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  The Dukes of Grafton: Prunella and her Family

Prunella was the star of the Grafton stud, and is today considered one of the most significant mares in the history of the breed. The racing and breeding success of her offspring by Waxy is acknowledged, but she also bred important horses by other stallions. When bred to Waxy, Prunella produced three top broodmares, each of whom produced a classic winner, a top racehorse, an important broodmare, or a significant sire, or all four.

Daughter Parasol won thirty-one races for the Graftons. She was by Pot-8-Os, Waxy's sire, and produced the classic winners Pindarrie and Pastille, a good racing son Picaroon (1815 by Merlin), and sweepstakes winning daughter Parapluie (1823, by Merlin). Her most significant foal for the Grafton stud was the good racehorse and sire Partisan, who in turn produced some top racehorses and two important sire sons, Venison and Gladiator.

PARASOL, Prunella's daughter by Pot-8-Os, an excellent race mare and dam of two classic winners, Pastille and Pindarrie, and of the good sire Partisan.

The brown PRUDENCE (1811, Waxy-Prunella) was one of the Dukes "most esteemed broodmares." She produced classic winners Rowena and Reginald (both by Haphazard), and Riddlesworth stakes winners Rebecca (1821, by Soothsayer) and Rufus (1822, by Election), as well as other "very fair racers."

PENELOPE, Prunella's daughter by Trumpator, Good race mare and unparalleled broodmare, when bred to Waxy she produced three classic winners, and a number of sons and daughters who had a significant impact on the breed.
When bred to Whiskey, Prunella produced the classic winner Pelisse and Pioneer, sire of the speedy race mare Advance and grandsire of the extremely fast classic winning filly Galata (1829, Sultan-Advance by Pioneer). Pioneer also stood as a hunter sire for the 4th Duke at Wakefield Lodge, and was known for producing "wonderful hunters but bad hacks."

Prunella's line extending from daughter Piquet, by Sovereign, eventually led to the 1887 French War Dance and his sons and daughters. When bred to Trumpator Prunella produced the 1808 filly Pawn, who won the Epson Stakes. Pawn was dam of the classic winning filly Problem ( 1823, Merlin-Pawn) and all her progeny, and of Pawn Junior (1817, by Waxy). Pawn Junior, who won the 2,000 Guineas, produced the 2,000 Guineas winner Dervise, Daemon (1824, Amais) winner of the Huntingdon Gold Cup, Destiny (1829, by Centaur) who foaled the Prix du Jockey Club winner Royal Oak, and Divan (1830) and Dardanelles (1834), both bay colts by Sultan who won major races. Pawn Junior was ancestress in tail-female descent to the important broodmares Paradigm (1852, Paragone-Ellen Horne by Redshank) and Rouge Rose (1865, Thormanby-Ellen Horne by Redshank).

Pope Joan, a Prunella-Waxy daughter (1809) produced a number of good racehorses, including 1,000 Guineas winner Tontine (1822 by Election), the winning race fillies Trictrac (1814 by Dick Andrews), Tredille (1815 by Walton) and Tiara (1821 by Soothsayer), and the good running colts Trance (1817 by Phantom), Titian (1818 by Rubens) and Talisman (1820 by Soothsayer).

Prunella's daughter Prudence produced a slew of "R" named foals who were good racehorses, among them Rebecca (1821, by Soothsayer), who was one of the best of her generation; Rufus (1822, by Election) who won the Jockey Club Plate and placed in the Derby; Roderick (1824, by Rubens) who won several sweepstakes, and Rowena (1817, by Haphazard) another top race filly won won the 1,000 Guineas.

The most productive of all her Prunella's stellar daughters was Penelope (1798, by Trumpator), about whom volumes could be filled with regards to her progeny. This mare ran for five years, and won a number of races and matches against colts, as well as the best fillies of her time. When she was retired to the Grafton stud she was repeatedly mated to Waxy, an indisputable nick of the first order. A review of the chart below will summarize the offspring of her daughters in the first few generations. By Waxy she got Whalebone, one of the most influential sires in the history of the breed, his brother Whisker, also a significant stallion, and Woful, who could run a route and later sired two classic winners. Penelope's foals by other stallions were also successful. Son Waterloo (1814, by Walton), produced the outstanding race filly in the north, Maria (Belvoirina by Stamford), a great favorite of George IV, who was "as partial to the stock of Waterloo as he had been to that of Trumpator and Gohanna." Daughter Whizgig (1819, by Rubens) was a classic winner and dam of the classic winner Oxygen, and ancestress of the stallions St. Germain and Trumpeter. Waltz, an 1822 daughter by Election, was the progenitor of winners in Germany, through her daughter Die Freude, and of the many winners descending from Bonny Blink, England's Beauty and Vitula, all daughters of The Prairie Bird (1844, Touchstone-Zillah).

Some Sons in the Family

Grafton Derby winner WHALEBONE (1807, Waxy-Penelope), an important sire in the General Stud Book, fathered Sir Hercules, Camel and Defence, among other top racehorses and sires, and is tail-male progenitor of such luminaries as Touchstone, Carbine, Monarque.

WOFUL (1809, Waxy-Penelope) won a number of sweeps and matches for the 4th Duke between 1812 and 1814, usually at distances of two miles and up; he broke down during a 200 gs. match against Teasdale and was retired to stud. He sired the 1,000 Guineas-winning fillies Zinc (1820, Woful-Zaida) and Arab (1824, Woful-Zeal) for the 4th Duke of Grafton, and the classic winning filly Augusta (The Oaks, Newmarket St Leger) and the classic winning colt, Augustus (2,000 Gs, Newmarket St Leger) for Lord Exeter.

WHISKER, yet another Waxy-Penelope son for the Grafton stud, and another Derby winner, was born in 1812. His Derby was an exciting race, where he and the good racehorse Raphael came from behind to pass Basto 200 yards from the finish, with Whisker winning by a head. He ran to the age of six, beating many top horses of his day; he was sold to Lord Darlington at the end of 1816, and it was in service at that stud that he bred sons Memnon, The Colonel and Economist. Tail-male sons descending from him included Harkaway, King Tom and *Phaeton, among many others.

Some Prunella Descendants

   Penelope 1798 x Trumpator

   Whalebone 1807 x Waxy

   Web 1808 x Waxy

   Middleton 1822 x Phantom

   Trampoline 1825 x Tramp

   *Glencoe 1831 x Sultan

   Glencairne 1838 x Sultan

   Glengowrie 1851 x Touchstone

   Filagree x Soothsayer

   Joanna 1835 x Sultan

   Joanina 1835 x Priam

   Jill 1841 x Touchstone

   Phantom Mare

   The Princess 1841 x Slane

   Odessa 1845 x Sultan

   Cobweb x Phantom

   Bay Middleton1833 x Sultan

   Achmet 1834 x Sultan

   Clementina x Venison

   Woful 1809 x Waxy

   Wilful 1810 x Waxy

   Theresa 1831 x The Moslem

   Archeress 1841 x Jerry

   Shenbally 1852 x Burgundy

   Taste 1824 x Bob Booty

   Head and Pluck 1845 x Tearaway

   Kick Up The Dust 1848 X Star of Erin

   Wire 1811 x Waxy

   Valve 1820 x Bob Booty

   Pussy 1831 x Pollio

   The Kitten 1842 x Bay Middleton

   Vermilion 1821 x Bobadil

   Rust 1830 x Master Robert

   Rush 1831 x Humphrey Clinker

   Vice 1822 x Oiseau

   Romeo 1829 x Partisan

   Velvet 1823 x Oiseao

   Bran 1831 x Humphrey Clinker

   Scutari 1837 x Sultan

   *Vamp x Langar 1825

   St. Mary 1844 x Hamlet

   Dixie 1859 x Sovereign

   Vat 1826 x Langar

   Welfare 1837 x Priam

   The Deformed 1850 x Harkaway

   Vanity 1844 x Camel

   My Niece 1853 x Cowl

   Conceit 1856 x Pyrrhus the First

   Hecate 1859 x Loup Garou

   Vexation 1845 x Touchstone

   Bas Bleu 1858 x Stockwell

   Vatican 1846 x Venison

   Vinegar 1832 x Picton

   Mustard 1836 x Phillip I

   Clarinda 1846 x Sir Hercules

   Verulam 1833 x Lottery

   Whisker 1812 x Waxy

   Waterloo 1814 x Walton

   Whizgig 1819 x Rubens

   Octave 1830 x Emilius

   The Nob 1838 x Glaucus

   Oxygen 1828 x Emilius

   Currency 1837 x St. Patrick

   St. Germain 1847 x Attila

   Jouvence 1850 x Sting

   Cavatina 1845 x Redshank

   Trumpeter 1856 x Orlando

   Caveat 1852 x Cowl

   Waltz 1822 x Election

   Morisca 1826 x Morisco

   Zillah 1835 x Reveller

   The Prairie Bird 1844 x Touchstone

   Die Freude 1839 x Morisco

   Verzug 1854 x Blackdrop
   Parasol 1800 x Pot-8-Os

   Partisan 1811 x Walton

   Pindarrie 1817 x Phantom

   Pastille 1819 x Rubens

   Aether 1836 x St. Patrick

   Esmerelda 1835 x Zingaree

   Taurina 1843 x Taurus

   Diomedia 1856 x Weatherbit

   Child of the Mist 1848 x St. Francis
   Pelisse 1801 x Whiskey
   Pioneer 1804 x Whiskey
   Waxy Pope 1806 x Waxy
   Pledge 1807 x Waxy

   Welbeck 1815 x Soothsayer

   Tiresias 1816 x Soothsayer
   Pawn 1808 x Trumpator

   Pawn Junior 1817 x Waxy

   Delhi 1838 x Plenipotentiary

   Ellen Horne 1844 x Redshank

   Paradigm 1852 x Paragone

   Rouge Rose 1865 x Thormanby

   Theorem 1824 x Merlin

   Problem 1823 x Merlin

   Nameless 1831 x Emilius

   Mystery 1842 x Jerry

   Secret 1853 x Melbourne

   Namesake 1832 x Emilius

   Blameless 1837 x Reveller

   Griselda 1856 x Touchstone

   Io 1836 x Taurus

   Glaucus Mare 1842

   Tomyris 1851 x Sesostris

   Sunflower 1847 x Bay Middleton

   Sunbeam 1855 x Chanticleer

   Crocus 1866 x Thormanby

   Mayflower 1864 x Thormanby
   Pope Joan 1809 x Waxy

   Tritac 1814 x Dick Andrews

   Queensberry 1823 x Magistrate

   Turcoman 1824 x Selim

   Turquoise 1825 x Selim

   Jericho 1842 x Jerry

   Utopia 1839 x Jerry

   Weatherwitch 1858 x Weatherbit

   Peerage 1870 x The Duke
   Piquet 1810 x Sovereign

   Loo 1815 x Waxy

   Humphrey Clinker Mare 1835

   Lanercost Mare 1848

   Newminster Mare 1859
   Prudence 1811 x Waxy

   Rebecca 1821 x Soothsayer

   Sam Mare 1827

   Rebekah 1838 x Sir Hercules

   Dinah 1844 x Clarion

   Rhodope 1831 x Sultan

   Rigolette x Jerry

   The Mersey 1859 x Newminster

   Shannon 1868 x Lambton

   Trent 1871 x Broomlielaw

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