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  Grave Matters: C.V. Whitney Farm, Lexington, Kentucky

Now part of Gainsway Farm
Photos by Barbara Livingston. © Barbara Livingston 2003; all rights reserved.

Whiskbroom's grave
Prudery's grave
Broomstick's grave
Peter Pan's grave
Regret's grave
Equipoise's grave
Pennant's grave
Top Flight's grave
Boojum's grave
Mahmoud's grave
Silver Fog's  grave
Counterpoint's grave
Silver Spoon's grave
Top row: Whisk Broom II, Prudery; Second row: Broomstick, Peter Pan; Third row: Regret, Equipoise; Fourth row: Pennant, Top Flight; Fifth row: Boojum, Mahmoud; Sixth row: Silver Fog, Counterpoint; Bottom row: Silver Spoon.

The WHITNEY FARM was established in 1915 by H.P. Whitney, who moved his stock from the historic Brookdale Farm in New Jersey (where the stallion HAMBURG was buried in 1915). The farm and bloodstock was inherited in 1930 by his son, C. V. Whitney. The latter sold much of the farm to the growing neighbor GAINESWAY FARM in the late 1980s, and the cemeterywhere the most famous Whitney horses are buried is now on property known as Gainesway Farm.

Thefirst horse so honored was Whitney's champion handicapper and top sire WHISK BROOM II, the horse which prompted the purchase of his sire BROOMSTICK by Whitney to stand alongside his son here. The champion filly PRUDERYwas next, pre-deceasing her sire PETER PAN, and dam herself of Kentucky Derby winner WHISKERY, Preakness winner VICTORIAN and the good colt HALCYON. BROOMSTICK was America's Leading Sire in 1913, 1914, and 1915,his best, besides WHISK BROOM II, being the Kentucky Derby-winning filly REGRET, also buried not far from her sire.

Also here are the champion and top stallion PETER PAN (sire of PRUDERY and PENNANT); Futurity winner PENNANT himself, and PENNANT's legendary son EQUIPOISE, the Leading Sire of 1942. Another string of family members started with the imported Derby winner and 1946 Leading Sire *MAHMOUD,whose daughter SILVER FOG (out of a daughter of EQUIPOISE) produced the last Whitney champion, SILVER SPOON. Others with graves here are the great champion filly TOP FLIGHT, and Horse of the Year COUNTERPOINT.-- A.P.

Boojum (c. 1927-1949)
Broomstick (c. 1901-1931)
Counterpoint (c. 1948-1969)
Equipoise (c. 1928-1938)
Mahmoud (c. 1933-1962)
Pennant (c. 1911-1938)
Peter Pan (c. 1904-1933)
Whisk Broom II (c. 1907-1928)
Prudery (f. 1918-1930)
Regret (f. 1912-1934)
Silver Fog (f. 1944-1966)
Silver Spoon (f. 1956-1978)
Top Flight (f. 1929-1949)

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