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  Preakness Stakes

1873 - Present
1-3/16 miles for 3 year olds at Pimlico, Maryland

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1873Survivorb.c. 1870Vandal - mare by Lexington A2
1874Culpepperb.c. 1871Revolver - Gentle Annie by RinggoldA37
1875Tom Ochiltreeb.c. 1872Lexington - Katona by VoucherA5
1876Shirleyb.g. 1873Lexington - Miss Carter by *Sovereign9-a
1877Cloverbrookch.c. 1874Vauxhall - Maudina by *Australian15-d
1878Duke of Magentab.c. 1875Lexington - Magenta by *YorkshireA11
1879Haroldch.c. 1876*Leamington - Maggie B. B. by *Australian4-m
1880Grenadab.c. 1877King Alfonso - Mattie Gross by Lexington A20
1881Sauntererch.c. 1878*Leamington - Lemonade by Lexington9-c
1882Vanguardb. c. 1879Virgil - La Henderson by Lexington4
1883Jacobusb. c. 1880*The Ill-Used - *Nellie James by Dollar 4
1884Knight of Ellersliech. c. 1881Eolus - Lizzie Hazelwood by Scathelock37
1885Tecumsehb. c. 1882Attila - The Squaw by *LeamingtonA 18
1886The Bardb. c. 1883Longfellow - Bradamante by War Dance 12
1887Dunboyneb. c. 1884Uncas - Frey by Dundee2
1888Refundch. c. 1885Sensation - Letty by *Australian4
1889Buddhistb. c. 1886Hindoo - Emma Hanly by *BuckdenA 22
1890Montaguech. c. 1885*Mortemer (FR) - Evadne by Lexington12
1891no race
1892no race
1893no race
1894Assigneech. c. 1891Spendthrift - Maid of Athol by Clanronald 2
1895Belmargr. c. 1892Belvidere - Adele by Lexington15
1896Margravech. c. 1893*St. Blaise - Lady Margaret by *The Ill-Used4
1897Paul Kauvarb. c. 1894*Pirate of Penzance - Spirit by *Australian A 12
1898Sly Foxch. c. 1895Silver Fox - Asteria by Gay Hermit4
1899Half Timech. c. 1896Hanover - Pandora by *Rayon d'OrA 1
1900Hindusb. c. 1897Volante - Ignite by *Woodlands5
1901The Paraderb. c. 1898Longstreet - Pretence by Plenipo7
1902Old Englandb. c. 1899Goldfinch - Queen Bess by Marden1
1903Flocarlinech. f. 1900St. Florian - Carline by King Ban 12
1904Bryn Mawrbr. c. 1901Atheling - Maggie Weir by The Bard 23
1905Cairngormb. c. 1902*Star Ruby - Linda Vista by Wildidle4
1906Whimsicalch. f. 1903*Orlando - Kismet by Hindoo2
1907Don Enriqueb. g. 1904Hastings - *Bella-Donna by Hermit10
1908Royal Touristb. c. 1905*Sandringham - Leisure by *MeddlerA 5
1909Effendibr. c. 1906Previous - Hatasoo by AlbertA 34
1910Layminsterch. g. 1907Matchless - *Northminster by Silurian8
1911Watervaleb. c. 1908Watercress - Lady Violet by *The Ill-Used 4
1912Colonel Hollowaybr. c. 1909Ethelbert - Sweet Hawthorne by Lazzarone 4
1913Buskinb. g. 1910Hamburg - Slippers by *Meddler21
1914Holidayb. g. 1911Broomstick - Leisure by *MeddlerA 5
1915Rhine Maidenb. f. 1912Watercress - Gold by Golden Garter11
1916Damroschbr. c. 1913*Rock Sand - Dissembler by Hanover12
1917Kalitanb. c. 1914Rey Hindoo - Dally by Giganteum12
1918*Jack Hare Jr. br.c. 1915 Marathon - Moon'et by Donald A. 5
1918**War Cloudbr.c. 1915Polymelus - Dreamy II by Persimmon4
1919Sir Bartonch. c. 1916*Star Shoot - Lady Sterling by Hanover 9
1920Man o' Warch. c. 1917Fair Play - Mahubah by *Rock Sand4
1921Broomspunb. c. 1918Broomstick - Spun Glass by *Rock Sand 11
1922Pillorych. c. 1919Olambala - Hester Prynne by Disguise13
1923Vigilch. c. 1920Jim Gaffney - Vignola by Solitaire II 27
1924Nellie Morseb. f. 1921Luke McLuke - La Venganza by Abercorn9
1925Coventrybl. c. 1922*Negofol - Sun Queen by *Rock Sand12
1926Displayb. c. 1923Fair Play - Cicuta by *Nassovian2
1927Bostonianbl. c. 1924Broomstick - Yankee Maid by Peter Pan 2
1928Victorianb. c. 1925Whisk Broom II - Prudery by Peter Pan 21
1929Dr. Freelandch. c. 1926*Light Brigade - Toddle by Celt19
1930Gallant Foxb. c. 1927*Sir Gallahad III - Marguerite by Celt4
1931Matech. c. 1928Prince Pal - Killashandra by *Ambassador IV 22
1932Burgoo Kingch. c. 1929Bubbling Over - Minawand by Lonawand23
1933Head Playch. c. 1930My Play - Red Head by King Gorin1
1934High Questb. c. 1931*Sir Gallahad III - Etoile Filante by Fair Play1
1935Omahach. c. 1932Gallant Fox - Flambino by *Wrack17
1936Bold Venturech. c. 1933*St. Germans - Possible by Ultimus6
1937War Admiralbr. c. 1934Man o' War - Brushup by Sweep11
1938Dauberch. c. 1935Pennant - Ship of War by Man O' War 12
1939Challedonb. c. 1936*Challenger II - Laura Gal by *Sir Gallahad III12
1940Bimelechb. c. 1937Black Toney - *La Troienne by *Teddy1
1941Whirlawaych. c. 1938*Blenheim II - Dustwhirl by Sweep8
1942Alsabb. c. 1939Good Goods - Winds Chant by Wildair27
1943Count Fleetbr. c. 1940Reigh Count - Quickly by Haste6
1944Pensivech. c. 1941Hyperion (GB) - *Penicuik II by Buchan1
1945Polynesianbr. c. 1942Unbreakable - Black Polly by *Polymelian14
1946Assaultch. c. 1943Bold Venture - Igual by Equipoise4
1947Faultlessbr. c. 1944Bull Lea - Unerring by Insco4
1948Citationb. c. 1945Bull Lea - *Hydroplane II by Hyperion (GB)3
1949Capotbr. c. 1946Menow - Piquet by *St. Germans5
1950Hill Princeb. c. 1947*Princequillo - Hildene by Bubbling Over 9
1951Boldb. c. 1948By Jimminy - Little Rebel by John P. Grier1
1952Blue Manb. c. 1949Blue Swords - Poppycock by Identify13
1953Native Dancergr. c. 1950Polynesian - Geisha by Discovery5
1954Hasty Roaddk.b. c. 1951Roman - Traffic Court by Discovery3
1955Nashuab. c. 1952*Nasrullah - Segula by Johnstown3
1956Fabiusbr. c. 1953Citation - Shameen by *Royal Minstrel3
1957Bold Rulerdk.b. c. 1954*Nasrullah - Miss Disco by Discovery8
1958Tim Tamdk.b. c. 1955Tom Fool - Two Lea by Bull Lea23
1959Royal Orbitch. c. 1956*Royal Charger - Admirals Belle by War Admiral7
1960Bally Acheb. c. 1957*Ballydam - Celestial Blue by Supremus12
1961Carry Backbr. c. 1958Saggy - Joppy by Star Blen24
1962Greek Moneych. c. 1959Greek Song - *Lucy Lufton by Nimbus1
1963Candy Spotsch. c. 1960*Nigromante (ARG) - Candy Dish by *Khaled2
1964Northern Dancerb. c. 1961Nearctic - Natalma by Native Dancer2
1965Tom Rolfeb. c. 1962*Ribot (GB) - Pocahontas by Roman9
1966Kauai Kingdk.b/br. 1963Native Dancer - Sweep In by *Blenheim II A 4
1967Damascusb. c. 1964Sword Dancer - Kerala by *My Babu8
1968Forward Passb. c. 1965On-And-On - Princess Turia by *Heliopolis 9
1969Majestic Princech. c. 1966Raise A Native - Gay Hostess by *Royal Charger4
1970Personalityb. c. 1967Hail To Reason - Affectionately by Swaps1
1971Canonero IIb. c. 1968*Pretendre - Dixieland II by Nantallah4
1972Bee Bee Beedk.b./br. c. 1969Better Bee - Paula by *Nizami II9
1973Secretariatch. c. 1970Bold Ruler - Somethingroyal by *Princequillo 2
1974Little Currentch. c. 1971*Sea-Bird II (FR) - Luiana by *My Babu16
1975Master Derbych. c. 1972Dust Commander - Madam Jerry by Royal Coinage1
1976Elocutionistb. c. 1973Gallant Romeo - Strictly Speaking by Fleet Nasrullah2
1977Seattle Slewdkb/br.c.1974Bold Reasoning - My Charmer by Poker 13-c
1978Affirmedch.c. 1975Exclusive Native - Won't Tell You by Crafty Admiral23-b
1979Spectacular Bidgr.c. 1976Bold Bidder - Spectacular by Promised Land 2-d
1980Codexch.c. 1977Arts and Letters - Roundup Rose by Minnesota Mac9-c
1981Pleasant Colonydkb/br.c.1978His Majesty - Sun Colony by Sunrise Flight 5-a
1982Aloma's Rulerdk.b./br. c. 1979Iron Ruler - Aloma by Native Charger9-h
1983Deputed Testamonyb.c. 1980Traffic Cop - Proof Requested by Prove It21-a
1984Gate Dancerb.c. 1981Sovereign Dancer - Sun Gate by Bull Lea3-l
1985Tank's Prospectb.c. 1982Mr. Prospector - Midnight Pumpkin by Pretense21-a
1986Snow Chiefdkb/br.c.1983Reflected Glory - Miss Snowflake by *Snow Sporting (ARG)9-e
1987Alyshebab.c. 1984Alydar - Bel Sheba by Lt. Stevens20
1988Risen Stardkb/br.c.1985Secretariat - Ribbon by His Majesty9-c
1989Sunday Silencedkb/br.c.1986Halo - Wishing Well by Understanding3-e
1990Summer Squallb.c. 1987Storm Bird - Weekend Surprise by Secretariat3-l
1991Hanselb.c. 1988Woodman - Count On Bonnie by Dancing Count 2-w
1992Pine Bluffb.c. 1989Danzig - Rowdy Angel by Halo8-c
1993Prairie Bayouch.g. 1990Little Missouri - Whiffling by Wavering Monarch1-s
1994Tabasco Catch.c. 1991Storm Cat - Barbicue Sauce by Sauce Boat12-d
1995Timber Countrych.c. 1991Woodman - Fall Aspen by Pretense4-m
1996Louis Quatorzeb.c. 1993Sovereign Dancer - On To Royalty by On To Glory3-m
1997Silver Charmgr/ro.c.1994Silver Buck - Bonnie's Poker by Poker 3-l
1998Real Quietb.c. 1995Quiet American - Really Blue by Believe It4-d
1999Charismaticch.c. 1996Summer Squall - Bali Babe by Drone10-a
2000Red Bullet ch.c. 1997Unbridled - Cargo by Caro (IRE)16-h
2001 Point Given ch.c. 1998Thunder Gulch - Turko's Turn by Turkoman 2-n
2002 War Emblem dkb/br.c. 1999Our Emblem - Sweetest Lady by Lord At War (ARG)20-b
2003Funny Cidech.g. 2000Distorted Humor - Belle's Good Cide by Slewacide6-d
2004 Smarty Jones ch.c. 2001 Elusive Quality - I'll Get Along by Smile 1-s
2005 Afleet Alex b.c. 2002 Northern Afleet (USA) - Maggy Hawk (USA) byHawkster 5-g
2006 Bernardini b.c. 2003 A.P. Indy (USA) - Cara Rafaela (USA) by Quiet American (USA) 4- m
2007 Curlin ch.c. 2004 Smart Strike (CAN) - Sheriff's Deputy (USA) by Deputy Minister (CAN) 19 - c
2008 Big Brown b.c. 2005 Boundary (USA) - Mien (USA) by Nureyev (USA) 5 - h
2009 Rachel Alexandra b. f. 2006 Medaglia 'dOro (USA) - Lotta Kim (USA) by Roar (USA) 1 - o
2010 Lookin at Lucky b.c. 2007 Smart Strike (CAN)- Private Feeling (USA) by Belong to Me (USA) 9 - f
2011 Shackleford ch.c. 2008 Forestry (USA) - Oatsee (USA) by Unbridled (USA) 2 - f
2012 I'll Have Aother ch. c. 2009 Flower Alley (USA) - Arch's Gal Edith (USA) by Arch (USA) 23 - b
2013 Oxbow b. c. 2010 Awesome Again (CAN) - Tizamazing (USA) by Cee's Tizzy (USA) 26

* Run in two divisions

First run at the inaugural spring meeting at Pimlico race course
1890 -- Moved to Morris Park race course (Bronx, New York)
1894-1908 Held at Gravesend race course, Coney Island, New York
1909 - Present Held at Pimlico

1873 - 1888: 1-1/2 miles
1889: 1-1/4 miles
1890: 1-1/2 miles
1894 - 1900: 1-1/16 miles
1901 - 1907: 1 mile- 70 yards
1908: 1-1/16 miles
1909 - 1910: 1 mile
1911 - 1924: 1-1/8 miles
1925 - Present: 1-3/16 miles

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