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  Agua Caliente Handicap

1917 - 1958
1-1/4 miles for most runnings, for three-year-olds and upwards at Agua Caliente Racetrack, Agua Caliente, Mexico

Year Horse Statistics Sire - Dam - Dam's Sire Family No.
1917 Sasin (USA) b.g. 1913 The Picket (USA) - Queen (USA) by Gold Crest (USA) 1 - o
1918 - 1920 No Race
1921 Be Frank (USA) b.g. 1916 Sir John Johnson (USA) - Frankness (USA) by Miller (USA) 4 - m
1922 Mulciber (USA) g. 1918 Vulcain (FR) - Tapiola (USA) by The Commoner (USA) 13 - b
1923 Rebuke (USA) bl.c. 1919 Dick Finnell (USA) - The Scold (USA) by Meddler (GB) 23 - b
1924 Runstar (USA) ch.c. 1919 Runnymede (USA) - Salvatrix (USA) by Salvation (USA) 15
1925 Atherstone (USA) ch.g. 1920 Marathon (USA) - Silica (USA) by Rockton (USA) 2 - n
1926 Carlaris (GB) b.c. 1923 Pharalis (GB) - Carnival (GB) by Martagon (GB) 8 - g
1927 Sir Harry (USA) ch.c. 1924 Wildair (USA) - Ballotade (USA) by Ballot (USA) 12 - b
1928 Crystal Pennant (USA) ch.c. 1924 Pennant (USA) - Crystal Isles (USA) by Great Britain (USA) 12 - b
1929 Golden Prince (USA) ch.g. 1924 Golden Guinea (GB) - Round the World (USA) by Lackford (GB) 15 - d
1930 Victorian (USA) b.c. 1925 Whisk Broom (USA) - Prudery (USA) by Peter Pan (USA) 21 - a
1931 Mike Hall (USA) b.g. 1924 Hourless (USA) - Clonakilty (USA) by Catmint (GB) 16 - c
1932* Phar Lap (NZ) ch.g. 1926 Night Raid (GB) - Entreaty (NZ) by Winkie (GB) 2 - r
1933 Gallant Sir (USA) b.c. 1929 Sir Gallahad III (FR) - Sun Spot (USA) by Omar Khayyam (GB) 1 - n
1934 Gallant Sir (USA) b.c. 1929 Sir Gallahad III (FR) - Sun Spot (USA) by Omar Khayyam (GB) 1 - n
1935 - 1937 No Race
1938 Seabiscuit (USA) b.c. 1933 Hard Tack (USA) - Swing On (USA) by Whisk Broom (USA) 5 - j
1939 - 1957 Discontinued
1958** Round Table (USA) b.c. 1954 Princequillo (IRE) - Knight's Daughter (GB) by Sir Cosmo (IRE) 2 - f

*The Agua Caliente Handicap, at the time the richest race in the world, was the only North American race run by the famous Australasian champion Phar Lap, who died two weeks later in California.

*In March of 1958, the speedy and sound Round Table won his sixth straight race of the year at Florida's Gulfstream Park, carrying 130 lbs. and equalling Coaltown's record for 1-1/4 miles. At that point his career earnings stood at $973,964.00, and he was closing in on Nashua's U.S. earnings record of over a million dollars. As a promotional strategy for the flagging Agua Caliente Racetrack, the track's management offered to revive the Agua Caliente Handicap -- with $50,000 added -- not run since Seabiscuit had taken it in 1938. A win in this race would put Round Table in the then-rare exclusive ranks of a millionaire winner, and he would do it at Agua Caliente. Assigned 126 pounds for the race by the Agua Caliente handicapper, he easily beat nine others by nine lengths, and lowered the track record for 1-1/16 miles by a second. This was the last running of a race called the Agua Caliente Handicap. By the end of the season, Round Table had won seven more races (and placed second four times), including the Hawthorne Gold Cup, and had become the world's richest race horse, with career earnings of $1,336,364.

1917 - 1929: Run as the Coffroth Handicap at Tijuana, Mexico
1930 - 1958: Run as Agua Caliente Handicap at Agua Caliente, Mexico

1917 - 1937: 1-1/4 miles
1938: 1-1/8 miles
1958: 1-1/16 miles

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