart and also wrote most of the biographies for the horses highlighted there.

Derek Gay, a racing enthusiast since, when a schoolboy, he saw Nicholas Silver win the 1961 Grand National, has been researching jumpers ever since. He has compiled lists of early champion jump jockeys and National Hunt trainers, serves as a consultant to The Complete Recordand Aintree Museum, and is working with other Aintree historians to compile a comprehensive history of the Grand National.

Andreas Haberbeck is a lawyer based in Saudi Arabia. He learned to ride as a child in his native Westphalia, and later in life discovered the joys of foxhunting in Ireland. He researches pedigrees for relaxation, having caught the bug from his cousin, who published a series of books on sport horses in the 1970s. Andreas' work was a major inspiration for Thoroughbreds that Jump, and he made valuable suggestions for improving the material as well as writing one of the accompanying essays, The Thoroughbred Roots of the Modern Show Jumper.

Ellen Horner is a steeplechase rider in Virginia, and a volunteer at the National Sporting Library, Middleburg, Virginia.

Beth McCardell of the National Steeplechase Association in Elkton, Maryland, was of great and patient assistance with the American Grand National winners.

Mick Mutlow, a production manager who lives in Braintree, Essex, has been studying the history of the Grand National for over thirty years. He has worked closely with Aintree racecourse's curator, and supplied information to LWT for "You Bet." His particular interest is in the details of each race and in the early geography of the Aintree course. He's presently working on a comprehensive encyclopaedia of the Grand National.

Dave Nurse edits and publishes the on-line The Racing Pages in Great Britain, which includes material and links relating to the Grand National at Aintree; a web site on the Welsh Grand National, and one on the Bath racecourse. He is also an excellent photographer and contributed his image of 1999 Grand National winner Bobbyjo for our use.

Steve Parrott owns and manages the nifty web site, Famous Horses, in Great Britain, which, among other things, features essays of current and past heroes of the turf. Steve contributed his photograph of Desert Orchid; he has also assisted us with images of flat racers in other parts of our site.

Stewart Peters is an author of books on steeplechasing, including his latest, The History of the Aintree Spectacular. He is currently working on a book about the Irish Grand National.

Edgar Schutt breeds Hanoverians at his Rainbow Equus Farm in Lincoln, California. He stands four stallions, including Furst Gotthard (a.k.a. The Titleist), a former grand prix jumper. Edgar assisted with warmblood lines in the jumping sire charts.

Bill Steinkraus, medal-winning rider of Olympic and other top international showjumpers, author, and widely admired sportsman, offered some insights into show jumper breeding and allowed us to use photographs from one of his many books on the subject of show jumpers, Riding and Jumping (Doubleday & Company, New York, 1961).

Vicki Turner is a thoroughbred owner-breeder in Australia, and a student of pedigree research. She was of great assistance in tracking some female french steeplechasing families, and has created racing charts of Australian flat winners elsewhere on our site.

Emmanuel Viaud, of the Syndicat des Eleveurs in France, assisted greatly with the pedigrees of a number of chasers bred in France.

Rob Weber was Librarian/Archivist at the National Sporting Library in Middleburg, Virginia, our web site sponsor. He began working at the NSL in February of 2000, after earning an M.L.S. from the University of Kentucky. In 2005 he took a new position with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. For this project, Rob was able to find some important material, including details required to complete the J.J. Maher essay, and researched pedigrees for the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris, the Maryland Hunt Cup and American Grand National.


Agence de Presse et de Reportages Hippiques (APRH) has specialized in French horse photography for more than thirty years; they provide images to the press and private individuals of top race horses, taken by professional photographers. APRH granted permission to use images of some recent French steeplechasers, which can be accessed by pressing the links on the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris page, or the appropriate sire line chart.

Laurel Scott Duncan is a writer and photographer who focuses on steeplechasing; she is a regular contributor to Chronicle of the Horse and other magazines and web sites.

Gerald Segasby is a former jockey who has a web site covering all aspects of horse racing, and a photographic library spanning the years 1952 to 1979. Photographic prints, cards and other material are available for purchase at his site. His site also features short essays on extinct race courses in Britain.

John Whistler (see Lee-Ann Day), provided an image of the Cheltenham Gold Cup winner, See More Business.

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