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Ward painting
Compassionate Children of the Pound by James Ward, c. 1790

This is a list of links to some equine and companion animal charities and welfare associations on the internet. We encourage you always to support legitimate organizations and groups who selflessly work for the care of discarded and forgotten horses, cats and dogs. Please take the time to visit some of these sites, and contribute much needed funds, and possibly a new loving home for human society's "throwaways."

Although we've made an effort to include some of the many organizations that are effective and legitimate, we can't guarantee it; before donating, please assure yourself regarding the status of any organization to which you intend to contribute funds. Some sites offer secure on-line donation options; many offer phone numbers and addresses of animal rescue groups and shelters near you -- all you need to do is drop a check in the mail.


World Wide Resources
World Animal Net Huge searchable database of animal protections societies, world-wide, including links; organized by world regions.
Hugs for Homeless Animals World-wide shelter directory, world-wide lost and found outreach. On-line donations.
Fund for Animals The U.S.-based organization founded by the sadly-missed author and animal advocate, Cleveland Amory. Regional offices work on animal advocacy campaigns and animal care facilities, including Black Beauty Ranch (Texas), that offers homes to a wide range of animals, from chimpanzees and elephants to burros and wild horses. A wide range of donation tax-deductible options, including on-line and planned giving donations, membership in the Cleveland Amory Society, on-line store with cool merchandise with profits supporting the organization's sanctuaries and clinics.
Career With Animals A non-profit, free public interest on-line web site offers a wide range of articles on working with animals, including animal rehabilitation and what it takes to become a veterinary assistant. Based in the U.K.


World Wide
International League for the Protection of the Horse "To protect horses from abuse and alleviate their suffering by rehabilitating, campaigning and educating worldwide." Effective organization has strong political presence and works world-wide. On-line Donations and adoption and membership programs. Difficult to access the web server; there are local affiliates with active web sites.

American Horse Defense Fund Political and legal fund to protect, conserve and promote humane treatment of all equid species. The Rescue page has a links guide, by state, to horse rescue and adoption organizations. As of 2016 this organization may be a candidate for delisting by the feds.
CANTER (The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-RacehorsesMultiple state-based alliance offers retired racehorses for purchase or adoption, with close ties to the racing industry. Links to affiliated members. Also links to rescue and relocation organizations in the U.S.
Equine Rescue League Responds to abuse and neglect situations and offers shelter, rehab and adoption for horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Operates a farm in Leesburg, VA; has tax-deductible sponsorship program to support the shelter. Photo of the horse who inspired the establishment of this organization will wring your heart. Includes list of links to other shelters throughout the U.S.
The Exceller Fund Rescues thoroughbred race horses bound for slaughter. Membership, tax-deductible donations on-line, horses available for adoption.
Hooved Animal Humane Society Multi-faceted organization promotes humane treatment through education, advocacy, legislation, intervention, rescue and rehabilitation. Adoption of rehab animals for qualified applicants. Membership, sponsorship, wish list. Donations tax-deductible.
Horse Rescue and Relief Retirement Fund As its title states, located in Georgia. Pages of horses for adoption.
Mylestone Equine Rescue New Jersey-based organization rescues abused horses and accepts sponsorships for their continued support. Also one-time tax-deductible donations via PayPal. Will send horses out for adoption, if they are deemed sound and adoptees pass screening.
Old Friends A Lexington, Kentucky, retirement facility for race horses, designed to be tourist-friendly, supported by donations of materials and items for auction on e-bay. Arranged the return of the stallions Creator and Sunshine Forever from Japan.
ReRun Multi-state chapter-affiliated organization accepts donated ex-racehorses and finds homes for them at a modest adoption fee, after rehab. Tax-deductible donations via PayPal. Pages of horses for adoption in each chapter; adoption clients screened.
Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Its primary mission rescues racehorses bound for slaughter or otherwise unwanted, rehabs and offers adoption (you must fill out a form); some not suitable for adoption are available for sponsorship at the TRF farm and its satellite farms. Secure on-line methods to both sponsor an individual horse, or make a donation (tax-deductible).
Tranquility Farm -- Harry A. Biszantz Memorial CenterCalifornia organization devoted to thoroughbred retirement, retraining and adoption. Non-adoptable horses are given lifetime tenure at the farm. Illustrious and hands-on board of directors. Tax-deductible donations, including products and services, accepted, corporate sponsorships available.
United Pegasus Foundation Identifieds and aids abused and slaughter-bound thoroughbreds, rehabilitates and facilitates adoptions. Offers adoptions, including Premarin foals; accepts memberships, sponsorship funds, tax-deductible.

Brownbread Horse Rescue Centre Rescue and Rehabilitation of horses and ponies, located in Sussex; annual subscription.
Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre Dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and rehoming of thoroughbred race horses.

Landseer painting
Voltigeur and his cats by Edwin Landseer, 1870
Cats and Dogs

Fur Angels U.S.A. Once an exhaustive web site compilation of sources for low-cost neutring, pet health, adoptions and so forth. Now you can search for "Fur Angels" on the web and find an organization in almost every state.

ASPCA web site. How to contact a shelter anywhere in the U.S. via a searchable database of community SPCAs, humane societies and animal control organizations.
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary web site. Ambitious and well-deserving organization offers permanent homes to old, sick, or extremely traumatized cats and dogs, and temporary care and placement and outreach for others, from all over the country. Located in Utah, serves all of USA. Newsletter, tax-deductible donations; works with animal welfare organizations to help set up spay/neuter, shelter, foster and adoption programs.
BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) web site. Also aids in other breed rescues.
Humane Society web site. SECURE on-line donations. Also has searchable database for local shelters and humane societies.
Muttcats web site. Yet another database of shelters and rescue groups, this one regularly updated.

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