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   Analysis of 2002 World Show Jumping Championships

Roots of Modern Show JumpersWritten for Thoroughbred Heritage by Andreas Haberbeck©2001-2002. All rights reserved.

View a chart showing the most frequently occuring ancestors in leading sires of modern show jumpers of the past ten years.

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An Analysis of the 2002 World Show Jumping Championships

The average age of the 25 horses who made it to rounds 4 and 5 was eleven years. The oldest was For Pleasure at 16, and the youngest at 9 were Richmont Park, Lamalushi, Adlantus As, and Fleche Rouge. Seven geldings, eight mares and ten stallions competed in rounds 4 and 5.

It is arguable which horse was the best of the championship. The Selle Français stallion Dollar du Murier ridden by Eric Navet finished first in the 5 rounds leading up to the four-horse finals, with only 4 time faults and not a single fence down, followed by the Holsteiner mare Fein Cera ridden by Peter Wylde, who had two fences down. However, with only 3 time faults Fein Cera was the best horse in the finals with change of riders, while Dollar du Murier had a fence down when ridden by Peter Wylde. Either way, both horses are undoubted stars. Dollar du Murier (1991) is by Jalisco B out of Karielle, by Uriel, and he is inbred 3 x 3 to Ibrahim and linebred 5 x 5 x 5 x 6 x 6 to Orange Peel. Fein Cera (1991) is by Landadel out of the former German champion Cera, by Cor de la Bryère. Landadel is inbred 3 x 4 to Ladykiller, but there is no in- or linebreeding in Fein Cera's pedigree.

Three sires were represented with two offspring each: The Holsteiner Capitol I (Cento and Cardento), the Selle Français Le Tot de Semilly (Diamant de Semilly and Elkintot), and the Zangersheide stallion Robin I Z (Mynta and Butterfly Flip).

As far as studbooks are concerned, they were represented as follows:

5 KWPN (Havinia, Hascal, Lamalushi, De Sjiem, Tinka's Boy). Hascal is classic KWPN, being by a son of Nimmerdor out of a daughter of Legaat. De Sjiem is also by a son of Nimmerdor, but has strong thoroughbred influences, with Wahtamin, Uppercut and Compromise respectively in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th removes of his pedigree. Havinia has a lot of Hanoverian blood through her sire Grosso Z, and her dam is by the thoroughbred Abgar. Tinka's Boy is by Zuidpool, and has a lot of Anglo-Arabe through his dam, a daughter of Nurzeus/Zeus. Lamalushi is essentially Holsteiner, by Calando I out of a daughter of Ladalco.

4 Selle Français (Dollar du Murier, Diamant de Semilly, Fleche Rouge, Elkintot), and another 3 (O de Pomme, For Pleasure, Liscalgot) with strong Selle Français influences. Dollar du Murier is inbred 3 x 3 to Ibrahim, Diamant de Semilly is inbred 4 x 4 x 5 x 6 to Ultimate, Fleche Rouge is inbred 3 x 4 to the Furioso daughter Tanagra, and Elkintot is linebred 4 x 5 x 6 to Ultimate.

4 Holsteiner (Fein Cera, Caridor Z, Cento, Cardento), and another 4 (Adlantus As, Corrada, Lux Z, Lamalushi) have strong Holsteiner influences in their pedigrees. Three of the registered Holsteiners (Caridor Z, Cento, Cardento) as well as Lux Z are in- or linebred to Cottage Son. Cento is also linebred 4 x 4 x 6 to Ramzes, while Caridor Z is also inbred 2 x 3 to the Metellus daughter Isidor, and Cardento is also linebred to Manometer.

4 ISH (Liscalgot, Carling King, Bohemio, Richmont Park). Liscalgot is a granddaughter of the Selle Français Galoubet A, with the remainder of her pedigree being thoroughbred or unknown. The other three are the familiar cross of Irish Draft and thoroughbred, with Richmont Park by Coevers Diamond Boy, Carling King by Clover Hill, and Bohemio by Mister Lord out of a daughter of Holycross.

3 Hanoverian (For Pleasure, Adlantus As, Lux Z), and another 4 (O de Pomme, Corrada, Gladdys S, Havinia) have strong Hanoverian influences in their pedigrees. It must be said, however, that none of the 3 registered Hanoverians are typical of the studbook, given that For Pleasure is by a Selle Français (Furioso II), the dam of Adlantus As is by a Holsteiner (Lantaan), and the Zangersheide stallion Lux Z is essentially Holsteiner with a dash of Selle Français.

2 SWB (Mynta, Butterfly Flip), both by the Zangersheide stallion Robin I Z, who is a mix of finest Holsteiner (Ramiro Z), Selle Français (Almé Z) and Hanoverian (Gotthard) blood. Mynta's dam Utini is typically SWB, with strong Hanoverian and Trakehner influences. Butterfly Flip's dam Baderna is thoroughbred by Moderne out of Babette, by Hurricane.

1 BWP (O de Pomme), by the Olympic Gold medallist Jus de Pomme out of a mare with much Hanoverian blood.

1 Westphalian (Gladdys S), essentially Hanoverian, by the triple-Hamburg showjumping Derby winner Grandeur, linebred 5 x 5 to Duellant.

1 Oldenburger (Corrada), by a Holsteiner out of an essentially Hanoverian mare.

12 of the 25 finalists descend from Furioso (40%)
10 descend from Cottage Son (40%)
9 descend from Ibrahim (36%)
9 descend from Ultimate (36%)
8 descend from Ladykiller (32%)
8 descend from Ramzes (32%)
7 descend from Goldfisch II (28%)
7 descend from Rantzau (28%)

The by far strongest recent progenitor among this sample group clearly is Almé, who had 8 of his descendants among the 25 finalists, 3 of whom (Dollar du Murier, Mynta and Liscalgot) made it to the four-horse finals with change of riders. His influence is split among his French descendants (Dollar du Murier, Liscalgot, Fleche Rouge, Elkintot, O de Pomme) and his Zangersheide descendants (Mynta, Butterfly Flip, Lux Z). Since there are some fine stallions and mares among his descendants, there is every possibility that his influence will continue to increase in years to come.

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